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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 13 reviews )
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Value For Money : Excellent
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sw80's review"355 presets total"

TC Electronic M350
The TC Electronic M350 has a dual engine to process effects with software control. It comes with a software editor that will allow you to control and edit with in real time. The front panel of the interface is where everything is, all your knobs and controls. The TC has 15 different reverbs some delay and modulation as well. I have been using the TC Electronic M350 for 3 years now and never had any issues with it, I have heard a lot of rumors saying that after a few years then will go bad on your but I haven't experienced that.


With 256 effects and presets, with 99 user presets you will have 355 total presets right at your finger tips. The power supply is internal so there is no plug that goes directly into the wall with the TC Electronics M350. It has 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs. There is also a MIDI in and out, with 1 Digital input and 1 Digital output. The whole unit is pretty small, it is no wider than 20 inches and weighs less than five pounds.


Yes you can rack the TC Electronic M350 up, it will only take 1 rack space. It does come with a manual but I don’t think I ever needed it.


The TC Electronics M350 has some really interesting presets that sound great, that is why I purchased it years ago. Since then I have been using so many other similar devices but I can always still go back to the TC Electronic M350 and know that I am going to get some great sounds. It was very easy to install and I never had a single issue with a driver or a software hardware issue. It has always worked and provided me with a great sound. I recommend it, especially now because it is a older unit and you can get a used one for really cheap. It is a great piece of hardware to have for your collection of gear.

pierrebou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" expensive"

TC Electronic M350
2 motors effect: a multi effect (delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, compressor, etc..) And reverb
Memory editor available is not used much.


2 parameters for multi effects, reverb 3
it's a little short to customize its effects and explains the uselessness of the software publisher


The effects are nice (dynamic delay, eg), nice reverbs


sold one month after purchase for M-One worth 50 euros more!

chakhal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic M350
I will not repeat the list of effects that others will have done below. I'll just say the delays and reverbs are a pleasant surprise for me with this machine. This is even why'm glad purchased.
I regret that the design prohibits certain combinations of effects. Mainly, what I miss is not being able to put delay after another effect ...


The presentation is extremely simple. The edition in memory is not complicated at all but it is not very accurate nor very comfortable. I have not read the manual because the editing was easy to understand.
I find the mix of this machine totally absurd. It has a button on a mix between the effect (chorus, delay, compressor ...) 2 and the effect (reverb) and a mix between the button and change its input. This is not accurate, especially since the buttons are not linear (and absolutely not graduate)!


The sound effects are obtained through the undeniably rich. It opened my outlook.


I have 3 years. I know that typically include keyboards and effect as it is at a level above. This rack is very good in his field but, as I wrote above, difficult to fine tune. The value for money is honest. I think I test the settings of the competition before choosing a next time.

PS: there is no on / off button on the front is absolutely detestable and switch between the two effects in parallel or in series on the back is rather absurd. (I'm still attached to this machine)

stratosweet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Correct"

TC Electronic M350
This is a porcesseur effects, double "engine". Reverb and effects (delay, chorus, flanger ...) digital. Jack or RCA connectors.


The implementation is very simple. We have the ability to edit and store our own presets. The facade is very simple and user-friendly, most controlers are present.


The effects are decent quality. I often used to treat a guitar in a mix.


I use it for over 4 years and the price / quality ratio is interresting, as much for a pro studio to replace a plug, as an amateur pollster to inflate his rack.

schlouff's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" at a reasonable price"

TC Electronic M350
Almost everything has been said. I refer you to other opinions.

Accuracy still, when it is said ~ 200 factory presets (I forget the exact number), it is heard 200 possible combination with the buttons you have in front. Unpacking, so you have 99 memory locations to fill by turning your buttons!

Knowingly bought, I note therefore this section. Manuel


almost useless!
almost everything falls on the way! one branch is running (or not) the knobs and shoo! it feels effects!

