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GEM Organs user reviews

  • GEM Jumbo

    GEM Jumbo - nightmarica's review


    organ 4 registers: horns, strings, reeds, flutes the lowest octave can be played either with single register either enclanchant a bass for accompaniment. organ possesses a vibrato too. UTILIZATION difficult to make a simple organ, its a button.…

  • GEM Jumbo

    GEM Jumbo - " Excellent vox jaguar clone!"


    Organ 60's UTILIZATION old 60's rock SOUNDS It sounds terrible! The doors, iron butterfly wherever there has continental vox, it is close! OVERALL OPINION In comparison with a vox jaguar, the same sound and because the same pattern, the…

  • GEM Rodeo 49

    GEM Rodeo 49 - remy.maille.315's review


    Type of keyboard? A great vintage synth 70s How many sounds? a choice of 6 instruments with vibrato and wah - Wah A choice between 6 drum accompaniment And utility connections? A button On / Off and a headphone jack (it is!) UTILIZATI…

  • GEM caravan r6

    GEM caravan r6 - " this is my favorite"


    * Polyphony - 49 Voices * Oscillators - bass chords, brass, strings, reeds, flutes with volume control * Rhythm Section - 6 rhythms (switchable) with separate control of the tempo and volume * VCA - Vibrato (on / off modulation and speed) * K…

  • GEM Jumbo

    GEM Jumbo - " photo error"


    the organ pageantry in this picture is not the jumbo 61; it is normally imitation wood color, it has 10 presets situs white on the top, left and 5 knobs is indicated above "Jumbo 61" The model pictured here is a simple "Jumbo", similar to the mode…

  • GEM Rodeo 37

    GEM Rodeo 37 - LupusMike's review


    Electronic organ to 3 octaves (+ OD the 4th octave). Not sensitive to the touch Headphone Volume control A volume control the pace Control the tempo of the rhythm 5 basic sounds (Flutes, Brass, Reed, strings, wah-wah), each controlled by a switc…

  • GEM Imperial

    GEM Imperial - mtwallet's review


    Organ double keyboard an output jack output for 2 keyboards Bass output jack for bass notes pedal input "weird" for low volume pedal input din 3 pin after the site combo organ heaven, there are 2 models, one with zipper (mine) like the GEM …

  • GEM Sprinter 49

    GEM Sprinter 49 - mtwallet's review


    Organ / proto-synthbr /> 49 keys 1 amp output jack 1 headphone output Between 1 DIN volume pedals A grip for transport feet below fold for transport, ideal UTILIZATION I do not use the bote rate (number of rhythmic rock, salsa, blues ..…

  • GEM Sprinter 61B

    GEM Sprinter 61B - mtwallet's review


    Mi mi proto-synth organ 61 keys Sustain- Adjustable non-vibrato Rhythm-unit complte A switch power on / off 1 output jack 1 output for the din pedals volume 1 headphone output UTILIZATION Easy to use SOUNDS The organ sound…

  • GEM Rodeo 49

    GEM Rodeo 49 - dizdaz's review


    Analog electronic organ 70 years with a keyboard 49 keys, rhythm part and accompaniment (manual or automatic). Not a lot of controller, except the volume buttons classical general accompaniment and tempo. Two other buttons allow you to vary the type …