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Peaveycroquette's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Fundamental."

IK Multimedia ARC 2
The configuration of this app is special nature, since the preamble to its use, you must calibrate the "physically" at a stage much easier than it looks because the user is perfectly guided through the process.

The microphone (stereo) is provided, which puts into perspective a little more soft prices, already modest in terms of its influence on the final sound result.


ARC2 is not resource intensive; no worries on my powerbook or my old iMac.
I have also never seen a crash at launch plug.


I use it for about 3 years, with the first version that already worked very well. There is also, in my view, a fundamental difference between the two, except that the monitoring section is expanded.
ARC has literally changed the way I work. I can finally trust my tracks completely; mix stage becomes easier, and the results are concrete.

I join the choir enamored of this plug users. It effectively addresses a fundamental need to correct that the room in which we work.

We all know that the vast majority of the music does not occur nor mix pro studio. This is unfortunate, but it is like that, there's more dough. ARC and ARC2 respond very appropriately to the situation. I am surprised at the lack of reaction from the competition.

eponyme9's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent tool"

IK Multimedia ARC 2
Easy installation.
Attention must register the product online, otherwise after a few days / weeks, the software begins to make a white noise every 5-10 seconds.
The manual is very clear.

Make a bag limit is always better. I advise you to use a meter to be exact and make measurements easier (just drag along the bottom of the micro meter placed on the ground ...). Be careful to mutter in the virtual table mix your sound card mic monitoring during measurements;)


On a I7 2Ghz (8gigas RAM) with Logic 9, the software does not seem to eat much.
It is stable, no worries.


I use it for about 6 months. It changes lives, it's really great as a tool.

I repeated measures by engaging correction and indeed, it tells me that my sound was partially corrected. This is of course not a correction to 100% but it's huge, you can not live without it when they tried.

Also now I even use it while listening to iTunes or Spotify, Safari, Mozilla ... etc. Just use the CRA 2 plugin in Audio Hijack Pro, it works very well.

With the experience I would do this choice, although even earlier. This is in my opinion one of the most important parts of my studio 4 tools with good headphones, speakers and sound card.

K-Freak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" magic"

IK Multimedia ARC 2
installation without concern


Classic config: PC - AMD Quad 3GHz - 4G DDR3 - sound card RME babyface - ADAM A7X monitors
no stability problem


I use it for 4 days and I am very happy with the result, can be a bit too early for perfect control because I think it takes some time to get used to his new very linear.

I like most:
- Stunning the sound that is once it has disabled the app.
- The preset to have a laptop or car etc ... emulation, which allows you to adjust the sound very quickly without having to listen to in the car the next day to realize that lack this or that, for example, increase 130Hz a kick without fear of abuse or too down a can drive low as fashion means much excess serious.

I like least:
- It lacks management preset, yet I have not found a way to delete or rename it'll have to uninstall and reinstall because I'm measures (window closed / open position pro / semi pro more or less close to the corner ... etc.
- The fact of not being able to use stand alone to understand and appreciate the mix of favorite artists, forced open a DAW to swing the track in

the price / quality ratio is unbeatable for me it despite my tight budget, I assure you I am not paid by IK lol, I struggled for years to ask me the question: why my kick and my bass are not perfect phase? why my master is not quite as I want?
well because simply opening the CRA my previous mix I realized it was yucky, volumes completely incoherent.

I not only do it again this choice with his eyes closed, but shame me not having done so for a long time, knowing that I've heard from at least 2 years.
to me the sound that sounds pro now ;-)

demozic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Essential in a home studio"

IK Multimedia ARC 2
Installation without worries for those who are used to allow soft online challenge / response (software authorization via the soft IK and IK management via its user account).
The implementation of the measures is quite simple guide step but to calm and conscientiously.
Compatible with all current formats AU/VST/RTAS/AAX/AAX2 plugs (used with PT10/11 on mac, not tested on PC).
Be careful though to calibrate the volume and does not overload its D / A converters for if ARC2 should boost frequencies the overall volume increases:
- Check that the peak meter never exceeds 0dBFS (it is apparently "True Peak" so nothing should protrude)
- Be certain to have the same volume with ARC2 mode on and off (different from bypass) => cf. manual for details (setting = trim button).


