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  • Vox Super Continental

    Vox Super Continental - "great sounding organ"


    The Vox Super Continental organ is a dual keyboard compact electronic organ. It has outputs for a speaker cabinet, as well as for a sustain pedal and organ foot pedals, among other connections. The Vox Super Continental has all types of sounds, but s…

  • Vox Super Continental

    Vox Super Continental - mooseherman's review


    This is a really classic organ that has been heard on countless recordings from the 60s and 70s. The most obvious examples that I can think of would have to be The Doors' Ray Manzerak who used them a decent amount, and especially Steve Nieve of Elvis…

Translated user reviews
  • Vox Continental TC

    Vox Continental TC - fleshtonejm's review


    Portable organ (Combo organ), the TC is an English model including recognizable by its solid wood buttons. Few adjustments to make and that's good: 4 dashes (draw bars) and that's it! From the aesthetic point of view, the top red is the best effe…

  • Vox Jaguar

    Vox Jaguar - baxbrin's review


    Four octaves, without after touch, a keyboard and a case ngatif red and black, all on chrome legs: it has a unique look. 4 basic sounds mlangeables, and had a vibrato knob of Tone ("contour"). The positive gnre keyboard bass (adjustable volume) the s…

  • Vox Continental

    Vox Continental - bastianmacjane's review


    Vox Continental.Modle V301E.Celui possde I t was built in 1968. English trs electric organ known to insiders all ears DOORS (The instrument of the prdilection allucinant keyboardist Ray Manzarec). Trs simple keyboard recognizable by its black a…