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IK Multimedia Audio calibration software user reviews

  • IK Multimedia T-RackS Metering Suite

    IK Multimedia T-RackS Metering Suite - moosers's review


    The IK Multimedia T-Racks Metering Suite is a set of different meters for mixing and mastering. It can be bought as an individual plug-in but is also found in the T-Racks 3 Mastering Suite, which is where I've used it primarily. I can't speak to th…

  • IK Multimedia ARC

    IK Multimedia ARC - moosers's review


    IK Multimedia's ARC (Advanced Room Correction) System is a unique plug-in designed to solve acoustical problem for mixing.  This means that it aims to make mixing in any room possible, regardless of the acoustic treatment put up.  The software will t…

  • IK Multimedia ARC

    IK Multimedia ARC - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by jean06300/translated from Audiofanzine FR) No problems. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE It can't be compared with a classic FTT analyzer... It's a different approach. OVERALL OPINION This plug-in was not conceived to corr…

Translated user reviews
  • IK Multimedia ARC 2

    IK Multimedia ARC 2 - " Fundamental."


    The configuration of this app is special nature, since the preamble to its use, you must calibrate the "physically" at a stage much easier than it looks because the user is perfectly guided through the process. The microphone (stereo) is provided,…

  • IK Multimedia ARC 2

    IK Multimedia ARC 2 - " Excellent tool"


    Easy installation. Attention must register the product online, otherwise after a few days / weeks, the software begins to make a white noise every 5-10 seconds. The manual is very clear. Make a bag limit is always better. I advise you to use a…

  • IK Multimedia ARC 2

    IK Multimedia ARC 2 - " magic"


    installation without concern SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Classic config: PC - AMD Quad 3GHz - 4G DDR3 - sound card RME babyface - ADAM A7X monitors no stability problem OVERALL OPINION I use it for 4 days and I am very happy with the result, ca…

  • IK Multimedia ARC 2

    IK Multimedia ARC 2 - " Essential in a home studio"


    Installation without worries for those who are used to allow soft online challenge / response (software authorization via the soft IK and IK management via its user account). The implementation of the measures is quite simple guide step but to calm…

  • IK Multimedia ARC 2

    IK Multimedia ARC 2 - " Very convenient to correct the acoustics of a home studio!"


    The installation went smoothly and setting out very simple, just follow the instructions on the screen and use the supplied microphone. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE No problem on iMac 21.5 "core i7 2011 2.8 GHz, the app works fine. OVERALL OPINION …

  • IK Multimedia ARC 2

    IK Multimedia ARC 2 - " Ah here"


    Simple click Next, and the extent to SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE Hearths little resource consumption on my old macbook pro rotten OVERALL OPINION AHHHHN VOILA what I wanted, Wholesale pertinament I knew that my room had a problem with low and …

  • IK Multimedia ARC 2

    IK Multimedia ARC 2 - " Without hesitation!"


    Installation is no problem and especially the extent of the play takes place a few "tuts" ... minutes. Half an hour of unpacking the use is significant. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I did not notice any big CPU load in Logic Pro X, I use a Mac Pro 10.…