Hammond XM-1 + XMc-1
Hammond XM-1 + XMc-1

XM-1 + XMc-1, Sound Module from Hammond.

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PurpleHazeRiddimMaker 12/29/2013

Hammond XM-1 + XMc-1 : PurpleHazeRiddimMaker's user review

«  for allergies to plug in »

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not rackable, does not fit on one floor but 2 in a rack shelf.
can not be edited with a PC (simple but laborious setting, antique)
L & R output jacks, midi input, output and thru.

3 wave types to choose from: brite, mellow and B3 type, different grains.
click adjustable attack and sound intensity.

3 different voices UM (sup keyboard), LM (lower keyboard) and PK (pedal) with a midi channel attributable to each.

harmonic control live with mythical zippers.


manual is useless, anyway!
editing sounds painful but is to once and for all, 5-6 wide enough for me, after that manages to live with zippers & leslie.
Chorus and vibrato useless for me, the distortion is just pathetic.


for reggae dub seventie's it really sounds provided réamper or going through a vintage tube preamp that really colors.
live sound has no interest in relation to a plug-in rather even worse.
In contrast, in a vintage fender is happiness, a characteristic vibration of the 70's and I do not have the chance to have a real leslie.


I use it for 2 years and this is what I need, once the main programs in place, an adjustable drawbar and go, simplicity is extreme, satisfactory results (always provided réamper)

Some will tell you that the plugin do much better, it's not wrong!
but this little box and its extension are practical, home studio or live sound and really provided to bring a vintage coloring amplification or preamp.

I bought 350 €, overpriced in hindsight, but I use it a lot!