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Gibson Other Shape Guitars user reviews

  • Gibson Nighthawk Studio

    Gibson Nighthawk Studio - "Nighthawk is very versatile and Easy to play"


    I just bought this second hand from a seller on Facebook Marketplace. The first thing that struck me positively was the weight of this guitar. Way lighter than a Les Paul. The neck has a 60’s profile which makes playing this instrument a breeze. I wa…

  • Gibson Marauder

    Gibson Marauder - "Gibson Marauder"


    The Marauder was a mid 70's attempt by Gibson to compete with the cheap Japanese copies which were flooding the west at that time. Although it was never particularly cheap (around £300 in the UK, which was quite a wedge in those days) they were consi…

  • Gibson Marauder

    Gibson Marauder - "Gibson Marauder (1978), great!" has images


    American made electric guitar. Flat Les Paul kind of body (natural mahogany, three pieces), bolt-on maple neck (three pieces), maple fretboard, arrow-like headstock (as with the Flying V), black. Two pickups: neck-pu is a humbucker, bridge-pu has the…

  • Gibson [Guitar of the Month - November 2008] Longhorn Double Cut - Heritage Cherry Sunburst

    Gibson [Guitar of the Month - November 2008] Longhorn D… - "Unique guitar" has images


    The Gibson Longhorn was a part of Gibson's guitar of the week series in 2008. The Long horn is a double cut away, non carved top guitar featuring a highly figured flame maple top. The guitar features a mahogany body and neck, ebony fingerboard, EMG 8…

  • Gibson L6S

    Gibson L6S - "Worst idea Gibson has had in a while"


    Maple body Maple neck and fretboard Slim Taper neck profile 490R and 489T humbucking pickups Nitrocellulose finish Tune-o-matic bridge Grover tuners Hardshell case Additionally, this is basically one of Gibso…

  • Gibson Marauder

    Gibson Marauder - "Interesting old Gibby..."


    The Gibson Marauder was part of the attempt to capture a bit of a different market in the ever changing seventies. This guitar owes more to the school of Fullerton than anything in Kalamazoo and that really shows in its construction. It's made of ald…

  • Gibson L6S

    Gibson L6S - "Modern take on a 70s Gibson with simplified switching"


    The Gibson L6S is a fringe classic from the 70s. It was designed by Bill Lawrence back when he was doing his best work with no budget. It is supposed to be an everyday version of the old Gibson L5s jazzbox. It was endorsed by many of the big players …

  • Gibson Nighthawk Studio

    Gibson Nighthawk Studio - "Stripped down Nighthawk"


    The Gibson Nighthawk was one of Gibsons later attempts to get more of a Fender sound. They usually came with a crazy pickup setup with a mini hum and a single coil and whatnot. This is the new Studio Nighthawk model so it retains the base Nighthawk f…

  • Gibson Nighthawk Standard 3

    Gibson Nighthawk Standard 3 - "Could be better"


    This Gibson Nighhawk Standard 3 guitar is an American made guitar The guitar has a tremolo bridge and a mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard. The guitar has two humbucker pickups, a volume and tone knob, and a three way selector switch which is lo…

  • Gibson L6-S (1974)

    Gibson L6-S (1974) - "classic guitar"


    The neck on the Gibson L6S 1974 Feels Great! That has always been the big plus point of Gibson’s and this one is no exception. I also like how light it is and the small body makes it very comfortable to play. Maybe it doesn't have the same bottom end…