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All user reviews for the Electro-Harmonix Wiggler

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 6 reviews )
 3 reviews50 %
 3 reviews50 %
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mooseherman's review

Electro-Harmonix Wiggler
This is a vibrato/tremolo pedal that is entirely tube-driven. It can be powered through a 9V power supply or with a 9V battery. It has a 1/4" input and output. The pedal cannot be edited with a computer and is not connectable to a MIDI controller. It is not a rackable pedal.


The editing of effects with this pedal. There are five knobs to select and/or edit with, as well as the footswitch which activates the pedal's effects and the true bypass (one of the best things about this pedal is its completely true bypass, no excess noise comes from having it plugged in!) There are knobs for volume (overall volume with effect), intensity (rate of clean signal to effect signal), a switch to go from vibrato to tremolo effects, a knob which controls the rate of vibrato/tremolo, and a final switch that switches between four distinct vibrato settings. The names of those settings are looz, hamm (short for Hammond, it emulates a leslie speaker), Acey (a re-imagining of the AC30's vibrato channel), and Whirl (a tone reminiscent of a Wurlitzer electric piano). The tremolo effect, as well as each vibrato, is capable of a variety of sounds, due to the manipulations of the rate, intensity and volume knobs.


The sounds that come out of this pedal are fantastic. They are especially great for people who have a passion for classic, vintage vibrato and tremolo sounds. I really like the settings on the vibrato, they allow the user to really hone in on the most useful sounds. The sounds all remind me quite vividly of the instruments and speakers they are meant to emulate. I truly like the sound that I get with my Strat and Fender Twin. It almost feels like I'm using the AC30 when I try the acey channel. The same applies for the other settings as well. The tubes do color the sound slightly, which is a drag if you are looking for a pure effect. However, I tend to enjoy the coloring of the sound greatly, so I don't think it's a problem.


I like this pedal a lot because it has a lot of really cool, useful features and all of them sound great. This pedal is great for practical, classic tones. Those looking to get really wacky and far-out with this pedal should probably look elsewhere, this pedal serves more realistic functions than sheer noise-making and knob-twiddling. I don't think this pedal is too expensive, probably can get it new for less than $300. I would recommend that anybody check this out.

zonzonzon's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" a lot of bass!"

Electro-Harmonix Wiggler
Note: This test relates to the sound reproduction with a bass not a guitar!! ;)

it is a tremolo / vibrato lamps (2 12AX7) of EHX expensive.
one in, one out. Nothing complicated and superfluous connections.
bullet boring: the pedals is 12V, so power supply spar. again, making the power supply is not standard. trs is something Bisara with 2 small qt steel coming in this house pedals. parative not it the fuck you want on a brick power supply ...
it is also big, but hey it's EHX;)
frankly the look is trs cool, very vintage lamps with emerging and are being protected by a grille acids to avoid the crass shot of rangers.


trs not complex. there are 3 knobs 2 switches and rotary.
-Volume knob
Portard-speed (rate) damage that is really usable at 1 / 3 of its travel, EPRS share in a ring modulator sounds, fun to experiment, but this is not the use that I did.
Knob-depth the effect (intensity)
-Select switch 2 positions for tremolo or vibrato. I love a footswith to change more rapidly in concert, but hey you going to do with.
Swith-4 positions for "so-called" change the grain of the effect vibrato (tremolo on the diffrence is lower ... and especially useless;) ). prcdemment as said, it's more on the EQ pedals that has played, but the rendering is nice and trs is used to vary the sound palette of the pedals.

the pedals are true bypass. it was cool: D


then the nikel it!!
no "Eating" low, rendering is homogne.
the effect normment color the sound, but it has to be lacht;)
fans of the ultra-clean, go your way, this trend be a lightweight pedals crunch when he balance a lot of gain in the face, but on the contrary gnial, gives a really a vintage characters, a dirty can. I love it!

for tremolo: ass classic is doing its job. it can be trslger, or otherwise labeled trs.

When the vibrato, the trs is really good! we can even approach a vibe.

gnrale the sound is warm and soft trs, typical vintage. made perfect in my stringray:)
APRS, Listen to the samples on the net to get an ide of sounds for you with the pedals;)


I use it for 6 months.
simply gnial! two effects in one, both doing their job and have a really warm apprciable trs. bought for 130 euros OCCAZ is trs well, but the price of nine is expensive I think.
I like: sound, vibrato, tremolo, the look.
I do not like: the power supply crap, size, the fact that you can not switch between two effects with footswith.

a good bass pedals that will delight fans of vintage sounds and effects, like me: D.

redpill's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Wiggler
tremolo / vibrato tube analogue


dispensable handbook.


two types of effects, tremolo and vibrato ("vibe" rather)

Pedal very endearing with her really apart. but with some flaws a little annoying (typical at EHX some would say).

