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All user reviews for the Vox DA15

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 7 reviews )
 5 reviews71 %
 2 reviews29 %
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denied's review"Great practice amp!"

Vox DA15
- Hybrid (1 tube in the preamp section)

- 11 amp models/sound styles

- 11 digital effects

- 2 programmable channels

- Controls for volume, gain, bass, mids, treble, master volume

- Preset or manual editing

- Line out

- 8 inch speaker

-15 watts


I definitely recommend taking a few minutes to sit down and figure out this amp. It is put together pretty well, but the combination of multiple models, effects, and saved presets can be a little confusing at first. I'd recommend this as a practice amp, not necessarily as a beginners amp.

The different models cover a wide range of tone. When first selected, they are dialed in at preprogrammed settings that sound pretty good, you can tweak from there.

The effects always drove me a little crazy, as they are setup in preselected combinations that you really can't do anything with.


The amp boasts an impressive collection of sounds. They aren't perfect, but will get you close enough for practice. Lets face it, hybrid doesn't really mean anything. The one preamp tube doesn't do anything noticeable, it doesn't even heat up enough to warrant a vent. It's a marketing technique used by a number of companies,and the amp should really be treated as solid state.

Its important to note that this amp really does not take pedals well at all. I've used it to run some very high end OD pedals, they came out sounding fizzy and just all around bad. You can get away with wah, EQ, loopers, some delay, gates etc. But I would definitely avoid any kind of dirt going into it.

Its only 15 watts, but I've totally used it alongside loudish drummers before. It gets lost pretty fast with a lot of loud amps in the room, but otherwise will hold its own pretty well.


My DA15 has been my travel amp for many years now, and has flown across the Atlantic quite a few times. The small size and abundant features really make it the perfect amp to box up and throw under a plane. Mine is finally starting to show some signs of wear, but considering the number of times its been thrown on and off a conveyor belt, its hardly surprising.

All in all, I've been very happy with the amp, and see myself using it on the road until it finally falls apart.

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox DA15
What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor ,...)? Transistor, digital preamp 100p100
What is the power dlivre? 15watts in an external speaker 112 or 412 sends a sec.
What connection? No line in just-phones-in guitar footswitch
What rglages the effects? ... 11 basic sounds of which 2 clear, full of quality and especially the effects of adjustable


The configuration is it simple? Uh, not really, functions required manual covers galore
Do you get a good sound easy? Saturax Clair and yes, for the crunch brace yourself it's not empty dpend lot of scratches.
The manual is clear and sufficient? In Teutonic ... simple and Retailer's all that I received with the amp.


Is it your style of music? You can do anything with this Vox, and how three programs available to the foot, please no downtime, making it suited to live if you transplant a sturdy installation. Genre sound, or better, a simple power amp and a normal 412.
With what (s) guitar (s) / low (s) or effect (s) do you play? Dlicat, at least in law is always good to have the same scratches, I use a DC9 of Bbert to adapt to the amp without touching the scratch diffrent rglages. The 7-string telecaster, while bathing.
What kind of sound you get and with what rglages ("crystalline", "bold ",....)? Important, originally the amp sounds ugly, Chouteau back and it's better, connect an external speaker is top.
Trs beautiful clean, and really rverbe class (along with other effects). Sounds bin to look for rocks for the DEFINITIONS but there are. Ditto for the blues. In fact I got more fun in a preset pousssant thoroughly overdrive for rock and metal rduisant a preset for the blues ...
I got the cube 20-30-60 and the spider 3, ben the Vox is certainly more difficult to approach but not comparable level of quality and its effects. This is the most raliste all.
What are the sounds you prfrez, you dtest?


