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Thread Comments about the review: With a Strong Fruit Flavor

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1 Comments about the review: With a Strong Fruit Flavor
With a Strong Fruit Flavor
Every day that goes by it is more obvious that the famous Orange Tiny Terror turned the guitar amplification market upside down. It started a trend (a very positive one, if you ask me) for affordable, high-quality and low-power amps. In spite of the huge number of products in this segment, Orange is still the leading player when it comes to low-power tube amps.

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ive had this amp for 2 months now and it just has a way of making me smile every time i play.which is what a good amp should do.orange amps are all out rawk machines and have absolutly no peers .they lead the pack.im no audiophile but i know great distortion and rock tone should not come from pedals.since ive owned this amp ive had to put my pedals back in the box.they are no longer needed.delays and phasers and reverb work real nice through the tube buffered effects loop on the back pannel.the 12at7tube takes all the sterile sounds of those pedals and gives them instant undescribable warmth.then you begin to smile and relize that your hard earned money was well spent.i found out that mercury magnetics has a transformer upgrade kit for this amp.along with a 9henery choke.for $330 and another $120 for a qualified amp tech to do the upgrade.it takes the already awesome or15 into another dimension all togeather.a bit pricey but what you end up with is an amp with sound quality second to none for under $1000.the note seperation and touch sensativeness will blow your mind.even under full gain.the oversize transformers have more iron than the stock and just makes the amp become an instrument to itself.ckeck out mercurymagnetics.com for a video demo and you will find your self looking in your wallet for the money.well thanks again to orange for doing what they do best..building awesome sounding amps