Orange OR50H
Orange OR50H

OR50H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the OR series.

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Rocknweb 08/30/2013

Orange OR50H : Rocknweb's user review

«  Reissu the legend »

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Single channel 50 watt lamp
No effects loop
No aténuateur
No Reverb


It is therefore reissu the façade is very close to 70 amps with Pics Only and no registration is superb. The settings are very simple and you get a great sound is some configuration.


It is relative, yes it is on the clean is very nuanced dynamic and progressive distortion goes crunch to hard rock or even more depending on the microphones and almost breathless. However the sound of V30 ben everyone knows since we do not find these HP when you talk big sound and it's a shame, I also tried a OR80 70s and sound Celestions the original is simply AMAZING. So if you have a recent cab you'll sound great and if you have an old cab ...


I do not have, I just tried it with a Strat and a Lp and is the top in both cases. It is well above the RV and TH and power is manageable but the headroom with a 4x12 is huge so it is necessary to have a room with a large volume purchase otherwise it is a pure loss imho.