Line 6 Spider Jam
Line 6 Spider Jam

Spider Jam, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Line 6 in the Spider IV series.

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All user reviews for the Line 6 Spider Jam

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 11 reviews )
 2 reviews18 %
 6 reviews55 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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iamqman's review"Cool amp"

Line 6 Spider Jam
What a great little practice amp. This thing has more than you would ever need to get your guitar playing in gear. There are more presets than I think you could ever explore. Probably too much stuff is packed into this little compact amp modeler. One of the greatest things in this amp is the 28 minute looper for recording at home for play back and experimentation. This is great tool to jam along and listen to you playing skills and tweak things on the the fly.

Line 6 Spider JAM Features:

* 12 amp models
* Seven Smart Control Effects
* 400 presets
* Guitar input
* Mic input
* Aux input
* CD/MP3 input
* Headphone out
* 12" Celestion Speaker with 2" Tweeter
* Exclusive Endless Jam Engine
* 28-minute looper


Type Solid State
Number of Channels 1
Power 75W
Speakers 1 x 12" Custom Celestion, 1 x 2" Tweeter
Effects Yes
Reverb Yes
EQ Bass, Mid, Treble
Amp Modeling Yes
Number of Models 200 Presets, 36 User, 12 Amp Models
Number of Tubes 0
Preamp Tubes No Tubes
Power Tubes No Tubes
Inputs 1 x Instrument, 1 x Mic (XLR), 1 x MP3 (1/8"), 1 x Aux (1/4")
Outputs 1 x Headphone (1/4"), 2 x RCA
Footswitch I/O Yes
No Effects Loop
Height 17.5"
Width 21"
Depth 10"


The sound from this amp in not going to be the best. I have never been a fan of the Line 6 amp modeling. I think it sounds sterile and unnatural. However, I look at this amp as a practice engine and not something that I would play out on gigs of anything like that.

There are so many sounds o explore that a simple review would not suffice. Try it out with multiple guitars and settings to get your desired tone. I like humbucking style guitars with this unit ans I find the clean tones very sub par. Their cleans don't do it for me at all.


If you are in the market for a decent amp modeler than this might be the amp for you. At new these units come in at around $400, which is a bit on the high side for these particular amps. I like the Peavey stuff and the Roland stuff as far as actual tone goes. This is basically an amp that is a computer so you have a lot of recording and mic out operation. If you need to go direct into the house PA system then you can do that. The looper is the coolest thing on the amp.

I would recommend you trying this thing out before you buy it. If you want the recording feature than this is the amp for you. If you desire tone and still want amp modeling then I would try the Roland Cube or Peavey Viper.

jmd32's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very well!"

Line 6 Spider Jam
We immediately the sound we want
Intuitive settings, fast
Big sound, power, fishing

icing on the cake: accompaniments and line6online especially with a lot of musical choices

And gadget Loops


Everything is good


I'll opt for a single coil, but the amp is very polivalent


2 years
The fender is good month + complicated to fly, - intuitive
No, I do not regret my choice

bloodjob's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Le.meilleur amp transistor in 2013"

Line 6 Spider Jam
Combo 75-watt transistor, hp 12 inch + 2 inch tweeter, and looper jam built with nearly 100 effects loops recorded by the pros, all relevant effects begin (flanger, delay, tremolo, chorus, reverb, simulations amps that are in reality distos programmable overdrives and grain and power). There are a lot of little tricks like presets mess created by famous artists and endorsers for the brand. You can connect absolutely toutd above, as a microphone that also benefited effects, which makes this amp extremely full. It edt relatively powerful and even at high volume, the sound does not change too much.


Thanks to the LCD screen, it is very easy to configure and easily navigate between the numerous presets. The knobs are used to adjust the sound so extremely simple, especially for delay effects and reverb. It is therefore easy to get a good sound. To control the jammer and the looper, I Potash a little history of the manual to be more comfortable. Frankly, it's gas plant at first, and ultimately it's great for beginners.


