Orange OR15H Reissue
Orange OR15H Reissue

OR15H Reissue, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Orange in the OR series.

Kiou 10/31/2013

Orange OR15H Reissue : Kiou's user review


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Previous notice

It is solid and very well done!


It can not be simpler, plug it plays. The knobs allow pretty much carve the sound and are very reactive.


Admittedly it is not made for the clean and that's good because it is absolutely not what is asked. But to play blues, rock or hard good vintage is perfect. Crunch is beautiful with lots of dynamics and the bump in the midrange that makes it still going great in a mix. I go in ENGL V30 and I find indeed the sound of my guitars.


I use it for 5 months and I want to weigh the previous opinion. I was looking for a small portable head, to play in an apartment in repeats and small scenes. It was a perfect crunch, an effects loop and it collects my pedals without distorting. The OR15-H did this perfectly, with lots of personality and grain so typical of Orange amps (I had a AD30TC I can compare!). No, she's not super versatile, so the clean is hard to find, but it's just enjoyable to crunch desire and perfect for my projects, and I love it. So know what you're buying, but if you are knowledgeable about the product, you will not regret it.