Fender Mustang I
Fender Mustang I

Mustang I, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Fender in the Mustang Amp series.

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All user reviews of 4/5 for the Fender Mustang I

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 7 reviews )
 2 reviews29 %
 5 reviews71 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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stompboxjon's review"Practice amp"

Fender Mustang I
The Fender Mustang I 20 is very affordable and can be a great amp to have for practicing around your house. It is a smaller amp that has 20 watts and it has effects built into it. It also has USB out to your computer as well. The design of the I 20 is clean and modern, it is well built and will last you a long time. It does not slide across the floor if on a hard floor surface. The sound quality is amazing for this to only be a 100 dollar amp. It is a solid state amplifier that has treble, bass, master, preset select, modulation select, delay, reverb, and volume controls on it.


There is no set up process involved, just plug it up hook up your gear and start using it right away. The amp weighs about 17 pounds and is only about 15 inches tall and 15 inches wide. It is a perfect size amp and it is also very portable. I do not recommend using this amp for gigging because the sound does not travel far, the speakers can only handle but so much and once you start to crank it up too far the audio quality will suffer.


The I 20 comes with 12 modulation effects like, tremolo, octave, phaser, step filter, and chorus. It has an auxiliary input 1/8 and a 1/8 headphone jack built into it. It does come with Fender Amplitube software and Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Addition. I have not used it with Ableton Live Lite Fender Edition but I have used it with Fender Amplitube and you can get some really good effects when you use it with that.


The I 20 is well built, it does not sound good enough to gig with but I think it is a great practice amp and at this price you will have nothing to lose. If you are looking for your first amp then go with this one.

iamqman's review"Sweet and Simple"

Fender Mustang I
One thing I hate about cheaper amps is a lot of them are switching to the amp modeling. Amp modeling in theory is a good idea since you have so many influences and you need something to cover a lot of genres. Unfortunately, most amp modeling all sounds the same....like garbage.

Yet this simple little amp doesn't sound to bad. It has 8 different amp models in it but lets be honest one thing Fender does well is cleans. They don't do hairy and raunchy metals or hard rock tones. So the the clean amp models sounds pretty decent but once you get to open it up on some of the heavier stuff it comes back to what I was talking about. One amp that Fender does that has a little bit of gain is the supersonic. That preset sounds the best out of the heavy sounds.


Fender Mustang I 20-watt Guitar Amp Features at a Glance:

* Amplifier type: Solid state
* Output power: 20 Watts
* Speaker: 1 x 8" Fender Special Design speaker
* Output Impedance: 8 Ohms
* Output Power: 20 Watts
* Inputs: 1
* Channels: 1 channel
* Controls: Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Master, Preset Select, Modulation Select, Delay/Reverb Select, Save Button, Exit Button, Tap Tempo Button
* Effects: 12 Modulation Effects Including Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Vibratone, Octaver, Phaser, Step Filter, 12 Delay/Reverb Effects Including Tape Delay, Stereo/Mono Delay, Room/Plate/Hall Reverb
* Presets: Factory loaded with 24 presets built from 8 amp models and 24 effects
* Aux Input: 1/8" stereo input jack
* Headphone Jack: 1/8" headphone jack
* Line Out: Speaker emulated USB output; 1/8" headphone jack doubles as speaker emulated line out
* Amp covering/grillle cloth: Carbon tweed textured vinyl with silver grill cloth
* Tuner: Chromatic Tuner
* Included software: Amplitube Fender LE Software, Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Edition, Fender FUSE
* Footswitch: Optional 1-button footswitch for toggling 2 quick-access presets available
* Height: 14.5"
* Width: 15.5"
* Depth: 7.6"
* Weight: 17 lbs.


My personal favorite is the supersonic amp model. This is a god driving tone that makes using this amp a lot of fun. Not trying to be very critical of this amp since the price is pointed at kids starting out learning the guitar.

Try this amp out with a Fender Stratocaster and you can get some cool Pink Floyd sounds with a little effects like some delays and flangers. It sounds very close to the original David Gilmore tones. The feel is going to be much different than a tube amp, but it is a nice practice amp.


At new this amp comes in at $99 which is not a lot of money. I'm not expecting this ting to rivals and tube amp or the thundering feeling of tubes pushing massive amounts of air with 4x12 cabinet. This little unit is small enough to fit anywhere in your home.

