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Other Guitar Amp Parts & Accessories user reviews

  • Randall RM 4

    Randall RM 4 - "4. amps in one!" has images


    This is a randall rm 4 tube preamp.the rm4 for a comes with 3 tubes. An input tube, a phase inverter tube, and in effects loop buffer tube,Then it holds 3 modules each with two preamp tubes. There are 20 + modules available right now. On top of that,…

  • Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Chamber

    Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Chamber - moosers's review


    The Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Cabinet is a unique speaker cabinet, designed for recording in places that might not be the most acoustically sound. Basically, it's a box that has a speaker inside of it that is closed off to the rest of world, prov…

  • Randall RM 4

    Randall RM 4 - "Randall RM4 Preamp"


    The Music Stand 3063 W 12 Mile Road Berkley, MI $1100.00 per unit (including 4 modules of choice) What I love most about the RM4 is two-fold: (1) tonal quality and (2) flexibility. This 4 channel, all tube modular preamp allows for seamless…

Translated user reviews
  • Gator Cases G-212A

    Gator Cases G-212A - Fred.eric's review


    Plywood box Nylon outer cover 20mm padding Two loop handles Wheels and Telescoping Handle Adapted to many combos thomann 2 x 12 " Internal dimensions: 750 x 300 x 581mm Simple and reliable. I use a Bugera 333-212 of about 30 kg E…

  • Tube Town Kit TT66

    Tube Town Kit TT66 - " Excellent"


    All tube single ended amp. A 12AX7 preamp in A KT66 power. You can put other power tube: 6L6, EL34 or 6CA7. A 5AR6 (GZ34 =) correction. EQ: bass, treble and a bright switch on the volume knob. The installation is greatly simplified by the …

  • Randall RM 4

    Randall RM 4 - Necrofagia's review


    For specifications, see the other view. I would add the connectors back: - 1 entry (handy for not to piss off the jack to plug ahead!) - 1 output "pre-loop" - An effects loop in series and a parallel - 2 outputs "post-loop" With all that…

  • VHM KT50 Kit

    VHM KT50 Kit - tomasalom1's review


    This is only a correction for Previous notice indicating that the kit changes the type of amplification to move from Class B Class A, which is false sr, the two lights continue to operate in push-pull, but the power that can provide an EL84 is 10 whi…

  • VHM KT50 Kit

    VHM KT50 Kit - Vintruder's review


    The kit consists of two EL84 and two sockets that take place in the sockets of origin of the EL34 and contain electronic ncessaire. Mount Kit in a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 602 60W which is original and which need to be pushed to sound really bien.Mais…

  • VHM KT50 Kit

    VHM KT50 Kit - le.ronin's review


    Kit installed on a tube amplifier HIFI Stereo 4 EL34 tubes (2x35 watts) so I install two kits but you can not install only one It drops 2x 15 watts with the kit but going from AB CLASS A CLASS Originally OCTAL tube support becomes NOVAL APRS inst…