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  • Mooer Funky Monkey

    Mooer Funky Monkey - "A great pedal at a great price"


    UTILIZATION This is a small pedal. If you do not like small pedals, then this will not be for you. Don't buy a pedal that you know in advance is small and then complain about it's size. Even though these are small pedals they are not too diffic…

  • Mooer 020 - Blueno

    Mooer 020 - Blueno - "Incredible cleans and unique distortions" has images


    SOUND: Of all the preamps I’ve used, this is by far one of the best; and it makes other pedals sound incredible. There is plenty of warmth and dynamics in the notes, whether playing on…

  • Mooer 019 - UK Gold PLX

    Mooer 019 - UK Gold PLX - "Marshall 1967 50w Amp/Cab in a Micro Pedal"


    SOUND: To describe the Mooer Preamp 019 you could definitely say it is ‘amp-like.’ A true preamp with cab simulation (which you can turn off), the sound is authentic, rich and dynamic. The Clea…

  • Mooer 009 Blacknight

    Mooer 009 Blacknight - "Mooer micro preamp 009 -ENGL Blackmore review" has images


    The Mooer micro preamp 009 -ENGL Blackmore is a great preamp! The cleans are fuller than most and the Hi Gain channel is articulate and bright. I compaired it to my AMT Elect E-1 (ENGL Fireball -JFET preamp) and found it to be very dynamic. Awsome va…

  • Mooer Ensemble King

    Mooer Ensemble King - " This is a very good chorus"


    This is a great chorus that wants to approach that of BOSS and really it's very good for the price all analog + on the other hand, I'll put the mxr analog chorus a little above in terms of sound quality …

  • Mooer Cruncher

    Mooer Cruncher - " Even typed"


    Analog, true bypass, power sector only. Volume center, tone, gain. Switch classical Chinese but ... UTILIZATION Very easy to use. SOUND QUALITY It is ultimately a rather typical brit Marshall distortion that fits all types of guitars. If yo…

  • Mooer TresCab

    Mooer TresCab - " not top"


    This pedal simulates speakers with mic positions or bass / treble adjustment pedal simulates speaker sound 1x8 "4x 12" UTILIZATION Editing sounds easy the manual is two pages and still !! lol SOUND QUALITY Sound quality: I bought this s…

  • Mooer Hustle Drive

    Mooer Hustle Drive - " Potato and pokey"


    Over drive micro feeding, because not possible to accommodate a stack (really tiny) is a real gain space on the pedal board. Controls: Drive, Volume, Tone Switch High / Low Peak (wholesale output signal stronger or weaker) Input and output 6.3m…

  • Mooer Green Mile

    Mooer Green Mile - " not transparent"


    overdrive pedal, a replica of tube screamer UTILIZATION SimpliciTee a pedal, a pedal disadvantages (no storage) SOUND QUALITY then it is not complicated, everything is fine except a key point for me and led me down this pedal and all mooer I …

  • Mooer Trelicopter

    Mooer Trelicopter - " Means anything."


    This is a tremolo guitar superpetit format while made in China and it is perhaps because the Chinese have small fingers or because fashion is the micropédale. There is a rule that petitpotard depth depth petitpotard a bias which looks to me to adj…