Vox Jaguar
Vox Jaguar
baxbrin 04/02/2008

Vox Jaguar : baxbrin's user review


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Four octaves, without after touch, a keyboard and a case ngatif red and black, all on chrome legs: it has a unique look. 4 basic sounds mlangeables, and had a vibrato knob of Tone ("contour"). The positive gnre keyboard bass (adjustable volume) the sound enjoyable. We can hand them out to go to a bass amp.

Nothing more, it is far from keyboards now. The note does not mean much.


Heavy and basic, no need manual. It takes time to put in the hands because some contacts are dlicats. Bomb contact essential. Once you can do, no problem.


The sound of doors and sixties, inimitable for something numrique. We can even make fun of the water with the sounds of "flute" (well the sound). Its bright psychdlique the possible is a real machine back in time. With a good rverb-Dlay it feels like a church ... also not hsiter on pedals. Dirty sound with the distortion goes well in a solo trs.

His killer, but typ.


I have for years, it's always a pleasure. There are keyboards friends borrow it to me regularly, they ask their zinzin numrique above ... but always end the concert on the vox. Recommend, I do not know if it's hard to find or not is a very fine instrument.

To respect as any vintage instruments.