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  • Orange OR100 Vintage

    Orange OR100 Vintage - "Vintage is the way"


    These old Orange amplifiers have a great sound and distinct British tone that is very familiar to a lot of hard rock and metal players. I would say that most hard rock and metal music is big round that British tone but in a highly modified certain wa…

  • Orange OR120

    Orange OR120 - moosers's review


    The Orange Amps OR 120 is a tube based guitar amp head that is delivers 120 watts of power, as the name states. It has both a high and low 1/4 inch input in the front, with a speaker cable output in the back for sending this amp to a cabinet. It also…

  • Orange OR100 Vintage

    Orange OR100 Vintage - "Orange OR100"


    Got it in a trade off 4 a Samick archtop guitar.I paid nothing! Infact the guy I traded with ended up oweing me 150eur. Everything! It's just one of those old simple amps wich give you only one sound but they give it best!Very simple very loud extr…

  • Orange OR120

    Orange OR120 - "Orange OR 120 Head"


    Paid $1,000 CDN used. I just love the way it looks, colour, knobs, graphics. It is also quite loud and is great for putting your processed tone through. As there is no master volume, distortion requires that you really turn up..which is a big probl…

  • Orange OR15H Reissue

    Orange OR15H Reissue - " A great little amp"


    This is an all-tube amp 15W (EL84) manufactured in China by Orange. The settings are very simple (Master Bass / Medium / Treble, Gain). Compared to the "Terror" family he deserves to have a cabinet worthy of the name (no toaster) and an effects …

  • Orange OR50H

    Orange OR50H - " Great!!!!"


    - Here we have an amp in the largest historical style Oranges'70 X2 EL34 power 3 12AX7 preamp (with a 12AX7 preamp more than historical amp for extra gain stage), a great simplicity of construction so. settings: attenuator "Presence" EQU…

  • Orange OR15H Reissue

    Orange OR15H Reissue - benoi31's review


    See the first review for specifications. It is very neatly finished (exterior). Inside I have not checked yet. I find it a little heavy against (8kg, it's not nothing), so in a suitcase on wheels, in a box or car is good, but carry in a bag or sh…

  • Orange OR100 2013 Edition

    Orange OR100 2013 Edition - "I dream in Orange ..."


    Well, it is she got the head! I hesitated a lot before changing my mind TH30 I was crazy yet, but want to own an Orange Made in UK was stronger. I hesitated between the Rockerverb 50, 50 and the Thunderverb OR100 interest here. Needing a real clear…

  • Orange OR15H Reissue

    Orange OR15H Reissue - Kiou's review


    Previous notice It is solid and very well done! UTILIZATION It can not be simpler, plug it plays. The knobs allow pretty much carve the sound and are very reactive. SOUNDS Admittedly it is not made for the clean and that's good because it …

  • Orange OR15H Reissue

    Orange OR15H Reissue - " OR pocket!"


    Mono FX loop lamp with lamp Front "Pics only" Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain Output Power switch 7 & 15 Watts Amp Power: 2 x EL84 Pre amp: 3 x ECC83/12AX7 FX loop: 1 x Ecc81/12at7 Speaker Output Options (Heads) 1 x 16 Ohm cabinet …