How long have you use it? Ds its release, never retouch my programs clean-rock, just the blues guitar of APRS.
What is the particular feature you like best and least? I like the way three programs, trs cool. I do not like the fact you can not have rverbe compressor (it's one or the other, what they think eh ...). There is no background noise, and you can really play very soft at night, which is not feasible at Roland (even the Microcube is too late).
Have you tried many other models before acqurir? I test the ERRF AD15VT with the little lamp, well da is much better, plus-end-Dfine less rough actually. The brothel their Valve Reactor my opinion.
I have a spider 3, trs pdalier optional and expensive and easier in rgler but not sound compared to the vox. The cube do not at all the level of benefits even if the Vox trs simple.
How do you report qualitprix? Top, my next amp will be the new marshall fun as it is finally mg15fx while remaining programmable analog.
I like my DA15 and other critters Korg using the same basic sounds (ampworks, AX3G, CR4). As receiver of study is really a good choice, advise if you have the manual ...
Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...

metanova's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox DA15
Amp modlisation of 15 Watts (with effects, it dlivre more)
output line / phones
Foot switch between a
Modlisations 11 Amp
and 11 chorus flanger effects wha, etc.
I bought 90euros used, and frankly, I had a Hot Rod and I'm happier with this one (for home), especially the clear sound ....


I have not had time to go in dtails but does not seem too complicated (I'm mostly interested in clear sound)
with three sounds absolutely clear that a FA-BU-lous. three blues sound ... just blues.
two high gain crunch interesting with a three and a drive mtal
all very good and it's clear .... deep bass with warm wishes ...


I have mostly blues and jou friend who sold it to me, he plays plutt rockabilly, country etc ... with a sound ... gniale
I tried it on a Gibson SG and a Rickenbacker
Came to me, I play an Ibanez AS73 1 / 2 box with two microphones GFS Dream 180
and It does!


This is a great little amp that is around 139 euros, if you're lucky, you'll find secondhand 90 euros, do not buy more expensive is the price
This is an excellent expedient for all beginners to play on the stuff that sounds. Because it is important, how else have fun on the crap?

N'coutez imbciles not you say it's the m ****, it's just not an amp scene, but I imagine a scene of AD100VT .....

I return to my opinion, adding a small gun salute!
This amp is absolutely Gnial. sound, VOX is the sound. effects are particularly powerful compressor bluffing a quality and a fairly gniale Leslie simulation.
Only distos not gniales Zoom example of this is well above the ct but clear sound and bluesy, hard to beat prices well suprieurs!
Buy a Vox, you will not regret it!

eorl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox DA15
That says it all apart, I returned, the power that is worth more than 15W. It feels good to go!


Manuel clear
Easily obtained a sound. Just turn the knobs and Preset zou! here we go
Problem: For the effects they might have to edit two knobs 2 and 3 and more instead of combining them with buttons.
Anyway I do not say anything more the effects are great quality for its price more than compensates.
A little long to take control of all of the same


Style a bit of everything from ACDC to Metallica songs and clear
I play with a ibanez GSA60 without other effects, those of the amp are exellent:
Reverb and Delay and Comp perfect. Adding to the chorus is nice but I find draft
Whawha funny, flanger and phaser but it's still somewhat useful drle to the horn before the buddies ^ ^

AAAA presets:
2 hot absolutely clear and beautiful. I bluffbr /> 3 blues really diverse and useful. I use them a lot. Clear sounds REALLY bluffing for 140 I esprait not so!
2 enjoyable crunch, overdrive trs fine, but three hi-gain too pousss too rough, I prfre the crunch, I will have more variation on AIM in the crunch pleased t 3 that hi-gain relatively similar. Used but still below the quality of the rest of the unit.

Finally such a mell trsruissi the effects and it is the jackpot!
As a bonus, the site of Valvetronix, with examples of configuration knobs and presets for diffrent music.


I use it for a month

The sound is excellent, the use shall have been able to be more simple, read the manual if you want to be the beginners Drout ds.
Once one knows the bte is that of happiness and when you look at the bank account it is in heaven: 140 for an amp that seems more than 15W, on which we can dispense with dpenser of money in effects, the rve!

With exprience always the same choice, though, I will buy the ERRF AD15 Version lamp pre amp, and then I will see my opinion can be global.

In the end, I would say that for the price, you can not find better quality than can be the vox DA5 100, or valbee ibanez, but the power of these two is much less INTERESTED!

vishious's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox DA15
In terms of any adj t CHARACTERISTICS said.


