Roland RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger
Roland RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger

RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger, Other Drum/Percussion Accessory from Roland.

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All user reviews for the Roland RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 6 reviews )
 3 reviews50 %
 2 reviews33 %
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Pdeg's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good stuff"

Roland RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger
I used it for 3 years, I hesitated with ddrum but as I unn td6 Module parameter settings was easier as recognized by the module.
it's good material, a little expensive but works well. the problem of all triggers is the setting that is done upstream on the module (sensitivity, trigger sound, etc ... it takes a little time but if done right you don ' have no problem or less.
the other downside is the foam backing on your skin, roland recommends not crush but just contacts, and do not forget to unscrew the party making the foam cone to avoid the wear prematurely because otherwise it crashes.
overall I am satisfied; Now I've sold to switch to pure sound with microphones and that's really good ... now if I had any good electro sounds I used just take 1 or 2 pads 8 inches not take too much space on the set, to see ...

crojema's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger
I have had this trigger and the rest of the range. I can say that it works well but not with all types of bass drums. Depending on the thickness of the bass drum circle it will settle more or less. Furthermore, the skin adhesion is random. The trigger tends to move with the vibrations and no longer trigger. That said to use for a cushy studio drummer it may be very appropriate. For use on stage I would not recommend it, prefer a big crate pad.

ksa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger
Okay well i have this little trigger (although the bulk of the range) for quite some time now. I received it after the other because they had more stock in store and have me send it later, so much so that I have long played a footswitch connected a Korg Kontrolpad.

Obviously it is day and night when plugged because the footswitch Quixote has constant force all the time:) The dynamic shots bass drums is - I think - well made and can be adjusted easily (unlike the trigger on snare this series). It installs cushy, it's not complicated and is not the trigger on which we will quibble three hours.

I can not say that it works on all the big boxes but on my Sonor 2005 is perfectly placed. Moreover, it never comes off, good together, I moves often not the drumkit either.

I fly a SH2.0 with and it's still quite impressive;) (far ahead of the entries range hardware)


guayou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very satisfied"

Roland RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger
I own 2 of these small triggers since 2006, they will not ever disappointed me.

Their sensitivity is adjustable (possibility of pressing the sensor against the skin with varying degrees of strength with a simple drum key).

Before that, I got a red shot trigger DDRUM which, by design, could not bear mounts / dismounts (handy when we often live ...). In the end, the metal support, too late, was so twisted that the sensor no longer on the skin.

I do not have that kind of problem with the Roland, that it can be dismantled easily and quickly, until today, I managed to adapt to all batteries, no problem supporting.

Only flat, the nut from the jack to fix a tendency to unscrew itself. And tighten properly, I guess the problem disappears. In addition, I have this problem on 1 of my two sensors.

If I had to buy a sensor, it would be this one without hesitation. The report is honest money, you pay the premium (same for ddrum pro).


babas3d's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good"

Roland RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger

I use this sensor for nearly a year over a 20-inch bass drum fitted with a 2 ply mesh skin without any worries.

Its mode of attachment is very effective and capture the signal, if the installation and adjustment of the cone are made according to the manual, is optimal. No worries as BDF2 via TD9 module, which already incorporates the correct parameters for this trigger.

To trigger a bass drum is perfect.

A +

jazzystochat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland RT-10K - Acoustic Drum Trigger
-This notice is valid for the whole family RT-10.
"I use the triggers for a few weeks (1 RT-10K, RT-10T 3 and 1 RT-10S), they turned live about 60 hours.
"That's the trouble-free hardware and excellently Designed as always with Roland, compact, lightweight, quick set up, reliable and durable.
"I used dj sensors Ddrum, Tdrum, Yamaha, basically all that is known on the market the way of fastening and solid is not at the Roland.
The price-quality ratio is reasonable for the quality of product (48 euros 55)
-I am now a regular drumkit electronics, I went around the stars of the market that are Ddrum and Roland TD12 and 20, I possde indeed the two in Premire version pad. Today I chose to trigger my acoustic drums for reasons of comfort and esthtisme, in fact it is easier to play on acoustic fts on the pads of 8 12 inches (of Moreover the management of the dynamics is much better my great astonishment!), and with a visual instrument "analog" people do you compare rates with over a box which just "pretending to type" .. C'mon ..
These triggers have changed (very) positive my musical life and I can only advise strongly to a drumkit possdant acoustic drummers who want to spend the electronic (the reasons each neighborhood lol) did not choose to all module + pad + skin + module but sensors!
A choice I'm not prt of regret.