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All user reviews for the Line 6 Flextone II

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 8 reviews )
 5 reviews63 %
 3 reviews38 %
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MGR/Anonymous's review"Line 6 Flextone II"

Line 6 Flextone II
I got it from Andertons, Guildford, for £300. It's normally £550! bargins like that make ya feel better about life!!

It rocks like an avalanche of stones on a big rocky mountain. Seriously, i used to play a squier strat (!) and it even made that sound good. with anything decent, its a pro unit. its a modelling amp, so u get loads of amp sims of clean and dirty channels - and it goes from *clean as u need* to *total nuclear fall out thrash grind* its better for metal and nice smooth overdriven rock than even the marshall avt 100 i compared it too. alright, so not QUITE as loud - but its close and....the tone!!!! the tone!!!!! actually seriously its a great amp - i'd choose it again.

it doesnt come with a footswich which would be handy. u can get one for about 60 quid though which is what i'm gonna get. everything else is perfect! trust me, get this amp, i cant believe more people dont have it!

erm, well its open back...but hell it makes no difference at stage volume and neway, its somewhere to store leads and picks and tuners and stuff!! i have seen studier amps but this one is pretty damn tough...and get this...its light!!! (fairly) - lighter than a marshall anyway

well for £300 it was a steal, but i think i'd still get it fopr the full £550 if i had to now i've played it. later on, get a floorboard too and you'll stand out from the marshall crowd and have a realy really versatile amp (with all the tricks and effects) that u can properly use on stage without any break up. if my band do well big time, then i think it'll b due to this amp. I LOVE YOU LINE 6!!

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MGR/Say What 09/03/2002

MGR/Say What 's review"Line 6 Flextone II"

Line 6 Flextone II
I traded in a crate amp with $300. tp purchase this amp. I purchased it in upstate New York at Adirondack Guitar and Pro Audio

I like the Line 6 due to all the various sounds and amp emulaters that it has along with the ability to maintain it's sound quality as you turn up the volume. Some amps lose definition as you increase the volume. This does not. The pedal board that you can get is an added plus. Built in tuner with wah peddle. I also like the multiple channels to program in different sounds for different tunes that my band plays through the night. From the Beatles sound to Clapton to Matchbox 20 and Kiss, this amp will do you good. Finally an amp that you can have a great rythm sound and lead sound without 50 different boxes to stomp on...just one!!

The only thing I have found that I would change is the channel volume itself. If my rythm channel is set and I switch to another channel for my leads and it isn't loud enough I have to mess with the turn knob for that channel a bit to get the exact volume I want and then resave that lead channel at that volume.( set aside a few minutes to mess with that)!! I would make it a digital volume for the channel mix so that you can choose let's say 5 for a rythm and 8 for a lead rather than a turn knob. The master volume is a turn knob and that's fine. Overall a great amp though.

This unit is durable and travels well. My band plays every weekend and I have had no problems with it. I have the 2x12 cabinet and it does have some wieght to it but stands strong for up keep.

Overall I would rate this amp a 9 out of a possible 10 and highly suggest it to people. My other guitarist in the band is a die hard Marshall tube guy and even he was impressed with the amp and has thought about getting one. You can't beat the clean sound anywhere and the distortion rocks!!!

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Line 6 Flextone II"

Line 6 Flextone II
I purchased the Line 6 amp from Music Centre Canada in Calgary, Alberta. The purchase price was $200 cnd plus trade (Peavy) for the amp.

The amp has tremendous versatility and sound potential. You get a great range of sounds in one package. The amp is great for live gigs easy to move. With optional floorboard, a must (or get a POD), you have more all the flexiblity you need to do most live gigs (Latin to rock to country to standards).

Don't really like the chorus set up, but it can be tweaked with a POD. The amp is well constructed and tasteful. The on/off switch appears to be the weak spot, I've had problems with this.

The best over all amp I've ever owned. The real plus is you don't have to
break your back and the springs in the car getting to a show and setting up.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Line 6 Flextone II"

Line 6 Flextone II
I paid $900.00 (with floorboard) at a local music dealer that just opened. (I'm pretty sure that they had it mismarked since I have never seen a Flex II XL for under 800 alone.)

If you aren't aware of these bad boys you should become. It's a digital modeling amp with all of the bells and whistles. 32 different amps lots of effects and cabinet simulators. I play in a local bar band that plays covers and originals and if I want to pull off -any- sound I can. Yeah sure from a tube snobs point of view it's not EXACTLY the same sound. But the people in the audience can't tell the difference especially when its running through board with an exciter on it... The versitility is freaky amazing I roll from Arms Wide Open by Creed to Californication by RHCP to Friends in Low Places by Garth and all I have to do is hit a button on my floorboard. Before I used to haul an old blackface Twin a Boogie .22 and a rack of effects to pull off a resemblence of these sounds. People may gripe about it not being perfectly similar to high dollar amps but for the price of a Crate half stack I get plenty of incredible sounds.

