PRS SE Custom 24
PRS SE Custom 24

SE Custom 24, Other Shape Guitar from PRS in the SE series.

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heads on fire01/31/2012

heads on fire's review"Quite good."

PRS SE Custom 24
Top Wood Beveled Maple Top and Flame Maple Veneer
Back Wood Mahogany
Number of Frets 24
Scale Length 25"
Neck Wood Maple
Fretboard Wood Rosewood
Neck Shape Wide Thin
Fretboard Inlays Birds
Bridge PRS Designed Tremolo
Tuners PRS Designed Tuners
Truss Rod Cover "PRS"
Hardware Type Nickel
Treble Pickup PRS Designed SE HFS Treble
Bass Pickup PRS Designed SE Vintage Bass
Pickup Switching Volume and Tone Control with 3-Way Toggle Pickup Selector


Paul Reed Smith started his company officially in 1985 with the ever revered Custom 24 model. The guitars were build by hand in his Maryland factory then, and they gained a huge following. Twenty-five years after the introduction of the USA Custom 24, PRS decided to make a tribute guitar with their import SE line, drawing from much of the same inspiration, yet cutting a few costs to make the guitar much more affordable to the average musician.

The SE Custom 24 is very much like its USA counterpart but for one obvious difference - the top is not carved. There is a small bevel in the cutaway for hand comfort, but aside from that, the guitar has a flat top. This is not a bad thing, it's just not a feature that something like a $3000 USA PRS would have. The tremolo looks and feels the same as the USA version, yet I suspect the metal isn't quite the same quality. That's ok too - it doesn't feel or look cheap by any means. Aside from this, the main differences are that it is a Korean-made guitar, with many more automated processes than the USA guitars, and that the finish isn't quite as rich.


All that being said, the guitar is not bad at all! Not being at the same level of quality as a $3000 boutique instrument is nothing to be ashamed at. For a sub $700 guitar, this is a fantastic piece of engineering. The pickups sound wonderful - every bit as good as the US versions. PRS guitars are very versatile, and this one is at home in about any style.


Overall, I feel that this is one of the best deals in a sub-$1000 level guitar. It sounds great, plays great, and it looks very nice as well. Also, this could be a great stage guitar or backup for someone with a more expensive PRS, as one needn't worry as much about battle scars! Recommended.

MGR/Billy's review"PRS SE Custom 24"

PRS SE Custom 24
It wasn't too long ago when PRS boomed in sales. To keep up with their demand they made their first line of off shore guitars in Korea and refer to them as the SE line. The SE is usually well marked on the headstock of the instrument.

I saw this at my local Guitar Center and thought I would give it a shot. Brand new with a PRS factory gig bag the PRS SE Custom 24 sells for $679.99

What makes this instrument unique to me is the fact that it has a killer tremelo and whammy bar on it. This is uncommon to come stock on most Gibson or PRS guitars. Definitely a big plus.

The maple trim around the guitar really sets of the visual appeal. It makes a cheaper imported instrument look like a higher end model.

I feel the pickups are almost too diverse. The black and white Zebra striped bobbins definitely look cool, but the bridge is very bright and the neck is very bassy. I was able to roll the tone knob back too kill some of the brightness, but I am ultimately thinking about upgrading the pickups.

No shortcuts taken here. The body is mahogany and the top is a maple veneer finished in sunburst to let just enough wood grain show through. 25' scale, the neck is thinner compared to a Gibson. 24 frets and the infamous PRS bird mother of pearl inlays.

A sharp looking axe that plays like a dream. A big plus was the tremelo system yet I was a little letdown by the stock pickups. Definitely no shortage of the quality and craftsmanship you've learned to expect from Paul Reed Smith.

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iamqman's review"Oohh La La"

PRS SE Custom 24
Paul Reed Smith guitars are very exotic and extremely beautiful to look at. They have a great feel and overall are a fantastic good guitar for pretty much any style of music. I think has to be their construction and build qualities that make these guitars extremely appealing to a lot of guitar players. They're very beautiful because they generally have an nice fingers or flamed maple top on a mahogany wood body and neck. It's very beautiful and they sound phenomenal and pretty much any musical setting you put them in.


Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

* Color: Orange
* Body: Mahogany
* Top: Maple with flame-maple veneer
* Neck: 3-piece maple, wide-thin carve
* Fingerboard: Rosewood
* Inlays: Bird
* Frets: Medium jumbo
* Pickups: PRS-designed HFS and Vintage Bass humbuckers
* Controls: Master volume, tone, and 3-way toggle switch
* Bridge: Tremolo
* Case: Includes PRS-designed SE gig bag


The tone of these guitars sound very good in pretty much every style of music. From a clean guitar all the way up into a hard rock metal guitar these guitars sound fantastic. That's one of the selling points of these guitars over eight say a Gibson Les Paul is that the sound good and a clean setting. I've never found a Gibson Les Paul to sound I get in a clean setting. Sound okay but overall don't really work with like offender type camp. I swear these guitars I think it a notch above the Gibson Les Paul guitars in the clean category because they just sound really good. I'm not sure if it's the pickups are the builder with the body shape but they just work very well and he cleaned to bluesy typesetting.


These guitars are pretty expensive but you can find them pretty easily in the classifieds of eBay or even online. These are guitars priced at the professional musician at hand or someone is as a decent size budget. I recommend these guitars to anyone is looking for an alternative to a Gibson style guitar and one something pretty exotic that generally comes in multiple different colors and options available. Their fun instruments and for the money there's not a whole lot of competition at this price point.

tjon901's review"Budget PRS"

PRS SE Custom 24
Paul Reed Smith has always been a popular guitar maker among high end players. Over the years this has kind of put them off among working class players who couldnt afford their guitars for the most part. PRS is trying to change their image now by making a line of cheaper overseas made guitars that everyone can afford. The SE line is like their Epiphone or LTD. These guitars are made to mostly the same specs with simpler tops and are made overseas. This model is based off the PRS Custom 24 which is one of their most popular models. The main difference with the SE is that it has a much flatter top for ease of construction. It also has simpler dot style moon inlays that some people may even prefer over the traditional PRS bird inlays. The SE Custom 24 has the dual cutaway prs body with the flat top. It is mahogany with a maple top and a flame maple veneer on it instead of a thick piece of flamed maple for the top. It has the traditional 25 inch PRS scale length on a 24 fret maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. It has PRS's wide thin neck and two PRS in house pickups. There is a master tone and master volume with a 3 way toggle switch that is unusually placed. These models come with the PRS Fender style non locking tremolo system to complete the package.


PRS guitars are known for playing out of their price range. These guitars play like shred machines although they dont look the part. The Wide Thin neck is one of my favorite neck shapes. Its the combination of a Les Paul neck with a Jackson neck or something. It has a great feel but like with most PRS guitars there is a huge neck joint heel that starts at the 17th fret and just gets fatter until the end of the neck. Big heels like this are there for ease of manufacturing. If they wanted they could have sanded down the heel after attaching it to the guitar but that would be pretty labor intensive. A company like Carvin will do that for their set neck guitars. Apart from the heel the neck is great. The Fender style tremolo system is surprisingly good for a non locking tremolo. It will go out of tune eventually but it holds tune longer than most other tremolos of a similar design. A set of locking tuners would have been nice. The volume and tone knobs are traditionally placed but the pickup switch is way out in another state. It kinda looks like they designed the guitar and forgot about it and just threw it on later. It wont take long to get use to this placement but you will have to get use to it nonetheless. The flat top kind of feels unusual for a guitar of this type.


The pickups in this guitar are pretty decent for stock pickups. They know that the people buying these affordable 24 fret PRS guitars are most likely playing heavy music on them so they put decently chunky pickups. The pickups are uncovered and have Zebra Bobbins so it adds a little extra to the look of the guitar. The pickups are hot and clear but are nothing special. The guitar overall has a slightly bright tone to help with the clarity. The neck pickup is also pretty bright. It is not the type of neck pickup I prefer I usually prefer a smoother neck pickup. Like just about every lower end import guitar this guitar would be a winner with a set of after market pickups. A set of Seymour Duncans like a Jazz in the neck and JB in the bridge would really give you the most out of this guitar.