The amp is set up quite easily and the manual provided (in French) will dispel all your interrofations.
This gives a good sound very easy, from blues to rock to the sounds well saturated just choose it can do everything.
The manual seemed to me clear trs (I have traveled very little in the end because the use is quite comfortable).


This amp should totally my style of music and all styles of music from elsewhere (as long as one wants to play in his living room for the lightning to pass it scne something more powerful).
I currently play a Fender Stratocaster from home, the sound is excellent, clear purity are of thunder, I also test with a Les Paul Standard from Gibson and you can get a standard rock sound, fantastic for that price!
I love all the sounds this amp can produce ds it is really thundering configured.
I put 9 out of 10 on this point, it's almost perfect!


I use it for over 2 months now.
To me there is no more than less (for a 15W course)
I test a Fender amp and a Marshall
The report price is trs good quality (I got it for 130 euros)
I would do without this choice hsitation, a beautiful little Vox amp really the best in its class, do not buy a Marshall, which are more expensive and less efficient I got (I speak of course amps 15W when switching powers more lvs Marshall amps show their supriorits).
In short if you play in your living room and want a good amp gui can send big sound for cheap, it's the one for you!

Xavman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox DA15
Is almost exactly the same as the CHARACTERISTICS AD 15 VT, but the lamp ...
Power of 15 watts between guitar, console output or headphone jack footswitch ...
11 presets modlisations amp (see that of the AD 15 VT for dtails) SETTING THE gain, volume, bass, mid, treble and effects (11 effect types, some Combine Type chorus, reverb etc ...) and a master volume, all assignable to 2 channels.
I put 9 and not 10 for both channels forcment which limits the use of the amp.


The config is simple, the effects rglage it is a little more complex, but nothing insurmountable ...
The sound is really excellent, some rglages forcment necessary to find happiness.
The manual is quite clear in French
I put 9 because rglages effects might be a little easier


It is quite versatile, it remains even when a Vox, trs typical blues and rock, but the sounds will surprise you type mesa boogie and sounds beautifully clear crystalline delight you.
It can also scream loud volume, it's safe, it's the least we can say.
I play it with a Steinberger GM4S team of EMG, forcment rang ...
I am glad extrment sound of this amp, I am totally in love ...


I use it for a few days, the major complaint is the lack of assignable channels (only two, but hey, for this type of amp dj v'est not bad) but otherwise it's the war, however, can be used with the optional footswitch VFS2 and have almost three channels as the first switch is footswitch to change channels and can be configured in deuxime bypass to bypass the effects loop, allowing live to have a clean sound and a saturated sound for solos with such delay.
I have not tried other models, but I read many opinions and it seems that Vox is made with a shot matre The series with the Valvetronix and DA SERIES.
Note that there are also 5-watts (DA 5)
Report qualitprix incredible 190 Euros, it's been given the quality ...
The amp is 15 watts of references that the price IMHO ...

wdom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vox DA15
The DA-15 is an all-digital modeling amp with an output of 15W book domestic use (with an HP digital 15W 8 ", not 15W lamp with a 12" !)... Not to be confused with the AD-15VT of the same brand! their common point bnficier many of the same effects section: <ul>
11 amp types modliss.
11 effects types of digital and a noise reductor.
Signal Processing: 24-bit (Both A / D and D / A conversion), 44.1 kHz sampling frequency
Input / Output Jacks: INPUT, FOOT SW, LINE / PHONE
Power Amp Output: Maximum 15W RMS @ 8 ohms
Speaker: 1 x 8 inch, VOX original (8 ohm) </ul>


If the handling is simple stepfather 1 First, it is not so obvious that to get this sound correct vritablements ... roland on this one is much more evident. I find the bands three qualiseur mdiocre (range rglage too strait)


I do not impose a decision (the sound is something queleque trs subjective) but I highly recommend this amp to compare with the equivalent Roland before RULING ... I for my part prfre the Roland. not see anything with his collgue AD 15VT (lamp / transistor) amplifier numrique so good it sounds numrique!


To be honest, I bought and sold aussitt essay for AD 60VT of a different price of course, but with a much broader pallet of possibilities and all levels of sound no comparison