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All user reviews for the Yamaha DD-65

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money:Excellent
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Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" not bad, not bad"

Yamaha DD-65
I use it now for almost 2 AANS. I Avouris I have not tried anything else before. This drumkit allows a lot of thing to learn with a quality instrument, strong and reliable (it has toured the world with me), easy to use ...
The only fault I note is that the drum sounds are not really realistic at times. After if you want the heavy electronic drums, go see in other brands.
This drumkit is ideal for a beginner who wants to move a lot with his instrument. I highly recommend this product for a beginner because the price where it is sold there is nothing to compete.

grungeman38's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha DD-65
I bought this electronic drum hepatitis y 'roughly 6 months in 230 thomann roros with foot snare and the PSU.
Overall, it's not too bad, because my instrument of choice is the guitar and drums only a hobby.
actually it depends on what you want but make for a "real" drummer, better to invest a little more "real" electronic drum.
This small yam has filled his role perfectly big toy but it's not very pro anyway ..
The sounds are nice but the cymbals too high compared to toms and I find as I plug in my TonePort to transplant to my PC, I end up with LOTS of cymbals too loud and acute lack of bass drum (if somebody know adjust the volume of the pads independently from one another, jsuis taker ...)

I also like being able to assign any sound anywhere, this allows me to rave a double on the other hand ds this case, only 1 choice hihat, open or closed ...

Here, see the price but there's nothing to say and that's normal, do not expect high-end ...

lovol's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha DD-65
I have the DD60 for a month, not bad at all ... there are a lot of sounds ... I will like to find a suitable bag ... This would not hurt also has a rechargeable drumkit is the power plug ... there are two small Bafle in any 5 or 10 watt ... I know more ... that has to play itself is a little prs for group play, but it's better amp ... I have a roland mp10 (amp-electro beats)
it seems that a voice amplifier would but I have not test ...
there is little prs 250 sounds ... I bought a connector (MIDI-USB) (+ or-30) to put on Reason but I still test either ... good for everything from not mean much if you have 207 (about was worth it ... It stands on one foot snare ... there are three locations in the machine ... it can only record 5 songs ... and the memory card is not changeable as the JamMan so long made the connection or if you buy a computer ... go, good games!

pydubreucq's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha DD-65
Good day all,
I have a Yahama DD-65 for 3 weeks and I am generally happy;)
I do not use that feature, Hand Percussion.
I am satisfied with TRS on many points.
The Ractive is good, sounds ralistes, the possibility to connect an MP3 player or other via the AUX / IN, MIDI input and output, the possibility to install the instrument on any foot of Charleston, the possibility to record his own kit.
A majority of the drumkit as its plutt of hand percussion (is to be expected)
When you type with your hands on the pads from the top, there's a big rsonance, playing with the headset, you can not say we do not drang his entourage for the fact type the pads make noise, which is a shame for an electronic drum, it is normal that has to do a little, but I have to put a volume lev with my headphones to avoid hearing the sound of my strikes on the instrument. (I do not know if I trs t clear on this point)
Available closer to the pads, is good, but again not quite suited to play with your hands. 2 large pads of the top middle, are difficult because of the CASC 2 cts their small (see picture above). They are "difficult" because of CASC, the two small pads their cts have a greater height, which is not Gnant with chopsticks, but with the hands, and I often take;) lol
Bon voila, these are just the subjective views donns by an amateur percussion.
All in all a good product trs, and I do not regret my purchase.
For electronic percussion with the hands, the must is the HandSonic HPD-10, but the budget is a little lev. And I think the Yamaha DD-65 is a good compromise with a good QualitPrix.

chewbaca's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha DD-65
Used for a month. Mine meets the sweet name of YDD 60. From what I understand it is a DD with a 65 power (it's hard to believe that it can be sold without!)

Paid for the reasonable sum of € 260

* Compact, easy to carry / store (fits any snare stand)
* Lots of sounds including a majority of very good quality drum kits percussion to Japanese, there is something to create very nice custom kits (for cons to moo, and grouiks grouiks to make people laugh by gnomes I do not garden)
* Arrangement of pads similar to those of a drumkit of drums.
* Two replaceable come with pedals, including a velocity sensitive
* A lot of settings (sensitivity of the pads, more reverb can be switched off ...)
* Compatible with General MIDI (GM)
* Linked to hand-percussion
* Top speakers (average quality, some just for bass drums, but practice to practice without a headphone or for hand percussion)
* Very good quality / price ratio (almost constant Yamaha)
Not good:
* Pedals really poor quality (thankfully replaceable!). There is a small bug in one of Charleston who occasionally works in reverse (to cancel the said bug, disconnect and reconnect or turn on and off)
* No gradual opening of the cymbal hi-hat (open or closed only)

In conclusion: A very nice little instrument when measured space, the move to train or to register computer music / Humanizing MIDI patterns.