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tomson35350 10/09/2014

Alesis RA-100 : tomson35350's user review

«  nice but ... »

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I use it for 1 year, I was on powered speakers, so we can say that this is my first real amp, but I've tried the A100, of Crest, Amcron, if I work with Nexo , L acoustics, D & B, so not really the same category.
For the price this is a great investment in a home studio setting, it's pretty clear ... it does its job as a beast power amp.
The only problem is the premature wear of a condo which induced an overload in the circuit, resulting in a large "Pok" every time I put the lamp out the amp, after several attempted solutions, I told him stuck a mute and talk about it more. Why not have changed the condo ... Because.
I bought okaz with Alesis Monitor studio MK1 that go with it for 150 € seems to me and I am very satisfied, if I change it will be for NS10, or Tannoy.