The interest of this type of amplifier is able to cover a wide range of great sounds and it is on it does it well. Crunch to super heavy on easily obtained a great sound. The effects are relatively small in number, we should not expect to have a pro multi effects built into the amp. The flanger was quite disappointed because I 'always use it to grow my distortion, making it thicker, the same for the delay. Obviously, you can not have everything. However, the various simulation models are damn convincing and metoooOOOoool lovers will undoubtedly find their account.


I tried almost everything I could amp transistors, vox to marshall through hughes and Kettner, peavey, line 6 ... and I think this spider jam is the quintessence of what can be better in this price range. It seems necessary to append a pedalboard for effectively controlling the effects. I offered him the pedalboard mk2 shortboard for a maximum of possibilities, but there are more affordable and smaller which makes the trick (I tested it and I liked it).

This is an amp that serves as the headphones that again, we can look to the scene saw the power and clarity of the sound, but it should not compare it with the same thing on the market amps lamps, much more fragile, heavier, and less complete. While lovers of all lamps will always find that it sounds cold, digital, it is limited, it does not generate power level, but from the effects that playing through headphones and have many useful features These, I think it's extra tool for any guitarist who respects ... the beginner who needs to form its sound and learn to play rhythm, the more confirmed scratch that can be perfected to improv with loops included in the sampler to make compositions, and may rely on different effects do not have to lug all the gear by repeating.

Zecat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" many (too?) features"

Line 6 Spider Jam
input jack and XLR for the microphone.
RCA output for connecting to a PA system. I preferred an output jack.


configuration that is both simple and a little "paumatoire" in the sub menus


I play with a Pacifica 311 MS.
+ Use micro singing or second guitar (acoustic) or low on the auxiliary


I use this amp mostly repeated, and I used it on small screens. The real advantage, which led me to choose this amp is the mic, because I sing well. It allows to plug his guitar and microphone without necessarily moult lugging equipment. At the entrance and can also connect a second guitar, for example, acoustic, and even a bass, which is really convenient for me that also has these instruments.

Second feature that interested me, it is the drum presets: great for work, both for pleasure learning to be square. As I put myself on bass and I did not buy a dedicated amp is really good too. Add the bass-drums pre-recorded tracks that can work on guitar improvisation, fun working its slopes or other.

third interesting point: the recording function that keeps the fly his ideas of creation in the same stalling on a drum track.

Next instruction manual, it is quite clear, and thankfully because I qd even had to return several times as and for my needs. I would have preferred a little less can be much more simplicity. But this is my first amp, so this may explain my feeling of having "too much" to handle. I also regret that the drum tracks are not explicitly listed and sorted according to whether they are at 2, 4 or ternary time.

So my final conclusion is that it's an interesting tool for its versatility and the number of entries it offers, super practical. I regret that the output is the RCA, if you want to plug into a PA system because I prefer a good old jack. And I also liked a little less because things navigate the submenus requires a little practice. Side sounds, qd we start, we do not need 300. But the pedals allowed me to easily my favorite sounds in the bank and access users.

I bought the FBV shortboard pedal to drive the amp. It's actually very practical.

yacal1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" line 6 spider jam"

Line 6 Spider Jam
Good amp for work or a little scne. Practice with the FBV (optional) to assign a button or use the loop Intgr.
Like any amp modeling presets there are good and other that are not convincing, or worse.
So we have a versatile amp modlisation and we will say in the middle,
The menus are not very practical to access br />-factory presets "for APRS" the sounds of famous artists
-Lines of batteries
For these two last it is possible to change the tempo without changing pitch, or vice versa or both
The real plus is the loop Intgr. It allows you to make recordings with overdubing and a lot of possibilities. All of which can help laborer models. Alli at FBV (pdalier 4 buttons) is a must


ultra-simple buttons and a rotating light and a tmoin dimming the screen to assay the effect or sound, also the mix between the guitar and backtracks


trs (too) flexible.


3 years. This is my amp has to work it is very well. But the concerts are feasible in a small room, the volume is more than enough to be heard among other instruments

Alli in the loop FBV is a great working tool (technical or artistic)

I use a Marshall 410H. The more we are in the same CATEGORY, but its range to a 100w lamp ......

Pepitow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Super TOOL work!"

Line 6 Spider Jam
Modlisation 75w amp with HP 12 "and tweeter 2", Intgr tuner and internal memory.