Well, when I read in its entirety, for small details that are never useless. We discover thus far from being stupid suggestion: have an S / PDIF can use this effect device as analog to digital (48kHz 24bit) is effective, or bypass ...
Manuel also useful for the uninitiated du Midi

Even the editing of the presets is childish!


Course I did that yesterday, but the reverbs are varied and all have an intrinsic color, the delay works great (it changes me of "one knob" on my table!)
Other effects are also quite rich, even if we feel that this is not always the primary purpose rack. They are nevertheless very effective ...
Overall, I do not currently detected some form of ambient noise of the module and the effects are "hot" a wish!


I certainly did that yesterday and it is only my first multi-effects rack,
but I can compare the effects of my table and overall I have to buy the analog multi-effects (as opposed to those proposed cubase ....)

I originally thought to buy a home multieffect Berhinger, but critics can he seemed reliable, not durable, the other entry level model seemed fragile. So I put a little more expensive, time will tell if this model is sustainable! Most

Francell's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Reverb / Delay of Very Good Quality"

TC Electronic M350
Multi-effect in 19 "1U. Connec jack in 6.5. Very sturdy (heavy armor and sturdy pots). I do not use the PC config / midi.

Possibité online to connect on a microphone, an insert on a table with the additional choice of output dual-FX "(2 separate FX mono) or stereo output.

Arranged several FX (chorus, vintage ,...) but its main characteristic is: Delay and Reverb. Many possible configuration of these 2 parameters.

No presets pre-recorded, but they are very easy to create. Manuel


very simple since the unit is simple to use.
Certainly it takes to start manipulating the buttons to find a setting to his liking.

The edition is very well done and accurate.


The quality is very realistic. The breath is very low or zero depending on the effect resolved. I use it for voice or for the sax in stereo insert (at) on a mixer.
The breath is still present if you set the effects very strong.


I use it for 1 month to live.
I had a multi-fx pedal BOSS ME-30 and a delay / echo Boss RPS 10.
TC M350 is very high fidelity on the reverb and delay. I think it is ideal for live and even the studio.
But do not look for fx crazy for fun because it's not his goal.
The M350 allows you to create a world of sound very realistic and color in his voice, a warmth, presence and depth.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I'm a fan!"

TC Electronic M350
cf. information already given.

Otherwise, yes, Leopolmopa did not understand, but he admits to not always understand everything. The editor to control the M350 from a PC, it is the site of CT, and is found here -

There was life before the USB, and TC Electronic is not lying, just that the issue through the south, via an easy and ergonomic.


Configurations easy to determine. Manuel clear enough, especially as it passes very quickly to the empirical discovery of the bug.
Editions, but I do them more than with the PC interface, and I do not touch any more buttons. I define my presets, I save them as banks attached to my songs one after another like that when I worked for several at the same time I remember the bank of such a piece, and all settings are responsible to the hair .


At TC, the reverb is a must. But the effects of the first motor is also very successful. For the price of this equipment, really, it's all good.
At the time my PC knelt once j'enquillais 3 plug-effects, I chose to buy the M350 and so opted for registration directly with the effect to the source. I've never been disappointed. It leaves no margin of error, of course, but the result is exactly the one that suits me.
I turn everything in (vocals, guitars, basses, keyboards), and I never felt as a result below my expectations.


It is in my HS for 18 months, out of my Pod XT Live was my first processor.
His technique is actually limited only to offer only + reverb effect and no effect + effect for example, but we know when to buy, we adapt.
Both new and secondhand is a little gem, and I re-equipment I had to lose. I think even to buy a second, but then he must explain why the Finance Minister should retool the same machine in two ... spa an easy job, home-studio owners! ...

stamkorg's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic M350
It is a dual processor effest, Reverb + Effects.
I only use the reverb and delay.
Both are very good.


clear, easy to use thanks to the knobs.
It's simple, you select an effect, and with all the knobs to zero, the sound of the factory setting after just change what you want, if you will.
A manual mode where you play with the knobs and the sound is related to the position of the knobs, and a mode "Preset" and there one can find sounds that set memory, max 99 presets.
Easy to use.


