Gibson Nighthawk Standard
Gibson Nighthawk Standard

Nighthawk Standard, Other Shape Guitar from Gibson in the Nighthawk (1993-1999) series.

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bbhack 07/09/2012

Gibson Nighthawk Standard : bbhack's user review

«  a pure product of 90's »

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You know all thanks Pm. and the standard form available on Gibson
Let the side a bit unusual, even a hybrid of 90s:
- Fender neck pace, or almost
- Bridge string through-and micro bridge has tilted the Telecaster
- Full mahogany (small) table in maple and two (excellent) humbuckers, Gibson Signature

My copy dates from 1995 and I note that he has aged pretty well.


Three kg max for a full mahogany, your shoulders and spine say thank you every day.
Action comfortable, yet not so low as other types (LP, tele) despite a double set personal / luthier.
Access to acute comparable to a TV, a little easier than on an LP in the cutout and heel less pronounced.
Only the mechanics are a bit lagging behind, providing a service just okay. Is the effect of age or not I can not say.

Overall, mechanical aside, this is a real treat in terms of use.


Two humbuckers, 5-position (3 splitted), two knobs and progressive use on the race provide a wide range of sounds, or very broad.
Furthermore these microphones (M Series) are quite surprising, both in terms of rendering that dynamic.
The positions are widely used and splitted do not sound like a caricature of simple microphones, on the contrary.
Remarkably enough, the Nighthawk is quite capable of outputting sounds good slap. The instrument is comfortable on the funk and even country music, the lot or other unsuitable Gibs, adding an even split.
Personally I have a soft spot for the mini HB positions for a more round and warm and the two splitted pickups (my copy out of phase) for a real funky sound.

To summarize I would say the Nighthawk offers a nice range of sound quality.


Discovered during a recording session I could not do otherwise than to acquire a copy, so the instrument is engaging and practical.
Especially in the studio or it is formidable because of its versatility and the presence of his catch.
I switched completely miss when it was released in the 90s. Here is a youthful corrected with flying colors!
Although the instrument has its own little character, fan telecaster before the eternal, I can not help but see the Nighthawk as a "super tele" an unfashionable strats of mahogany with humbuckers that big loved in the 90's.

To conclude I would say that this is a great tool, as well as practical side his side. It is also a pure creation of the 90's which led, as a lot of models "original" brands from the time a real flop business.
At the current rating (~ 650E), the quality / price is nearly unbeatable for the little that is well preserved copy ...