Yamaha THR10C
Yamaha THR10C

THR10C, Modelling Guitar Amp Head from Yamaha in the THR series.

niavlys 09/04/2013

Yamaha THR10C : niavlys's user review

«  Practice in secondary or apartment »

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Small amp travel or secondary.
10c THR is perfect for the rough blues rock, very good in clean, very warm for such a small beast.
- A knob mod Chorus / Flanger / Phaser / Tremolo: fine & very effective.
- A knob for the Delay / Reverb.
- Note, the gain and volume AND the output are independent, perfect.
- Enter to swing a mp3, useful for playbacks.
- USB output role of sound card.

Amp sounds beach rock / Hard / NWOBHM Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Acdc, and even Maiden .... nice


- No bulky, not heavy, basic setup very simple. Clear instructions.
Me, Let's step.

- Connection with PC to play with Cubase AI 6 (trial version carefully): No interest for me, I do not play the composer "messââg 'tu'ois".


- knob 8 Amp Simulations:
Deluxe ClassA, U.S. Blues, Brit Blues, Mini, Bass, Acoustics, Flat.
Each simulation has its EQ (Bass Medium Trebble)
- 5 memory available to store your own settings.
My favorite, Brit Blues and ClassA. You type faster in hard :-)
- Gain (very effective!)
- Master
- Bass
- Medium
- Trebble
- Effect (modulation types)
- Delay / Reverb
- Output Guitar (useful for managing the output level of the beast)
- Output usb/mp3/aux (useful for playback level)
On / off switch
Convenient handle, solid and all
Built-in tuner


Used on vacation this summer, I wanted to confine the role (travel), finally it is on my desk :-)