Orange OR100 Vintage
Orange OR100 Vintage

OR100 Vintage, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the OR series.

MGR/Adam S. 02/10/2004

Orange OR100 Vintage : MGR/Adam S.'s user review

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Got it in a trade off 4 a Samick archtop guitar.I paid nothing! Infact the guy I traded with ended up oweing me 150eur.

It's just one of those old simple amps wich give you only one sound but they give it best!Very simple very loud extremely good!I use it wit a strat and a J. Dunlof fuzz/wah!Sounds huge!

It's 30 yrs old, that makes it kind of fragile, no?Other than that , no dislikes!

It's held up well in the time I've used it, but I think I'm gonna have a case made for it!

Great deal!If you find one, don't buy it. Contact me and I WILL!!!Hahahahah!!!
Orange........the best amps in the world, ..ummmm....well atleast the old ones.

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