Michlef 04/02/2012

Hammond SK1 : Michlef's user review

" More than a Hammond, a jewel!"

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I'm not going back on what others said before me. It's true! ! !
I also have an A 102 of 1965 (my 4th Hamm ') is a B3 plus two integrated amps, reverb and a string bass. All connected to two Leslies 147 and 145. Suffice to say that I will be demanding.
First point: it is a Hammond B3! Indeed, all musicians know, a clone must exaggerate a little the characteristic points of an (old) instrument. Here is the case in aurally: truer than true including amplification.
In terms of controls and interface, everything is there, however I would have preferred a standard approach where the commands of Roland A: B3: C3 are found.
But apart from that: there are other non-Hammond, and there hat! This is a real Swiss Army knife! liturgical organ sounds are giants (sometimes I play on a Cavaille-Coll), the grand piano on top, the Rhodes not bad, although the harpsichord, the strings a bit soft but beautiful.
Finally, to answer the questionnaire, the programming is very well done, but hey, like all things sophisticated, it must be endured.
The 150-page manual (yes!) speaks volumes about the functions available, yet it could be even bigger ... to question someone who has traveled, wait a few years.

Note: a USB MP3 player ... that's awesome!


It is COMPLETE! hardue a little at first, but we made it so the possibilities are immense.
the manual? 150 pages written tight, English only. Good, normal. For abnormal, they can download the French version on the net. Plan a good printer ;-)

I do not like the easy words that rhyme with limited ... This is COMPLETE!

split the two keyboards is that of happiness: Hamm sounds perceived with right hand only, liturgical sounds with the funds left over right, great!
and the split button that provides a quick change to the times "big games" include the classics.


I have tried many. I have the originals (Hamm and classical) and I confirm:

I have NEVER found a better, even with expander modules.


Since January 2012. It was purchased in September 2011. I spent the firmware, 1.2 (necessary) I tried everything essayable, and I was right: when I came across it secondhand, I knew what I was doing.

In retrospect, what I want: the same two keyboards! the SK2, I would have liked two games of zippers, a self-powered entry for twelve o'clock pedal (like Roland), more programmable keys (10) it is sufficient to have a duplicate key (see Roland again) and was 20 memories!
The half-moon is less expensive, and the pedal.

The SK1 (so 2) a zero button to easily cancel programs (one is floundering at the beginning!), A rotary chorus as a B3, a switch to toggle the Phonic wheel pulls to pipes or FARF. without scrolling the dial which is tedious.

Finally, and here I stress (I have written) a separate Lower keyboard for sale! as before on the XC3, and why not walk a stylish even if it is resin?

last point: stereo amp required (for Leslie) I use Roland.