It takes qq CPU resources but largely manageable with generation and C2D + (no worries here with @ MacMini Core i7 2.3GHz / 16GB RAM and MBP Core2Duo 2.4 GHz).
The software does the job very well and avoids time-consuming measurements. But that does not make miracle to extend the spectrum of small monitors. Similarly, a correction "electronic" should normally be complementary to an acoustic correction. Except that this correction is more efficient and simple as its measures to the spectrum analyzer 31 band EQ + (and any errors that go with from beginners).
I have small tracks CMS40, the correction is effective and straightens all the top end which makes listening less dull and harder:
=> It is less pleasant to listen to but it is not the purpose of a good monitoring system (on the other hand, it should naturally get used to this new curve and be careful not to mix too "soft" ).
=> By against the side "box" of CMS40 has completely disappeared and we see / hear that he is no longer of "roller coaster" in the med low (= more accurate).
=> CMS40 the cut at 60Hz, ARC2 is nothing more to change it (NB: I do not have a subwoofer therefore tested the sub mode)
Short in the end it is more accurate and I bcp less error correction stamp in my mix.


I for 1 year, I had a KRK Ergo in the past. The bp KRK is that we do not know what we measure and what is correct, that there is only one curve in memory and no additional compensation to meet certain standardized EQ ( ISO X in particular).
- Setting out simple enough
- Net overall improvement of listening (even without acoustic correction thrust)
- Several memories (for different speakers / place / converters)
- Indication of the measures and correction curves (with presets to simulate other speakers or soften the correction + definitions of custom curves to meet standards such as ISO X)
- Monitoring function (with MIDI Learn to control via MIDI CC)
- Fairly accurate meter peak (True Peak)
- No standalone version to correct any soft (because it is difficult to listen to CDs or trade the output of iTunes corrected by ARC2) or simply leave active correction permanently.
- Also, do not forget to turn it off for headphones (so get a headphone designed in its routing STAN / DAW).
- Management of the stereo (+ Sub) but not multichannel (5.1, etc.)
- Does not replace an acoustic treatment or a pro mixer and not made for you either (it sucks, plus I think it's not mastered either ;)) but this is my tool indispensable.

gromeul's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very convenient to correct the acoustics of a home studio!"

IK Multimedia ARC 2
The installation went smoothly and setting out very simple, just follow the instructions on the screen and use the supplied microphone.


No problem on iMac 21.5 "core i7 2011 2.8 GHz, the app works fine.


I use it for 2/3 years, it allowed me to correct the room where my home studio which is far from perfect ;-)! I have recorded and mastered an album with a fairly compelling and successful results!
I do not regret this purchase at all actually quite reasonable, great service software makes it possible to work in good conditions despite a sound that is not always worthy of the renowned studios.
Ideal for the home studio quality!

Julien.p's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Ah here"

IK Multimedia ARC 2
Simple click Next, and the extent to


Hearths little resource consumption on my old macbook pro rotten


AHHHHN VOILA what I wanted,

Wholesale pertinament I knew that my room had a problem with low and MID / BASS my mixes always sounded the blur in these areas for years ... until I bought a SENNHEISER MOMENTUM, you me ie, the ratio? well all the mixes that I realized with this headphone SUPER WELL pass on CRA is clean clear dynamic, it lacks no bass ETC ...

While my old sound mix blur not enough bass, etc. ....

Basically now I just mix it with the same pleasure with my sennheiser but with my speakers, I finally trust my listening, perfect spacialisation the point of having the impression of having the kick in front of you and still a little behind .... I'M IN sound now.

So yes my room is available anywhere
I have no bass trap
etc ...

but now I trusted my listening, the rest is happiness

Keytof's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Without hesitation!"

IK Multimedia ARC 2
Installation is no problem and especially the extent of the play takes place a few "tuts" ... minutes. Half an hour of unpacking the use is significant.


I did not notice any big CPU load in Logic Pro X, I use a Mac Pro 10.7.5 (arf). No crash.


Mixing in a loft, I do not have the means to acoustically treat my pregnant ... a few square meters close to the walls, ceiling down ... you must have the minimum I have not.
I do not know how this provision distorted sound, well, I've heard.

Sound, stereo image is ... flat, which is really not value my old mixes - but that's what we're looking for when buying this kind of product. It's limit afraid that I spent so much time "under glass" (with the sound that goes with it).

It is still brand new, but the export of a mix on my stereo set has finally convinced me it goes! I can stop the unnecessary multiple exports to listen to my songs as possible on all media.

Conclusion: Highly recommended for those who can not handle his home studio acoustically, for lack of resources or space. It does not replace a studio millionaire but it avoids breaking the teeth on a mix and lose his time, his energy and his final letter (in creation is fatal).
There's no hesitation, it is a core investment clearly worth it.

Emayesti's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" just awesome"

IK Multimedia ARC 2
Fast installation no problem

Quick Setup 7 thus far faster than version 1

accesible via a manual installation step and you must click on "user manual" essential for the position of the microphone for measurement


I turn on a mac mini 2013 core i5 4GB ram 5400RPM hard drive mac osx lion rolls all the software does not take much resource


I use it for 3 hours therefore some say that it is an opinion a little premature! Certe and I editerais in the coming months but two bow my mid such a slap that I had to do a review.

