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Hammond user reviews

  • Hammond SK2

    Hammond SK2 - "touch sensitive"


    The Hammond SK2 Organ comes at a high price, it cost $2,890 bucks. It is the SK1 plus it has the extra keyboard with 61 keys attached which forms the SK2. The harmonic drawbars have 9 pitches and everything is very touch responsive. There are also a …

  • Hammond R124

    Hammond R124 - "great polyphonic keyboard"


    The Hammond R124 organ is a dual keyboard compact electronic organ. It has outputs for a speaker cabinet, as well as for a sustain pedal and organ foot pedals, among other connections. The Hammond R124 has all types of sounds, but specializes in a ch…

  • Hammond B-3

    Hammond B-3 - "Hammond Rocks"


    The Hammond B3 is a dual leveled keyboard organ that each has four and a half octaves. It also has two octaves of bass pedals. It is a pretty standard looking organ, with pretty standard options and draw bars that is taken after the classic Hammond B…

  • Hammond G37

    Hammond G37 - "This thing is cool!"


    Wow is all I can say about this amp. Specifically voiced for the guitar, this amp produces some of the coolest most authentic leslie tones for the modern world. What is unique about this amp compared to the old Leslie speaker cab is that the driv…

  • Hammond S6

    Hammond S6 - moosers's review


    The Hammond S6 Chord Organ is a unique keyboard instrument that has a traditional keyboard as well as a section of chord buttons, like those found on an accordion. The keyboard itself spans about three octaves and has a unique knee lever for setting…

  • Hammond ExtraVoice F-100

    Hammond ExtraVoice F-100 - moosers's review


    The Hammond ExtraVoice F-100 is a unique electronic organ that is unlike most other Hammond organs out there. I believe that this was made in the mid 1960's. We have one of these at the studio where I work, and it's definitely nothing like the B3 w…

  • Hammond M3 année 1955

    Hammond M3 année 1955 - moosers's review


    The Hammond M3 is a classic organ in the same vein as the Hammond B3. It's got pretty much the same make up, and a similar sound for sure. It has two sets of keyboards, each with about three and a half octaves worth of keys. It has a full set of d…

  • Hammond 102200

    Hammond 102200 - mooseherman's review


    This is a really cool synthesizer made by Hammond, the legendary organ manufacturer. I was surprised to find that they even made synthesizers, I figured they would stick to the organs that they made their name on. However, this is a pretty cool instr…

  • Hammond RT3

    Hammond RT3 - moosers's review


    The Hammond RT3 is a bulky organ made up of all analog parts. It has two keyboards, each spanning about five octaves, in addition to the black preset keys on the left. It also has about two octaves of foot pedals. The RT3 has the full array of dra…

  • Hammond XK-3C

    Hammond XK-3C - moosers's review


    The Hammond XK3C is a digital organ made by the premier organ manufacturer out there.  This organ combines the analog look, feel, and draw bars of a traditional organ and puts it together into the digital realm that opens up a new world of possibilit…