nUX Metal Core
nUX Metal Core

Metal Core, Distortion from nUX in the Core series.

bolenti 09/07/2014

nUX Metal Core : bolenti's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
This is a digital distortion pedal with two switchable voice with a guitar input, output to go to a guitar amp and a switch to activate / deactivate the effect foot.

The first voice has a tone distortion rather typical classic rock and the second voice provides much fat distortion oriented metal, thrash (but NOT the modern metal). The effect may be powered by a 9 volt battery or an AC-DC adapter 9 volts.

You can save configuration settings you want the pedal to reactivate later independently of the positioning potentiometers it.


It is possible to find very quickly the sound for without having to search too


This pedal allows for various configurations with much or little gain. The highs and high mids are well controlled and serious stand out well.


I've had two days at home and I really enjoyed myself with a few riffs of Pantera, Metallica ... I was delighted by its low price, its small size and the quality of its heavy distortion. For reference I also used stuff like: Line 6 POD X3, HD500, the Fender Mustang III and many VST plugins amp guy kind LePou, Emissary etc ...

It's a good distortion, but watch it uses its battery quickly.