Core(4), Verdugo(2), Mighty(1), Force(1), Analog(1)
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nUX user reviews

Translated user reviews
  • nUX Mighty 8

    nUX Mighty 8 - " Hold water"


    I have version 1, two switchable channels (clean and choice of models for the second), flight to the clean gain and volume for the second. Eq natural and effective 3bandes (low maousses!) And effects section (mod, rev / delay) for everyone. Batte…

  • nUX GP-1

    nUX GP-1 - " Basic, but it is amazing at this price?"


    A plastic case that for a chinoiserie rather inspires confidence We do not feel it will go quickly has volo something. The feel is nice and the weight is pretty light. Next operation: A prominent OFF button ON / Led operating a "amp" …

  • nUX Metal Core

    nUX Metal Core - bolenti's review


    This is a digital distortion pedal with two switchable voice with a guitar input, output to go to a guitar amp and a switch to activate / deactivate the effect foot. The first voice has a tone distortion rather typical classic rock and the second …

  • nUX Mod Core

    nUX Mod Core - " Interesting"


    Chinese brand Cherub Technology, Made in China. Purchased on Amazon from Singapore € 30.51. Eight digital effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, pan, rotary, U-vibe, vibrato. The latter can be actuated by foot! Settings: Rate, depth, tweak + …

  • nUX Mod Core

    nUX Mod Core - " étonante and intriguing ... and bluffing"


    Pedal manufactured and purchased (in VPC) in China, solid metal housing, a little soft knobs (turn easily) but it's still okay, two inputs two outputs (stereo pedal, but I have not tested in stereo). Digital bypass thing. The switch is relatively s…