Complte trs connector:
-Between guitar
Between-XLR (microphone)
-Auxiliary Input (for a keyboard or bass, for example)
Between-RJ45 (pdalier line 6)
Between headphone-
SD-card slot the rear
-2 RCA audio output record for the rear (I assume these are two exits formulation as a forum to record live on a computer or mixing desk)

The rglages also are complete:
A mini-rgler knob for the volume of micro and
Selection of modlisation-amp (as usual in Line 6)
-Bass, Mids, Treble
Channel-Flight (Flight of the channel used)
-Effects (2 knobs: Chorus / Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo - Delay, Tape Echo, Sweep Echo)
-Master (for the volume rgler General for the receiver> guitar, backing tracks, etc ...)

Finally, the record section, consists of (from left to right) of a button to select recording section (record guitar or microphone input is said to be the guitar, either between XLR), a button to select the Jam track, the backing track drums, or recordings, one for the rgler DIFFERENT volumes, one to select the personal tones and presets, the small LCD screen the three large buttons REC / OVERDUB, PLAY / STOP, UNDO, select a wheel / navigation, a mini pad with 4 Arrows circular navigation button save (for all records, jam or tone).


Setting a bit complex to beginners, many sub-menus, sometimes hidden, but by reading the manual is clear plutt (even if sometimes it does not right any Retailer), we finally understood so you have a good Journe use in order to properly take over 100%.

Is obtained as usual Line 6 sounds easy enough that one seeks the sonic palette offers thanks and effects Intgr.
It is easy to operate even when given the options proposed by the amp!

The drum tracks are trs good, varied, and their speed is variable. Backing tracks for jamming the above are not bad and quite numerous.

Operation is easy, see recommended, with a pdalier Line 6 (FBV Shortboard for my part, I use as my Spidervalve), damage needs to either assign a standard use (s selection of presets) or use Jam (can record a track or start at the base, which is much more convenient than playing s'arrter to press the button on the amp with his finger and then replay ...).
But I do not see how they could have two functions coexist on a single pdalier ^ ^

So I put 8 worth a 7 if you do not have pdalier.


The sounds right for me, because I have a dj spidervalve 212, so I easily found my sound that I love about this amp, although they sound diffrent, worse than on my spidervalve, which is normal since it is light and full spiderjam modlisation, however I do not find these sounds ugly, and rendering the headphone is really excellent.

Again Line 6, do not just s'arrter the presets on offer (although some are good and are part of my daily use), and some sounds are in the area of ​​fair sometimes .
So as usual Line 6, we get all kinds of sound, the sound palette is really gniale and can affect all styles.

I play it with a BC Rich Mockingbird and LTD KH-202 with a Cry Baby 535Q (as the Line 6 amp and wah really is not in top distortion).

So I put 7 because it is worse than the spidervalve and all the sounds are not forcment extra.


I use it for one month and a half, and I am fully satisfied, it is a working tool that I recommend to all! If I had had so many beginners, I started working the solo improvisations and much sooner! Before him I had a marshall MG15CDR (see anything ...) and I always possde to play with my group of 212 Spidervalve my Line 6.

So I use this amp mainly for playing in my room, with the headphone of the world or if it's late, for jamming, doing improv, but my work compound, polish, work solos, etc. ... And I use it also with my group to amplify our pianist and piano numrique Yamaha and our singer by plugging the mic on it. The sound quality is excellent and the volume is really good even with a drummer maniac.
In addition you can assign DIFFERENT rglages for diffrent output and rgler indpendamment volume for the microphone and piano, rgler EQ microphone singing, and assign a reverb / or delay, etc ... It was a really great tool that has either to work alone or in groups!

The drum tracks and backing tracks are really good, not all of course, but you will find forcment to suit your style.

For now in use I found him not rel default, or may be in some rglages in the records (eg volumes, consider the record before rgler because if everything is Basically, when you replay it over hear you can not because everything will be at the same level, they can rgler APRS course record, but it will have to do it again APRS complexion and turn on the amp), and can also be the impossibility to modify a record APRS shot (if you have an IDE later to lead a little phrase has stuck, you will ba all re -record in full, or at least I have not found the solution for I do not look in depth ^ ^).

