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pisousi 03/07/2007

Fender Lead II : pisousi's user review


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Guitar Made in America (yes it's a fender US)
21 frets, two pickups simple
fender fixed bridge with strings through-
one volume knob, one tone, 3-position selector, phase switch +
Channel fender, round, off just enough

8 because why not a 3rd mic and a 22 th fret?


The handle is .... ..... I love fender, painted the handle is a bit slower than a satin handle, but not quibble bad!

access to the treble is a bit annoying, the heel is huge because the body is thick ...

if the form is a little more than a strat Brute, the two horns are the same height, but there are still dug bevels to match the shape of guitar is neither heavy nor light, it is normal what ..

is easily obtained her, to follow

8 for access to acute (well it's still great! But not in uniting SG)


I play rock, hard rock, blues, folk, reggae, anything goes
mics have a huge personality! the guitar is required! the microphones are inflated "hot rodded" as say the guys at Fender

.. its been a monster, she spits, with delight, a brightness, a slam worthy of a real Start! it has even more character! it's huge, it plays everything! The sound was the greatest! Hendrix, Clapton, Knopfler ... what to say, it's wonderful!

the 3 mic positions are all great, the phase inverter leaves a door open on Knopfler, funk, reggae good casserole!
microphones cashing everything from light overdrive to the fuzz way TS hendrixienne through the nasty distortion (it goes very well in pickup!)
this guitar does everything and does it well!

it has character, it is not without offending me!

10/10, because perfection does not exist


I've known for over a year
I previously detailed that the disliked
I have not bought, it is a perpetual loan, but the CISS see on occasion I took!