For several months I tried this solution I have read many forums and reviews before I decided me suspicious too enthusiastic opinions that are not objective.

Here is my experience:

I currently work in a room with 0 treatment almost empty station having recently moved to ask in mobile mode on trestles.
I plan to make a big treatment and take care of my room.

My sond pregnant quad 11L2 hifi high end very good place that I have chosen at the expense of another speaker said the studio era

vent his back firmly against the wall I found was 60 cm from each speaker, I have a window on my right side is all the factors for a horrible sound result, but a superb backdrop to see the effectiveness of the arc in a common configuration in a home studio

So I plug the microphone, do the minimum extent required 7 trying to apply my result I expected the curve is very steep (see photo) so eventually I start making a sound

I start bypassing arc: its close, stereo ridiculous bass messy, completely eaten up medium high inaudible reverb .. a true disaster that was predictable course with a challenging environment

40 sec after I remove the bypass "and it is the slap" as they say, all the bass takes its place are net and do not drool to kick his round but dry, the stereo is extended considerably while s thinning and reverbs again become audible it is as if a veil of your enclosure is just awesome it took off!

when I read some comments that say it takes some getting used to its enclosure in a way that is true because we do not have the impression at all to have in front of us the same enclosure, but my case it was in the sense that the sound has to win at any point!

In conclusion: I only write reviews rarely and when I take the time to do this is that I was really amazed and IK MULTIMEDIA ARC 2 literally bluffed my
For 250 euro subject to be pregnant which takes a minimum road course is a smart investment and we do not regret it!

in my case I would do this purchase eyes close and I wonder why I did not jump on it before!
Nébula Music04/01/2013

Nébula Music's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Really excellent, especially for the price."

IK Multimedia ARC 2
"The installation is done it without problems?"
Can do better. You must install the T-racks CS (A demo) in order to complete the installation. Who did not want me, I "canceled" arrived at this stage .... I had it again.
Without this, the note would have been a 10/10.

"The general configuration is easy?"
Yes, if one considers that the configuration is a separate step of the installation.

"Have you experienced any incompatibilities?"
No no. I'm using it with Cubase 5.

"The manual is clear and sufficient?"
Yes, very.


"What is the configuration of your computer?"
Performance index my computer: 3.6 / 8 (6.5 before installing my graphics card dual screen).
AMD X2 3.20 Ghz.
8GB of Ram
Windows 7 64 Bits.
Phonic Firefly 808 sound card.
Cubase 5.

"The software works he correctly on this configuration?", "This software + hardware is stable?"
Yes very stable. No problem.


"How long have you been using?"
4 months now.

"Did you try many other models before buying it?"
No no.

"What is so special that you love the most"
- It is very good reason why it is designed, namely around acoustic problems in my room.
- With this system, the mix sound the same everywhere. Since I have, I have not been listening again surprises that left me elsewhere. Mix and are a lot better.
- The ability to simulate different listening system. This is a bit of a gimmick, but it helps anyway.

"What is so special that you like the least"
- Installation boring enough to be polite.
- Only three possible authorization of the activation key. I only one left. Hoping that when I need to use my key a 4 times unblock me IK Multimedia situation. (What societies in general are poor in the fight against piracy)

"How would you rate quality / price ratio?"
Awesome. The € 245 spent gives me the feeling of working in a room made for music.

"With experience, you do again this choice?"
Without any hesitation.
I prefer this software dozens of spending thousands of euros in a complete acoustic treatment solution, I can not do it alone saw my lack of knowledge in acoustics.

frgirard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" correction for Dummies"

IK Multimedia ARC 2
easy installation and configuration


my setup is: PC (I3/W7-64b) + + Rme Babyface Bidule + K + H O300 SPL2Control.

Operation without problem.
Arc2 replaces égalsation by FabFilter.
In the medium / acute: no significant difference compared to the FabFilter Eq.
In serious: this is remarkable. I do not use the "full bass correction" in spite of everything and the extension of 35Hz to O300 became a reality.
It still lacks precision in correcting the grave where the bass (60-200Hz) 1.5 db is too high compared to the remains. But the possibility of establishing a target curve, adjusts the thing

1/6 octave is all in a row 5db.


Installed and configured for 7d.

the +
+ Its easy grip.
+ His efficassité in correcting even if it could do better in the bass (but the use of this target curve offset default).
+ Poverty policy options on the target curve

the -
- Poverty policy options on the target curve
- The ergonomics of the monitor screen
- Lack a confirmation message to the application of a target curve for mishandling even if the curves are savable.

The value for money is remarkable in view of gain.