But otherwise it's really a great work tool would recommend it, especially as OCCAZ the ratio Q / P is great, nine is a bit expensive. Especially a pdalier Line 6 is highly recommended!
I would do without this choice hsiter, I even wanted to do before!

rounard75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Spider Jam
Amp transistor amp simulation and effects, 75 W. Admission: MP3/CD, XLR mic, jack, Aux (second guitar or bass, keyboard ...). RCA (rear) and headphone front. 3 simultaneous among 3 banks (phaser, chorus, tremolo ...)/ (delays and echoes) / (reverb). Choice of amp simulations famous (12 opportunities in the clean Insane). This amp is designed as a training tool for improvisation includes a looper recorder (24 minutes). Tuner.


The amp gradually tamed, we discover new opportunities even a year later. The choice of amp sounds and settings from the knobs is simple, we must dare to experiment and rework including presets designed by artists (and do not always sound great depending on the guitar that was) , create its own sounds depending on the purpose (jazz, blues, rock, hard, crunch ...). Manual a bit basic but the online site to communicate in English with users and consultants worldwide. We obtain immediately the answers to questions. The sound: the "suck" to the excellent. The presets are generally disappointing. But when we learn to shape his own sound even reworking the sounds are obtained satisfactory work improvisations jam (the hundred included in the machine or cd) with joy, I got sounds "jazz, rock, hard , blues guitar 3 pickups with a single. Confused Insane in the agreements but I think we need a humbucker guitar to withstand high loadings. The looper is not easy to use, it takes multiple trials to be really sync and not have "blanks" between measurements. A nice tool, however, to record ideas.


- Clean sounds, jazz, blues, crunch, metal and insane to configure itself for something nice and clean (probably depends a lot on his guitar, now I have a Godin Triumph mahogany), overall I am managed over time to be credible simulations to improvise on jazz cds, blues, pop or rock. Large loadings surely require a guitar humbuckers. It is often necessary to put a lot of effects including reverb to get a flattering result. So good amp to work different styles of music and fun soon.
- Works very well with the CDS, the guitars (including electro-acoustic and silent guitar nylon or steel), but not sound good with a keyboard arranger contrary to what was announced, not amplify the electronic drums (type Handsonic).
- I also used to amplify a melodica and flute with a microphone connected to the input CDS/MP3: you can choose effects and settings for auxiliary and assayed as you want power sources: very good place to jam alone or in groups.


I own the amp for over a year and a half, I've never tried other amps before then being a beginner. I was looking for a versatile amp, with the "jam" to work with improvisation ranges. The "+": its versatility, the variety of types of sounds, looper integrated settings sources. The jam tracks are loops or drum music performed by real musicians, it's a training ground friendly and varied (blues, rock, country, hardcore, metal), all is not easy to follow when it starts but it opens up music that you do not think spontaneously! The "-" sometimes sounds artificial and synthetic, should be warmed often sounds factory ... Moreover I invest in a tube pedal to compensate for that. In "less" so that the jam tracks are frozen pitch (a pitch adjustment was essential). The looper a little difficult to use for even a novice with the FBV Express. Value for money altogether satisfactory, for a little less than 450 euros is a powerful and versatile amp transistor. A good product for beginners to the world of electric guitar or improve his improvisations when avancé.Un more days I'll have a tube amp but I'm not sure I get rid of it. They live together!

rounard75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Spider Jam
This is a 75W transistor amp dot an HP Celestion 12 "capable of receiving percussion sounds (beat box) or a source CD / MP3. The amp simulates clbres 12 amps which can reproduce the legendary sounds of the history of the electric guitar. He also has seven effects (chorus / flanger / phaser / tremolo / delay / tape echo / sweep echo (but no wah) .At level connectivity c 'is the happiness between electric guitar, guitar or bass + auxiliary XLR microphone, CD / MP3 Also this amp includes 400 presets artists or songs clbres 100 jam tracks with battery. or without accompaniment by tural musicians in a wide variety of styles (from pop to metal, through the country, rock ballads, jazz etc.) Recording loops up to 14 minutes overlay tracks (loop).
Rglage possible to the tempo of the drum and the height of jam tracks (indicating the tonality in this case). Very accurate built-in tuner.


