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Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
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-W- aka ian wallace05/29/2006

-W- aka ian wallace's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Art FX-1
This is a multi-effect multi-use, small size, format "1 / 4 rack rounded fawn art" (art type tube mp studio ...)
The boiboite contains 2 x 15 diviss effects in two banks:
THE FIRST contains the classic reverbs, delays and modulation effects of the
(Hall, chamber, plate, room, gate, reverse reverb, chorus, flange, delay, dual delay, doubling, pitch shift, tremolo, reverb & panning, tremolo & reverb + bypass)
the deuxime contains enriched to summarize reverbs or other effects couples
(Reverb & delay, flange & delay, chorus & reverb, chorus & delay, reverb & delay & chorus, reverb & delay & flange, chorus & Right Left gate reverb, flange L & R gate reverb, reverb & L & R slap flange L & A slap reverb & chorus, reverb L & A flange, reverb L & R chorus, reverb true stereo room, stereo true bypass + flat)

it's obviously numrique
edition of the effects is lacking, we simply presets. To note that there are two of the same parameterization for DIFFERENT effects available via the button "norm / more", we get two DIFFERENT effects, which can find the most appropriate preset for the use

All in all two knobs and four buttons
Left knob: Adjusting the mix "dry / wet" effect
knob on the right: selector of FFECT, graduated 15 + 1 bypass at the bottom
two push to boost the level of either the output from either or both
a push to switch from bank A bank B
and push "norm / more" presets for both of the chosen effect DIFFERENT
Oh yes, and then a green LED power-on and a red clip
4 jacks the rear
because yes! hmmmm it's STREO and is rather cool (2 IN L / R and 2 OUT L / R)
+ 9v adapter jack


It could not be more simple, is marked above all, to the description of the contents of each bank that is screen printed on top
no mistake
The knobs are sturdy, the buttons a little pokey but doable
I have had with the manual, but I did not look it's useless
no "click" via an effect on the other
the push of boost or output are significant on a micro set directly in the FX1


The effects are so effective in all
the reverbs are rather not bad and quite varied, but not too cold
I bought especially for reverbs I am not, of bankB presets (reverb enriched) are trs assessment on voice
there are some effects that are truly the gadget such as the pitch shift which is pretty bad
Finally, the presets are enough for the small home studio that I am, I do not feel the need to edit my own effects, not currently, so no frustration.


I use it for a week on guitar and vocals, so good, I find what I need
It's compact, fast to implement, fairly complete and well thought out I say thank you ART.
I watched the old boss multi-effects (half the rack but I bought it without knowing the
I think this small multi-effect is not bad for beginners in home studio, or a solo singer guitarist, live for a can do
I am excited about the little box! go 9
and then I was not even 25 euros on ebay then ....