If you are looking for a PRS guitar but cant afford paying thousands and thousands of dollars for one of their American made guitars these are a good alternative. A pickup upgrade on one of these guitars can get you 80 percent of the way to the tone you would get with one of the American made PRS guitars. It is nice that PRS is making guitars that everyone can afford now because before they were seen as a pretty elitist guitar company which was a shame because most of their designs are really good and their guitars play really well. Now more people can experience them.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Pickups mediocre -"

PRS SE Custom 24
PRS SE Custom 24 60th Anniversary Korea


the handle is well-strings but 09-c is too soft
ergonomics and weight ... it's all about good from this point of view
get a good sound on the mic and I'm just confused about the ability of PRS Corea compete with Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio - Do not confuse PRS PRS USA and rice eater


Certainly I'm not the greatest guitarist in the world, but I just wanted to give my humble opinion - I order this at Thomann PRS 695 Euros, at this price I was expecting big sound of the slap. disappointment Seriously I may be the only seem to criticize because all the fashion seems to love it, to me seriously mics up top are too sharp and terrible. Why not mount Seymours duncan original style and above SH2 it would sound terrible, or DiMarzio -. PRS violin yes.micro yuck
If you're like me and like to buy a guitar that sounds of the out of the box, go your way especially for 700 balls there are a bunch of new guitars that sound good with real microphone, or take you on a PRS SE-245 (a friend has one, 245 microphones are much better or it may be to see that the body of the 245 is much thicker,


I returned home and took a Fender thomann with Seymours duncan at 650 Euros and I see not too enthusiastic about this is that the Prs-n have nothing to do with the U.S.. he put it to the birds like the class, but seriously these are Korean for me not terrible, at this price took a Godin made in the USA, it will be a much better investment.

The cover offered is a real joke, it is sufficient to cross the street, beyond fear for your instrument, because it is not thick thick.
PRS question; Therefore edit your guitars with 09 strings? it sounds more would jy 10. see 11
Beautiful violin pickups but lamentable ... So understand that although you would Birds on your sleeve but that's all.

Repeat this choice? NO I would not even 2 times the standard error for the price c is average
SRV Fan06/28/2012

SRV Fan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good guitar!"

PRS SE Custom 24
Made in Korea, 24 frets (that's why it's called Custom 24). 1 volume knob and a tone of another. Micro-and split-non. Handle very fine, more than a stratocaster.


I own a Fender Stratocaster american special HSS because I'm a fan of SRV. I wanted a Les Paul. But she had too many drawbacks (too heavy, too expensive ...). That's why I chose this guitar sounds that keeps Les Paul while improving the ease of playing and eliminating its defects of Use. The handle is great but you would think it will break. The size, shape and weight are great! It is even lighter than my Strat! The proper sound is easily affordable.


I use my Strat to Blues, Blues-rock, reggae, funk and blues again! This helps me to rock'n'roll and jazz! Its great! My pet is a Peavey Vypyr 30. All for me! good arm.


1 day of use. I tested a lot of other guitars. It's perfect.
The Clairvoyant02/03/2012

The Clairvoyant's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent"

PRS SE Custom 24
Made in korea

this part has already been specified


the handle is nice it is a modern C profile not too round it is painted the same color as the body and varnishes.

ergonomics is good, it is a form style stratovolcano with a good balance it does not lean on the other hand it weighs a little weight but with a good strap that's not embarrassing, the violin is of good quality and finishes are impécables.

access to the treble is very easy thanks to the cutaway right side of the typical PRS and medium frets more accessible in the treble that big jumbo.

we easily get a good sound by adjusting the amplifier


sounds suit my style (experimental rock, hard rock)

saturation in the bridge pickup delivers a fairly neutral with modern bite and rather dry, clean and cold is neurtre
saturation in the neck pickup delivers a vintage sound but punchy, dry clean, dry vintage always

I play on a tube combo amp Randall RG50 or I plug in my sound card to record

I prefer the neck pickup has more personality, I find the bridge pickup a bit bland and cold.


