Orange OR15H Reissue
Orange OR15H Reissue

OR15H Reissue, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the OR series.

Rocknweb 09/05/2013

Orange OR15H Reissue : Rocknweb's user review

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Mono FX loop lamp with lamp
Front "Pics only"
Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain
Output Power switch 7 & 15 Watts
Amp Power: 2 x EL84
Pre amp: 3 x ECC83/12AX7
FX loop: 1 x Ecc81/12at7
Speaker Output Options (Heads)
1 x 16 Ohm cabinet connected to the 16 Ohm output
1 x 8 Ohm cabinet connected to one of the 8 ohm outputs
2 x 16 Ohm cabinets EACH connected to one of the 8 ohm outputs
Dimensions H21cm x L40cm x P18cm Weight 8.06 KG
With the exception of the sticker is finished correctly


Plug and Play, One leg is adjusted equalizer and roll here! The effect loop lamp is a real plus and accept all kinds of pedals. Switch 7W / StandBy / 15W although the practice still is not drastically lower level but it changes color. Personnellemnt a 30w 30 as the Thunder was a way for his clean, alternative booster signal enrée to gain a few decibels from it without crunch.


British super clean well with a nice dynamic, not as pure as the "big" cousins ​​OR50 and 100, still very usable in 7W and 15W group for home. The coloring is superb whether on single or double. The distortion goes way too far and is a little FAT what we know of Tiny, there is the instant reaction to the blows of the pick when it goes into overdrive mode.


This micro GOLD 8Kg has a different voicing of the Tiny Terror, the top is clean and the distortion goes away, the crunch is good, a little less rough than that it is very Tiny RNR in the right sense. Managing the volume of the guitar also works well, the strengths of this OR is the look, loop and EQ, a little more flexible to use the Tiny greater versatility so. Now I repeat the same power, but voicing is so different test before purchase, if possible, because there is not anywhere ...