I would recommend this amp over probably the line 6 amp modeling stuff. Even though there are far more features in the line 6 stuff I think this actually sound a little more natural. Someone learning the guitar will probably want to pick this up. It is inexpensive and compact. Learning on the go if your are taking lessons is nice too.

CT-64140's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"more mustang pony!"

Fender Mustang I
Amp Modeling

Controls: Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Master, Preset Select, Modulation Select, Delay / Reverb Select, Save Button, Exit Button, Tap Tempo Button
Power: 20 Watts
Inputs: 1 1/4 "and 1 2.5 mm outside media player MP3 type
Single channel
depth: 19 cm
width: 40 cm
height: 37 cm
Weight: 7.7 kg
1 speaker 8 "Fender ® Special Design
17 amp models (Fender and others);
24 presets embedded (unlimited storage on a PC or Mac)
effects: reverb, delay / echo, tremolo, phaser, overdrive, distortion / fuzz;
Chromatic Tuner
USB connector for patch management (via the Fender FUSE software, free) and modification and plug connection for sound.
Lot of complementary software version LE.


Unlike some other modeling amps (I especially think of the Peavey VPYR), this Mustang is simple. Even without a manual, you get 98% make it work.
With a PC or Mac and Fender Fuse software, setting the amp is really great and "manipulations" are a breeze. It comes very easily to do whatever it takes to get out what the amp can give better. But "better" is obviously not the heavier more expensive amp height, more upscale: it must not be forgotten that there was an amp whose price is around just over 100 € and and quality of sound reproduction is quickly reached its limits!

Warning: this amp really fully utilizes comfortably with the Fuse software and all of my opinion is based on a use that passes by.


It is obvious that this Mustang is a small amp "studies". It is lightweight, easy to use and offers quite correct with respect to its price sounds.

The Fender amp models are really nice, especially in clear sounds. The "twin", for example, is nice. on the other hand, in general on all the amps modeled, the more we try to send crunch and it spoils. In my opinion, this amp is not recommended for lovers of great sounds - yet in this register, it seems to me that it is modeling Supersonic (Ch2 is this amp is modeled), which draws best.

There are excellent reverbs and echoes, good chorus and tremolo. on the other hand, overdrive, distortion / fuzz (like the gain increase with the interface modeling amp): it is not very clean. Contrary to another review that talks about bad results with pedals connected effect, I found an old Boss OD and dyspeptic chorus Ibanez gave pretty good. But the question is the behavior of the Mustang with other pedals ...

This amp goes well (with limits, of course: 100 €, do not forget!) On crystalline sounds kind of Twin or Princeton. However, do not expect a quality rendered as a Fender Super Champ, for example. I noticed a lack of depth and roundness in the bass (normal: price + light ... I will return later). Jazz sounds with low round and enveloping: it is not his thing, for example.

I found it more comfortable with single-coil; and tested on all guitars, it is with the Tele (which he leaves well enough to speak with the twang of the Fender models) or with Strato he was the most demonstrative and crystal clear sounds ( even brilliant) with little bass and little pony gallops not bad.

My favorite amp models: Twin (crystalline wish and not too soft), the Bassman (hot compression lamp indeed quite successful, and with a nice "grrr grrrr" if you put a little gain on! modeling), Vox (not too soft), and drive a bit forced (again: the model, not on the front of the amp): the Supersonic. Note that the amp models have a Gate (more or less effective and flexible depending on the model), it can be used!

A further note that I found the factory presets horrifying, but it is a treat to change with the Fuse software.


I do play for nearly two years, but rather a dedicated amp to be used in the family (I personally do not take any pleasure from playing it). I had not compared with other models because I had dark (confirmed by positive opinion) a very interesting promo.

I admit I struggle to give ratings: taking into account the value I will go to a good grade. But we must be aware that with this amp, it has more to do with a sweet little pony as a strong and spirited mustang!

What is nice about this little thing, it is lightweight and comfortable handling and finally it offers a lot of possible sounds quite correct.

