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Furniture for Musicians/Studios user reviews

  • On-Stage KT7800+

    On-Stage KT7800+ - "Comfortable bench!"


    The On-Stage Stands KT7800+ is a height-adjustable keyboard bench that is perfect for many applications, even outside of the keyboard bench world. It has a nice, wide, large deluxe 3 inch black cushion, which can provide great comfort for many hours …

  • Omnirax Sonix C24

    Omnirax Sonix C24 - moosers's review


    The Omnirax Sonix C24 is a recording studio desk, specifically designed to be centered around a Digidesign Control 24 Pro Tools controller. The studio where I work has one of these in our C room, which is an overdub and mixing room that has of cours…

  • Fender Bar Stool

    Fender Bar Stool - mooseherman's review


    I found that this stool is nice for practice and performance. I often have a difficult time sitting on a hard barstool, or any type of chair that has armrests. Thus I found myself sitting on the floor for practice, or standing. However, sitting on th…

Translated user reviews
  • QuiK Lok WS-550

    QuiK Lok WS-550 - " A bulletproof"


    How long have you use it? I use it for 3 months, bought used with my Roland Fantom G7 as the main support. Have you tried many other models before buying it? Mainly support X, too fragile and unstable. What is the particular feature you…

  • Modson Kreative

    Modson Kreative - Los Teignos's review


    I use it for a few weeks to replace my old Ikea desk that I had overcome a formwork to support cobbled together quickly to screens (24 "16/10 and 19" 4/3 in portrait) and speakers (PreSonus Eris 8). I also said that this is the first time I go to the…

  • Modson Kreative

    Modson Kreative - " Very good quality / price ratio"


    I have the office for several weeks now and I am very satisfied. I could put it on the top shelf of my screen and my 26 inch pair of speakers EGG sE Electronics and I still have room for a hard drive and a UAD-2 Satellite. Both spaces 3U allow me to …

  • Argosy Dual 15K-803

    Argosy Dual 15K-803 - " Wonderful"


    I bought and used the work surface for several years, this installation went very well and the explanations are clear on the manual. The structure is stable and good quality wood. Ideal for integrating hardware and is available staying in the "sweet …

  • Studio Rta Creation Station

    Studio Rta Creation Station - " very solid!"


    I just bought it used, not too expensive because it lacks 4U rails. After installing the ones I had in "fiddling" a little, he's new to functional and convenient to use. I love the compactness of this piece, having racks at hand, two screens 22 'on…

  • Glorious DJ Workbench - Black

    Glorious DJ Workbench - Black - " Best value for money"


    I sold it because I changed my set up - this is the ONLY one hand in its price category / function above we pass immediately to the pros furniture It is functional, robust enough I do know that the urge …

  • Glorious DJ Workbench - Black

    Glorious DJ Workbench - Black - " I love"


    I use it for 2 years. The quality / price ratio is great. Goodies: - Parts supporting the monitors are mobile. - Spaces for racker - Ergonomics - From Space - The overall layout of the furniture The month: - Mounting but it is val…