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guitarfi 10/02/2011

Orange OR80 Vintage : guitarfi's user review

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All-tube amp.
Controls: FCC, treble, bass, HP driver, volume

Output: 80 Watts
Preamp tubes: 1.5 x 12AX7
Power tubes: 2 x EL34

No effects


No manual.
The amp is dead simple:
Frequency selector 5 positions (easy to make a choice), small bass treble adjustment, a little volume, a short drive and the sound is monstrous!
In fact this amp sounds with any setting. You plug the guitar and it works.


The sound is super clean. Every little rubbing of the guitar is made.
You can not hide behind this amp. The sound of spring mix and every little mistake shall mean game.
If you feel that your sound "disappears" into distortion, you have a hard time hearing you on certain passages in groups, it is the amp for you.
The simple setting is a plus for me. It allows you to ask fewer questions ...
I play rock, but rather the amp is also more suitable for blues sounds.
It very much cash all types of pedals, I tried it: mxr and MICROAMP OD808, Ibanez TS808, Jeckill'n Hyde, Lovetone Cheesesource, Klon Centaur, and Overtube Jacques Fat Burner, Trex Mudhoney, DD6, DD7, Line 6 DL4 , Memory man with Hazaras, Holy Grail, ...
All this with a strat US, a Musicman Axis and a godin mounted with a cool rail

Everything sounds!


I use it for 5 years and again on stage. Never a worry. Always happy!
Before, I had a Mesa Rectoverb which is not bad but it did not compare. Orange is more wild and cleaner at a time ... It is as if Mesa was sterilized.
This is a great amp.