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  • Orange OR15 Review
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    Orange OR15 Review

    03/24/13 in Orange OR

    Every day that goes by it is more obvious that the famous Orange Tiny Terror turned the guitar amplification market upside down. It started a trend (a very positive one, if you ask me) for affordable, high-quality and low-power amps. In spite of the huge number of products in this segment, Orange is still the leading player when it comes to low-po…

  • Orange Launches the 2-channel OR100
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    Orange Launches the 2-channel OR100

    01/08/13 in Orange OR100 2013 Edition

    Orange has announced that it will be using the Winter NAMM show as a platform to launch the all-new twin channel OR100

  • Orange OR50H Review
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    Orange OR50H Review

    06/15/12 in Orange OR50H Reissue

    The OR50H is not a new product. It belongs to the "Pics Only" series launched in 1972. It's a legend in amplification history and its "so British" sound had a great impact in the destiny of the manufacturer. Now Orange has decided to reissue a limited version of the amp for its 40's birthday. The idea was a great success and Orange decided to add …

  • [NAMM] Orange Amps OR50H & OR15H

    [NAMM] Orange Amps OR50H & OR15H

    01/09/12 in Orange OR50H Reissue

    Orange Amplification has decided to reintroduce their 40th anniversary from 2008 with the issue of a limited amp: the OR50H.