Hammond VE 600
Hammond VE 600

VE 600, Organ from Hammond.

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orgammon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Hammond VE 600
Electronic Organ hammond VE 600
-2 4-octave keyboards bunk each and bass pedalboard
For pedal-bass, two harmonic potential, for the keyboard down 5 harmonics, and the top 2 keyboard series of 9 harmonics superimposed
Above all, it can also add more sounds trumpet, string and vox hum.
we obtain a sound very full ...
- Level effects, reverb there are 2, 3, vibrato, and lelie in two speeds slow and fast ...

otherwise we can pass the keyboard up on other songs on which harmoniquesn'ont more effects theater organ / kinura / harpsichord / vibraphone / Hawaian guitar

the organ is fully polyphonic
can connect a drum machine


The general configuration of the device is pretty rudimentary ... So easy to use
or no possibility of editing sounds ...
and the manual is optional even for beginners.


Sounds lend themselves to a musical genre enough doors, pink floyd, or even jazz to Corea, but are very far from a resonance of B3, so do not think "= hammond tone wheel" ...
This organ is in line with the organs of the time farfizza, vox ... etc.
but the sounds and effects are qualitative rather than his friends at the time (with respect to the leslie and reverb) ...


I own this keyboard for over 10 years I keep it because he is easy to use, push a button and it rings ... it is certainly cumbersome, but it is a captivating piece of furniture and built leslie's worth ...
To conclude, it is an instrument like a vintage or a rhodes clavinet with a "soul" sound and a typical ... it is not a B3 but better than the old farfizza, elka, or Technik time ...