I use it for 6 months

I was looking for a more traditional guitar but not provided with a vintage tremolo strings and blocks without a head with normal mechanical misaligned.

what I like most is its ease of play and aesthetics, the only thing that bothers me is the bridge pickup I will change to a Seymour Duncan SH15 sh4 or to see.

the price / quality ratio is excellent given the build quality and finish so I do it again this choice without hesitation.

jacqn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" trs trs good guitar"

PRS SE Custom 24
PRS SE Custom 24 Made in Core, red.
Purchase by chance (20h on Monday for Easter! Much that there was hardly anyone on it) I was looking for a good scratch with a HB SERIES concerts course
Warning: I bought SD team in HS2-HS4!
It dates from 2010
The finish is really impressive, and beautiful table - it throws on scne and is not trivial
Mca plutt good, I do not use the vibrato of a lack of knowledge and because the level required to agree, the jam was a little hlas


The handle is perfect for me (I do not know which profile I would say "average": D) - the pace a bit special (25 ") suits me quite well
Excellent Access in acute
Extreme ease of play
I find no heavy trs


Therefore, the microphones are not the original ones, and suits me perfectly
I use all the positions of micro
I play pop-rock, rock on an ENGL Screamer 50, a Fender XD SC and also even on my Iphone, and the fact


I am not a great specialist in guitars, but there are some that I like, others not, and I like it the: D
Bought 358 with SH2-SH4 and just one year of service I do not actually have m'tre: D
I can only put 10/10 for the report qualitprix
I jou week dernire a PRS United States - it is clear that this is not the same thing, but it also rated 2700!
Now, if I buy new quote I think I will do the rounds of all the guitars in this price-l because there are a lot even when
may be to choose when the same, who knows;)

GaEL05's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" From the very very very good!"

PRS SE Custom 24
- Set-Neck Maple with 24 frets inlaid Birds
- Table flamed maple
- Solid Mahogany body
- Rosewood
- 1 volume and 1 tone control
- 3 position selector
- Designed PRS tremolo (vibrato)
- Micro: HE HFS Treble Humbucker / SE Vintage Bass Humbucker
- Mechanical PRS oil bath
- Made In Korea

Acquired for 710 € new (there is an error in the price on the page)

Comes with handy bag enhanced PRS.
The seller wanted me to believe that it was the grain of the wood but is actually a sticker (after search), so do not be fooled on this point)


Wanting to change and replace my Ibanez GRG170DX, I was looking for a versatile guitar, which sends a little sauce is not too expensive. I tested a lot of guitar in the price range but after having tested the SE Custom 22 of a dude, I conquered PRS.

It is a very light but strong guitar at a time and that of the mouth. Very easy to play, the handle is painted flat and wide enough, his own slides. Access to acute is easy, no genes in the game, very good ergonomics. And she still has the mouth (Color: Scarlet Red)

The vibrato is not yet a Floyd Rose but it is just behind. Its reliability is just unbelievable. I had not touched the guitar for almost 10 days I'm playing, no tune at all! I "violate" the vibrato at times that I do not play no strings do not relax. The outfit is just amazing, the guitar goes out of tune almost never does. Proof of quality workmanship.


I play mainly Heavy kind Metallica, Motorhead, Iron Maiden ... but after trying several height adjustments microphones, I can play almost anything, Hard via Funk and Blues. She possesses a sharp and very heavy (Metallica) but you can also get very good clean sounds or bluesy. More because I play a little tout.Je feel a real difference depending on what I want to play, power and heat of sound is beautiful and well presented. = A very versatile guitar in all styles.

(But unless you have a big amp I do not think it's for extreme metal)


I bought it in January 2011 and quickly saw that nothing remained beaucoup.J 'm very happy for my own use, manufacturing quality (Korea is different from China on this point) and sonority. I play on a Randall RG50TC (FOR SALE!) So its sends out the pate. I play a few times on a Fender Frontman, but even on a Fender it does well.

The value for money is not bad, it's worth € 710 Two years ago knowing that it was worth 650 so good .. I wanted a guitar around 600-700 € and very versatile, the PRS does his taf. I tried a Les Paul Studio, its worth 300 € more and I find it worse than the PRS, too heavy, not very accurate sound.

It is a guitar that I think keep long because of his versatility and that's just my first "real" guitar.

A guitar that I recommend, by the way other series from SE PRS are really great. So if you are looking for a versatile guitar pepere without breaking the bank too much and go for it!

audioslave86's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

PRS SE Custom 24
for characteristic will see the sites concerned


handle 24 super accessible I think it's the guitar that has the best access to acute I've ever played pure happiness and comfort games sublime


microphones powerful enough to meet so many plugged into an amp quality (a lamp) is a feast with sustain santana way ^ ^
we just play almost every style or it's a pretty versatile guitar


I have been using so I am far from having fully exploited but I'm glad ^ ^ &% & %&%&% a value and a low cost model has limited