In absolute terms (I mean regardless of price / quality ratio) what ails this Mustang, I think this is a very light cabinetry and a HP ilk. The sound coloration still very medium with little bass and gives an impression "boxy". The weakness of the system [box + HP] is such that such precise note on the Strat will be a lot smaller than its sharp or flat, as another note (often in the low register medium) over another guitar volume ( especially humbucker) cause a rollover effect. In general, if we take account of sounds with a minimum low, when you push the volume a bit we began to fear that the body explodes or the speaker cone tearing! Hahahahaha. Well ... it is perhaps an impression! Besides that, if we lower the volume too much, there is not enough sound pressure to the ear for the best - those who are interested in the question sound familiar ...

If this amp was only for me, I do not have that choice. But I'm probably too demanding; in the family it's a great other users!

So I see this little amp more like a small auxiliary occasional troubleshooting than anything else: it does not require maintenance, ships (almost) with a finger and is easy to adjust. But I recognize that even for ranges (yes it happens to be!) I can not live with me.

I take this opportunity to give a more general view very, very subjective. Unless you are really very, very limited means to purchase, I think that the acquisition of such equipment is a mistake except in cases where it is to discover the electric guitar for a beginner we do not know if not persevere. Even a novice who wants sustainable progress, I believe, will tire quickly of the sound weakness (unless live recluse and never hear other guitars + amps sound for real!). Are you passionate about guitar, you want a small, versatile and lightweight amp, you do not want to try to reproduce (artificially) the sound of legendary amps and you have a budget (much) more important? Look, for example, the side of the combo Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister18 or Tubemeister18 twelve combo ... It will follow you long, I think. But there are also other small combos friendly tubes (Laney CUB12 or CUB12R example)

Here! I attribute a good note this little pony Fender. Paradoxical, you say? Maybe ... Reward point on your own philosophy of what you expect from an amp: the note you rate this pony largely depend. I hope I have helped you think.

SgtShred's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Mustang I
20W amp transistors, a modeling. 24 precepts recorded and possibilities to change 16 according to his personal convenience. It is then modeling pedals, not like it too much, or 8/10. However, the beginners do not use pedals. ;)


Manual? What is it to eat ..? Nan December but 'I think it is a plug & play amp. You scratch your leg, you choose your effect and you play. ;)
But this is 20Wa transistors, largely insufficient for group play, watch out!
And it is a modeling amp, which means sluggish! In other words, little difference in sound between the guitars. Once you have a fairly decent guitar amp for a change without modeling, you will ruin in microphones after. ;)


Me my hobby is pretty straight forward metal (Slipknot etc) and it is not because it is not Fender balance it. The metal channel Super 2000 (I think it make me 6 I above) is a big, compressed distortion and not messy, very well to send puree. Of course it's still limit is 20W transo but it is very good for beginners in! Otherwise, other distortion are nice, it allows you to play full registry, modern or old school metal or even rock!
on the other hand I found quite despicable crunch .. And clean a little better but not great. Me finally as I had not bought it, it does not matter. : D
As EQ is quite limited and the ear of a beginner is fairly applied, it is not mind, treble and bass at noon! : D


I used one year, when I started up past a tube amp it there's 6 months. I bought it directly, I had tried with a friend, I have not tried others, I knew nothing, I just wanted an amp with distortion. A little c * n the metalheads. : D
What I find unfortunate is the crunch a bit lame, but for an amp for the beginners, I think we can talk about one of the best amp in the market in this price range: about 130 euros nine and 70 occas.
Another negative point, you must use the software sold to exploit it thoroughly, something I never do elsewhere. : D

jeanf29's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" excellent little amp modeling"

Fender Mustang I
20 watt amp transistors, modeling amps very successful major brand that made their reputation (57 deluxe, 59 Bassman, 65 Twin Reverb, british60s, 80s, 90s american, super-sonic, metal2000) effects are also very nice (chorus, chorus deep, flanger, tremolo, vintage tremolo, tremolo fast, slow and fast Vibratone, octave, phaser slow and deep filter medium and step, several delays and reverbs complete the package) without


doubt, it was quick "dip" the trick, especially since the manual, although short, is very clear
rapidly obtained the sound and what we are interested in all styles, from very clean with a micro crystalline simple to very hard rock saturations see heavy with humbuckers, all easily adjustable should


many styles of rock music as a whole
we get a little close all current sounds
I play on three types of guitars (les paul, sg, strata) and frankly it does well, as clean as crunch or saturation
for now, I love all the sounds


I use it for three months
I like its looks, its versatility, light weight
excellent value for money
I would do without this choice problems for the amateur that I am, it really suits