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Monitor/Speaker Amplifiers user reviews

  • Quad Hifi 303

    Quad Hifi 303 - "stereo monitoring power amp"


    Excellent stereo power amp from Quad , which pioneered power amp design for hifi . This unit has no controls. no volume, no eqs, no input selector, ... just what you need - stereo in , and speaker bare-wire terminal pair out, plus a proprietory power…

  • dB Technologies MPA204

    dB Technologies MPA204 - "300w per channel power amp"


    300w per channel 1u rackmount 2ch poweramp. Silent operation, very little background noise even when at full level. A good monitor amp, no fuss, better than the behringer equivalent, but not as good as the top brands. Reliable, and does not overheat…

  • Alesis RA-150

    Alesis RA-150 - "Good, but with a very short life span"


    The right channel gave up on me after only one year. Luckily for me, the reseller replaced it for me even though I had no warranty anymore... It had expired some days earlier! But one year later the problems came back: Crackles and signal dropouts, …

  • Quad Hifi 303

    Quad Hifi 303 - "British class"


    The main features are well described in previous reviews. The Quad 33 is intended to be coupled with the 303, which is dated in terms of conception and reliability. Avoid it unless you find it at a collector's house almost new (which is pretty rare)…

  • Samson Technologies Servo 200

    Samson Technologies Servo 200 - "Delivers lots of power"


    The Samson Servo 200 is a power amplifier that will give you a great amount of power for your midsized speaker chain. You can use it for studio monitors too but for the best performance I suggest sticking with using it for your speaker chains in live…

  • Crown D45

    Crown D45 - "D class"


    The D-45 is a 2 35 watt amp with 4 Ohms and another 2 25 watts at 8 ohms. You can purchase this amp now much cheaper than you could when it first came out which makes it a steal now and a must have. You can rack this amp up and it will only take up o…

  • Alesis RA-150

    Alesis RA-150 - "alot of power"


    I've had my Alesis RA 150 for about seven or eight years. It came into my hands in an unlikely fashion and I have been using it in a variety of ways since I got it. It is a compact dual channel power amplifier, good for power monitors that may be un …

  • Adcom GFA-5800

    Adcom GFA-5800 - moosers's review


    The Adcom GFA-5800 is a stereo power amplifier for your passive monitors. I don't own this but I've used it at a studio with a set of Tannoy 8's I believe. The amp seems to do a great job of powering these monitors, and the owner of the studio ment…

  • Peavey PMA 250

    Peavey PMA 250 - moosers's review


    The Peavey PMA 250 is a stereo power amplifier. These are on the older side but I don't know from when exactly. I've only used one of them in a home recording studio setting to power up a set of Yamaha NS-10 monitors. I actually sold the NS-10's I…

  • Samson Technologies Servo 120

    Samson Technologies Servo 120 - "Solid, Compact Power Amp"


    Nicest things about this amp are it's one-rack-space heigth, and passive, silent cooling. I've used this one for a small stage monitor amp, a high-frequency amp for a bi-amped rig, and as a main and sub amp for home audio. It has never let me down/…