I reu my amp before nol. We arrive to dpatouiller although the manual reading is well advised to take advantage of all fonctions.L'utilisation is not complicated, the button panel appears generous at the beginning but gradually taking its repres to eg refining the sonority of an acoustic guitar branch or to a CD source. I branch above my laptop via a 3.5mm finished 6.5 (Adapter): excellent. The electric guitar CD I make very well even without forcing the volume. The manual is well done, clear and not overly technical. The DIFFERENT trials to judge the quality of the sounds with my Godin Triumph (3 single mic noise rduction / solid mahogany body) rather gives me satisfaction. The "clean" sounds are beautiful and I gradually introduces me to "metal" sound and "insane" with a strong distortion. Surprennants to departure for me as a novice but there is got faster! The prsets (400) offer a very wide ventail potential of this amp (eg there are the sounds of "Roxane" Police, "Purple Rain" by Prince, "Hotel California" by the Eagles) c is not bad at all even if the simulations tube amp (like the Line 6 Spider Valve) are even more compelling.


As dbutante guitar (two-year course) but as 12 years in music, I was looking for an amp that allow me to have access ventail a beautiful sound without ttonner 2 years .dropoff window From this point of view the result is managed to! I plan to play mostly the variety of pop, jazz, hard rock solos few old (Scorpio), rock. I think I made a good choice because I easily get the rglages I want. I have to get used to the handling of parameters DIFFERENT to be really able to carve entirely sound but will come with time. As indicated prcdemment the Clean / twang sounds are excellent I think. I miss a step back to try "crunch" sound, "Mtal" or "insane" but for my current level is satisfactory, the distortion is good despite the fact that my guitar is endowed 3 single pickups. has works well when even. However, I note a hard time getting a sound like "solo 80s", can be do to my guitar.


I use it for a year, I started well tame even if it left to me to discover functionalities. I like initiating the "loop" function which allows to overlay tracks repeatedly, the impressive variety of sounds, multiple auxiliary entries. What seems more limited means: 1) having operated on the facade recording tracks (you have to go fast) of the crankset Contrle could be int gr in a pack: I just order one (FBV Express) 2) connecting an electronic percussion above (10 HandSonic type) is perilous (risk of saturation), I invested in an adapted amp. on the other hand apparently running very well with rhythms boxes (dmo on the net); 3) the change of tempo leads that of tonality (one would think have the choice to work its ranges).

This is great: 1) real jam tracks (musicians) in diffrentes tonalities to work improv and ranges; 2) comfortable initiating the history of rock music through prsets, 3) The power and versatility.

For all these reasons I think I have done purposively choice and MDIT for dbutante. The price quality ratio is correct. Very good product, I think advisor to beginners and / or those who want amateur scene quickly call a multitude of sonorits diffrentes although the Spider Valve lamps is convaicant. When I have toured the tracks jams, also very stimulating to the imagination, I orienterai to a tube amp for a more profound, but it is not tomorrow the day!

j18's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Spider Jam
Type amp: see above
Power: 75w (they are really all there)
Connectivity: classic jack for guitar, auxiliary jack (2nd guit or low.), headphone and record 3 points for a microphone.
Rglages / effects: flanger, chorus, phaser, tremolo, delay, tape eho, sweep echo, reverb.
Tap tempo button is convenient for rgler speed delay eg. It also serves as maintaining the sinks 3 sec. tuner. Tuner which is very accurate.


It is a toy !!! One branch, it itches a little, turn (s) button (s), we regratouille, and presto! is dej time! (Because-that tomorrow there is work ... pffffffff ...) wait for tomorrow night! In fact, I bought as soon as he has arrived in my mgsin prfr (bf 4 months), and it's like that since ...
I said a long time the salesman that I was looking for a box rhythms ch.ante not use with which I will not need to bone 1h manual before finding find the on / off button ... With this amp, it's done! I think I look at the manual 1 time in full, 1 time to launch presets "songs" or drums ", 1 again to learn how to record what you play (with or without battery), and from I have fun !!