If you are a multi style gigging guitarist this baby is a purely logical choice. You really can play any song (if you have the guitars and skills)and the audience will have a heck of a time figuring out that it isn't the real thing. If you are a new guitarist buy one too It'll be really hard for you to outgrow this monster. If you are a Tube Snob (I was) try one of these puppies under the screaming hot lights wide open when the bar is 100+ degrees and rockin'. I promise it won't blow a tube... And you won't miss a beat. (and now I won't have to send the CEO of Groove Tubes my life savings every 6 months...)If you are a one tone guitarist and don't need variety don't bother buying this it will overwhelm you. Anyone who truly dislikes it IMHO has not played with it enough. It took me 6 weeks to get it to performance standards but once I got it there I just hit save. It takes time to dial it in.Seems solid It's held up very nicely. Solid state is considerably more durable than tube.Incredible deal. My band thinks it sounds great the audience likes it more (one guy who is a regular came up to me and said he thought we were right on tonight the sound is hot tonight!) Simply enough Chicks dig me Men fear me.

(Okay maybe not but it is probably the best buy I have ever made in gear...)Great stuff. I'm a groopie for Line 6 now. Is it perfect? No but it's really really really close

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Line 6 Flextone II"

Line 6 Flextone II
Sam Ashe Music-amp and floor unit $1049.

This unit has a vast array of sounds that mimic the classic amps of yesterday and today w/chorus, flange, numerous distortions,trems, well. Not only is this a complete unit but it is also midi capable just plug it in to your pc or home studio and use the pod program that came with it. At 100 watts this unit is all you will ever need. All the effects can be set to your taste.I think this unit holds ots own against any comparable amp including Marshall.

Though this amp has a plethera of effects and amp simulations, it is time consuming to learn all the ways to set it to your likings but isn't that half the fun? Learn while you burn!

This amp is built solid for the road or studio alot of meat in this box and the pedal board is equally solid and their weight reflects it.

Even though I have only had this amp for a few months it has been a solid workhorse and replaced a couple of classic amps I own already. If you are looking to get the most sounds you can this unit is for you.

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MGR/Anonymous's review"Line 6 Flextone II"

Line 6 Flextone II
bought for $600 at Guitar Center, SF, CA It was $200 cheaper than normal list price.

Just moved to CA from Europe, I didn't have an amp and badly needed one. I had never heard of Line6 before and I tried one in the store with a Les Paul plugged in. This Amp is just awesome ! Santana, Hammett, Friedman, Hendrix, you name it, you can come close to the sound of all this guys with just one amp ! Okay it's a DSP in there, it cannot possibly be exactly the same than tubes and its sounds doesn't change when it gets too hot on the stage.

It takes a little time to get used to tune it right, you'll have to tweak the knobs over and over to get the sound you really want. But once you're there and have all your presets saved, it's showtime.

Solid built, nice design.

This amp is a bargain - the most versatile ever (that's for sure) and with an awesome sound - for the price of any conventional amp. I walked in the shop willing to buy a Fender amp, I ended with a Line6. Unless you are a hardcore purist (and still...), you can't go wrong with Line6.

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Nico76210's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" My first real amp"

Line 6 Flextone II
Transistor amp simulator amps clean a metal ...
He was a 50w memory! J had hesitated with spider 1 ... (Yes this time!)
But seeing your head spin with groups like korn, fear factory ... I wanted to approach these sounds m ...
I have found the not bad ... The only problem was a vibration in hp distortion or high volume ...
C was the beginning of a long way and line6 and progress has been made!

The connection consisted of midday, an external speaker (from memory) the footswitch and the effects of different reverb / echo / flanger / phrasing / auto swell settings ...
A good amp for beginners!


C was super simple as line 6 of today ... The configuration remains the same!


I play metal, the sound was good. Now compared to the new line6 products ... There's a world ...
I played with an Ibanez 7 string.


I use the most ... I've sold the ...

Kimo's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Flextone II
The Line 6 Flextone 2 is an amp modlisation or "amp numrique". It intgre a rack that has 32 amp simulations and effects a knob together the best known (chorus, flanger, swell, delay, compressor, rotary speaker ...) and an equalizer while what is more normal (treble, mid, bass, reverb, etc. ...).
Its maximum power is 60 Watt. Dj is not bad for a small apartment.
The manual that comes is quite complete and explains the combination of effects with the amp simulations. It's really easy to use and it's not bad pens.


The configuration is very simple.
Yes we get a good sound easily cons we feel the diffrence with the amps ampe appears to me ... sometimes the sound is amplified too - that it remains a stain fairly strong but has a good work you your sound. Of course, not a grain of a good amp PGA.
The manual is clear and ample.


I have a sound that oscillates between thrash metal and pop rock and this amp I dlivre an impressive range of her. The only worry for the mdiums not trs expressive ...
I play an ESP LTD Viper 301 (EMG HZ Micro) and adgaine at the gain! I get a fairly clean sound at the level of saturation. I love this amp dlivre delay that good ... well I think the sound is a matter for each individual ... I highly recommend to try it because the overall sound reproduction trs is really good.


I have been using ending for 2 years and I am satisfied. The Flextone 2 may seem "light" for the big concert ... well c false since I made the exprience and now his vocation is my opinion vritable studio work.
I first flash on the look and the sound ... I have tried versions of Spider Premire but go your way, does not a road. Flextone range is really reliable.
The report qualitprix is ​​justified.
With exprience, I Do not hesitate to repeat the same choice.