Orange OR50H
Orange OR50H

OR50H, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the OR series.

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lio32 01/11/2014

Orange OR50H : lio32's user review

«  Great!!!! »

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- Here we have an amp in the largest historical style Oranges'70
X2 EL34 power
3 12AX7 preamp (with a 12AX7 preamp more than historical amp for extra gain stage), a great simplicity of construction so.

EQUAL three band (ultra efficient)

bypass footswitch possible attenuator (possibility of a clear sound of madness


- "L" tube amp "!
frankly here is a creature that I am not about to let go ...

after fiddling around Orange amp that would suit me best (I did laugh vendors GuitarShop in my opinion .... super nice ADDITION ..)

I initially purchased:

- The OR15: nice grain but gain not progressive enough for me (its impossible to have a clear-crunch loudly) and too rough with humbuckers. I mostly play on Gibson ES339 Custom Shop that (for me always) does not react the best in the world at this amp. I also use a certain piece Custom Strat who was doing a little better ..

- Then TH30: Very clear, but a saturated too modern for my games and a really progressive gain at all) channel. frankly favorite purchase one month after OR15, I will listen to the best in store .. does absolutely not fit in my current directory (rock-blues 70'S)

then the revelation: the OR50!

use a little bit more complex than foreshadow the 6 buttons on the front, but once tamed beast is really fantastic ..


Then it's the best for the Blues-Rock-Fusion 70's and beyond style ....

we can go from a crystal clear sound (reminiscent of the old 70's plexi) Fender, types Vox light crunch, crunch typical Orange before entering the world of fuzz-saturation dear to the brand.

clean sounds are wonderful, very friendly touch and types of guitar used. Reserve power is simply huge (especially with footswicht engaged and bypassed the attenuator so) .. you feel with a 412 that can fill its arena of Nimes without sound!!!!!!

the crunch: I've never played an amp with which you can via the volume knob to interact well with the thickness of the jug (hard to describe) guitar. is super musical. my whole group hallucinated the first rehearsal with this amp. there is a very important natural reverb ..

saturated sounds are striking: very dynamic and qualitative ... gary moore, page, zztop, clapton, .....

should be noted that I play on tube amp for 15 years and I know very well the single-channel heads .....


absolutely perfect