Important: one chooses either the battery alone
either battery + accompaniment (bass and / or guit. rhythmic)
either accompaniments based on songs from various artists covering the following styles: blues, country, funk, punk, heavy metal, hard rock, ... (John H. Lee, Lynyrd sk, AC / DC, Metallica, Satch. , ZZtop, Judas Priest, Nirvana, ...)


This toy is perfect for what I was also looking at sounds:
I play blues rhythm (John H. Lee, Calvin Russell ...), rock (all sauces), progressive (Pendragon, Rush, Marillion ...), hard (Asdce, Trust ...) a little heavy (Metallica or Satch but only under torture ...)
I do all this with either a "storm" electro-acoustic sound that make many turn pale or with a Les Paul Epiphone std home. (The next will be a "strat" ​​or "tele")
With the electro acoustic sound is downright glove on the "twang red" position (the same as that of Calvin Russell)
With the Les Paul, of the "red metal" sound that remains my prfr: powerful, very fat ... (I think my neighbor appreciates a lot too, unless the acts it made available so I stop ...!?)

For power, I'll do the "fete" music in a cafe and I'm not at all worried, everyone will hear me correctly.

Only the "clean" sound does not please me (personal opinion everything) I found the dish.


I use it (a lot) for 4 months
What I like the most? I am a "man band" with this thing! I selects a drum beat (with or without bass), I play over THE RIFF killing, if I branch my microphone, I can sing at the same time and a little dude its low branch or his lead guitar ......
I played before on a small Marshall, then a "Rolland" and a Marshall means, I do not even remember their reference number ...
I find the report quality excellent price (even though I know that for many, especially the young + 440 euros is astronomical)
4 months, it is little, but I do this choice, it's on!

calocle's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 Spider Jam
75W transistor amp, HP celestion 12 "
12 amp models,
7 effects (chorus / flanger / phaser / tremolo / delay / tape echo / sweep echo)
front, guitar, microphone, aux, CD/MP3
the back, RCA
400 preset, 100 loops / drum tempo
loop function


The number of buttons and knobs a little scared beginners, but each function t sufficiently well thought out so that we feel is faster in the manual is clear trs.
If we start from the preset, then easily found the sound we are looking and sounding! manual configuration requires a bit more experience, the setting of 7 only 2 effects knobs does not allow a very precise, shame about the tap tempo does not appallingly on the tremolo. Small dtails are annoying, the display of knobs on the LCD is not always on cal position tural, Line6 would install the knobs without stumbles, attention also to the navigation button that m ' looks pretty fragile.Et JAM then? Ben the one immediately sees o Line6 concentrated efforts, a hundred "songs" and many rhythmic drums only, thank you sir! And these are no ordinary "Tzim-boom" in the "Good too bad", no, no, no, it's real knowledge recorded in the studio, the amp with a twetter in addition Celestion great big, the sound is top! All these loops in the tempo paramtrables, which affects the tonality of course.
And the cherry ... Loop Recorder ... Trs effective, it allows to register JAMMAN fawn, with a total of 24 minutes and 100 overlays. easy to use but the deal would be the pedals (optional), not empty to press a button while playing


In my case, I connector on the Mexican Std Start a toy ... Ben does it work safe!
Some models are just averages, as the mode "Blues" o serious drool on the neck pickup, and the "Twang" which lacks a bit of thickness. For the rest, ca does! the crunch of metal, it consists of many ... Dtail small, I have on my amp, with a little cal foam plate logo on the front, this latter vibrated in the bass. I also test with In between electro-acoustic Clayton, your exact plutt is convincing, a little too much I got medium, but this is all configured from the amp. one can indeed paramtrer between each indpendament with lots of interesting features like the guitar that boost you guessed it boosts the volume and provides a slight crunch. we also share some effects on the 2 inputs (guitar and) or effects only on guitar. The Jam as it can record either of these entries


I have the Swiss Army Knife for only a few days is the great exploded! IDAL to type in either the beef alone ... or even more of course!! (This prs in the first case we n'conomise hops ...)
Also perfect for progress (setting up, solos ....). The sounds are excellent my gut, and power can play in groups. Too bad there have not provided the pedal ... but v good price we will not quibble. thank you the made in china!

Purchase meets ... repeat with eyes closed but ears open.