Very good in terms of my expectations, I use it for voice in an auxiliary console is clean and tidy. Now, I've never used processors to 2000 euros, I do not more venues than 3000 people, but for a small group of restaurants, bars and small venues, it is entirely satisfactory, .
Note that it is silent, no blast, and a gain setting allows the entry to return to good levels.


I can not understand the opinion of Leo ... which is very happy with the camera and posing a 4 / 10 ??!!??
This is a good auxiliary processor on a console. I did like that used for the rest, I do not know.
I read somewhere mixed reviews of guitarists ... This is not a multi-effects guitar, the fundamental point is the reverb.
If you are looking for chorus or phasers, there is surely something better.
Last thing, the stuff that matters most is the consistency of the whole material. If you play with consoles at 10,000 euros, you deserve better.
Any remark, for small users, the choice of a console with built-in effects can be interesting, too, is a choice to make informed choices.
I have a rack of 4 elements. The connection takes me 5 minutes to disconnect and ditto what is acceptable.

KaeRZed's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Small but powerful ..."

TC Electronic M350
This little bug has 2 effects engines: an effect unit (delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, ...) and a unit dedicated reverberation (multiple algos available).

These effects engines are obviously 100% digital. Although the number of parameters is rather small (this is not a M3000 !!!), the essence is there. Not to mention real programming, one can very quickly coloring effect the taste according to his needs.

It has analog connections (6'35 jacks) and digital (SPDIF RCA).
It also has MIDI to control it from a master keyboard or sequencer .... Practice.


The two processing engines can be placed either in series (effect - reverb) or in parallel via a small switch (unfortunately placed at the rear of the rack).
Memory, the manual is rather succinct. Even if the edition is rather simple and intuitive, I find that managing presets lack of fluidity ... The move from 'real time' to 'preset' is not necessarily a logic high at first. But once that little gray area treated, you're set ...


Effects are, to my taste, quality. Well, I repeat, not a M3000!
But every time, has always served its purpose: reverb on voices (plugged into an external effect in Cubase), as an insert effect on synthesizers (phaser + reverb with a short ping pong delay added by Alesis MidiVerb4 and it is in the box) ...
Personally, besides the reverb which logically are very clean, I particularly like the phaser that are simply musical. On my CS15, a good Phaser placed after a stereo delay is in any lead!


I have other effects (MidiVerb4 Alesis, Digitech S100), I have used other in mates (Lexicon MPX-1, TC FireworX, ...) and finally he always finds a place in a production ...

As mentioned earlier, I'm not a fan of fashion 'preset' but that is just ...

I think the price / quality ratio is excellent. I do not regret my purchase and I would do without hesitation ...

leopolmopa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic M350
A section effects (delay, flanger, comp ...)
reverb section
opportunities noon and digital misunderstood


Simple Setup
announced on the carton and brochures with TC plug edition of PC and software vst ben .... and my M350 it has no USB port (like the MX 200) or CD-ROM for drivers and instaler soft ......... Misleading Advertising ....... ???? unless I did not understand everything (it happens sometimes)
I have not quite understood the publishing level but I work on it ... decidedly ...
Manual quite well in English


The reverbs are excellent .... thank you TC
Other effects very satisfesants


I use it for 4 months
I like the sound made in impeccable TC
if I compare it with the MX200 lexicon of (similarities design / budget / possibility) I prefer the MX200 becaufe few choose to assign the same effect on the two sections and therefore twofold comp, double flange, .... I j like him
with the possible M350!
choice of a single purpose by section too bad
no edtion of software via PC ....
exellent report qualitéprix
I would do this choice without hesitation given the exelente quality reverbs
the M350 keeps its place in my rack of effects ..... for the momment
if I had to keep only between the M350 and the MX200 I chose the MX 200 for its simpler publishing, its wider possibilities implantation in a config hardware / software most appropriate .....
Good product for fans of effects