iamqman 08/18/2011

PRS CE24 : iamqman's user review

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This PRS guitar is an exceptional beauty any absolute fine instrument. The voicing of this guitar is very thick and chunky as well as a distinct mahogany tone. Most of the PRS guitars feature on mahogany body and neck woods and this one is no exception when it comes to that mahogany tone.

This one has a cool sunburst paint job that really set off the look of this guitar quite well. You get a volume and a couple tone controls knobs and that is about it with this guitar's control features.


The PRS guitar sits in the music which can be cleaner than a Les Paul even though it is mahogany but yet thick and juicy with a high gain amplifier. This guitar has an exceptionally beautiful top on it which is pretty standard with most Paul Reed Smith guitars. Some of their major highlights in their instrument building is there beautiful exotic woods and their exceptional aerodynamic cuts in their bodies. This guitar highlights those exclusive and beautiful features.


The tone of these guitars are an exceptional and very versatile guitar. You get a fantastic clean tone as well as a new modern high gain tone. I have seen these guitars on so many different stages from so many different styles of music. I seen them with the most modern high again metal players as well as the clean bluesy players. It's interesting that these guitars are able to clean up so well which I think is a downfall to the Gibson Les Paul guitars which are great. It's hard rock 'n roll and high gain distortion that don't fit very well when it comes to cleaning up and doing a nice shiny sparkly clean tone. This guitar is able to cross those boundaries and do both very well.


At used these guitars are priced right around $1000 which is a little bit expensive for most people but again this is a professional guitar for someone or for someone who knows exactly what they want. This is not a beginners guitar and if you get lucky enough to get this guitar as a beginner then you're pretty lucky guitarist. The birds inlay for the frets is a nice edition and it really sets the look off with this nice top and beautiful paint job. I highly recommend this guitar to anyone who likes the Paul Reed Smith brand and has the equity to do it.