The control "mode" is not really in one, he will play instead on the EQ pedal apparently closer to the sound of some legendary amps. The worry is that eventually it is a somewhat pointless control or at least it does not give access to many "type of effect per se. Its effectiveness is still there but it did not much interest on a tremolo, unless one wills to change the EQ of the sound (that is not the primary role of the tremolo)

This setting also makes the effect of "vibrato" on certain positions very subtle and almost inaudible.

Second defects and not least, the Knob of "rate" which is really only effective on a whole PEIT under his race. What makes obention speed very hard unless you want to go sparingly.

As for the "tubes" I do not know if they truly possible their interest in this pedal, the voltage seems too low for really used to their maxium potential. Their presence leaves me skeptical. Note that the light coming out of their base are the only one bulb is disposed on the circuit to believe in their brilliance. The "tubes" give no light.

Also note the pityoable (there are no other words) as the pedal PCB Knob very fragile and of very poor quality. Usual thing in this brand, which boasts of being made to the U.S. as a guarantee of quality. I had to change one of potentiomtre due to failure (and a big muff for that matter).

Despite all that, this pedal sounds very good (ba yes anyway) but can not really to my taste, has excel in two areas where it is intended. It's nice but it breaks no bricks, there are better elsewhere. It should be taken for what it hoped out and not sound accurate or heard elsewhere. Her sound is her own, the tremolo is effective, the "vibe" much less to my taste.

The sound may actually be "hot" and "taking." The ability to boost the sound volume via Knob is interesting to get a boost by activating the effect. Try only a guitar, could be made interesting on a keyboard.


Use for 3 months, nice but can be better.

I was using was an exchange, if it again with the time spent on it, I think I will not repeat. Pedal interesting but let's say a vibe and a tremolo pedal in two distinctive yield better results. Should remain fairly cautious with the pedals a tube or they are just decoration.

To take connainssance causes or with a test previously.
Mr eddy12/11/2007

Mr eddy's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Wiggler
For CHARACTERISTICS, see the reviews previous ones


All rglages are easily accessible. The five knobs are hard, which makes the edition of sons.Le default key is the only race of speed knob: trs long, and provided the speed does not change that REALLY 8am twelve o'clock . rsultat: difficult rgler prcisment speed.


What can I say? The sound is beautiful, warm, roots, I am changing the vibrato and trmolos numriques ... nanmoins the pedals gnre lot of breath, increases if we increase the 'intensity which causes, in addition, such a snore.


Used for three months.The sound is warm, the old one. The main default RSID in rglages of intensity and quality over price vitesse.Le way: given the price they could correct the default prcdemmment deficits.
I probably do it again this choice as the only pedals that offers two modes in analog vibrato and trmolo.

jes1201's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Wiggler
PDAL of Trmolo / analog Vibrato lamps (two 12AX7 EHX)

6.35 2 jacks, one IN, one OUT. Five pots (volume, intensity rate, vibrato mode (x4), selector vibrato / tremolo).

Alim by AC adapter only (J'espre it will last).


The use is like all the pedals, there are pots, turn, block the sounds .. Hop on and play for 3 / 4 hours of not seeing pass the time


Ben frankly I'm really happy with the pedals ... I was looking for a long tremolo, long as I blocked the vidos EHX Peter Stroud and the house was ringing on my HotRod

To make Creedence Clearwater Revival we are in the thick of it (Born on the Bayou, I Heard It Through the Grapevine ...)

Also delighted by the vibrato mode (well the 4 modes) that colors sound good (it's hot), the modes can be a kind of slight phase (leslie), or vintage vibrato (well I love this p dale). A try for those who love the old sounds


Well the only criticism I can make the pedals is the impossibility to save sounds, so there are good (long live paper and pencil to take notes for his rglages) .

That said the only real complaint was the little lamp that they have done for the indoor to the pedals to give more intensity in the two 12AX7 Lumire (as on the ToneLab) STPs loupiote it is nothing ... if not a bit more heat in indoor the pedals ... As if I expected enlighten the pice by buying a tremolo ... M'enfin ...

Or nothing to say, it sounds nickel

EDIT 14/08/06: Good though it is a bit noisy ... gender refers to cyclesdu rate when you push a little too pramp ... hsitation to make it back for a Fulltone .. but the vibrato sounds really give a nickel and FCIP heat ...

Co-Rockataire's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Wiggler
Tremolo / Vibrato
A lamp
Jack 6.35, Alim sector amprage BIG! (Not lose)
BIG pedal format


Relatively easy, should Triffouille


Super sound.
Guitar / Bass
Dick's fast tremolo Dhale


6 months
Her trs hot acts like a pramp
Nothing to do with analog.

I would not trade it.