Hammond XM-1 + XMc-1
Hammond XM-1 + XMc-1

XM-1 + XMc-1, Sound Module from Hammond.

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gravili 04/20/2013

Hammond XM-1 + XMc-1 : gravili's user review

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Rack model but with the drawbars.
The rack is put aside and almost all controls are on the remote module.
There is a cable between the two, not very long and specific, we have to be careful.
The rack is not a Moitier rack or a full rack is embettant to cram.
For specifications, say you have a hammond thanks to a small box that you put on another synth. Biensur there are also ready-made sounds but I prefer real-time changes.


I think it is very convenient to have a hammond just thanks to the remote box.
on the other hand must find a way to make it fit well on his synth for push pulls in the game has waltzed the box!


The sounds are like a Hammond XK-2.
I think the sounds are not bad but there must be sound (volume) to appreciate the color. The bass is very present (you have to have serious in pregnant!).
It suits me, I rarely play alone and this unit filled his role perfectly. But it must have its own amplification, do not go with the guitars and vocals on the same amp.
You need a keyboard that responds quickly. If you take a Roland D70 for example, there is a slight offset. Choose a rescente machine.


I keep it, it's very convenient and it runs!