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Other Guitar Amp Parts & Accessories user reviews

  • Randall RM 4

    Randall RM 4 - "4. amps in one!" has images


    This is a randall rm 4 tube preamp.the rm4 for a comes with 3 tubes. An input tube, a phase inverter tube, and in effects loop buffer tube,Then it holds 3 modules each with two preamp tubes. There are 20 + modules available right now. On top of that,…

  • Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Chamber

    Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Chamber - moosers's review


    The Demeter SSC-1 Silent Speaker Cabinet is a unique speaker cabinet, designed for recording in places that might not be the most acoustically sound. Basically, it's a box that has a speaker inside of it that is closed off to the rest of world, prov…

  • Randall RM 4

    Randall RM 4 - "Randall RM4 Preamp"


    The Music Stand 3063 W 12 Mile Road Berkley, MI $1100.00 per unit (including 4 modules of choice) What I love most about the RM4 is two-fold: (1) tonal quality and (2) flexibility. This 4 channel, all tube modular preamp allows for seamless…

Translated user reviews
  • Roland CB-CS2 - Carrying bag for Cube Street EX

    Roland CB-CS2 - Carrying bag for Cube Street EX - annieviolette's review


    It is well thought out, very practical. We do not need to retire for the benefits top rolls provided with scratches. For an amp of this price, it's good to protect it and to walk safely. We are sometimes on the grass, it cuts the humidity, I leave th…

  • Orange DIVO-OV4

    Orange DIVO-OV4 - " Maintenance free"


    All users amps all-tube "fixed bias" are subject to the same problem when changing power tubes: pass by a technician who did the "bias adjustment". To make it simple, lamps amp generate a flow of electrons going from the cathode to the anode, and a…

  • Gator Cases G-212A

    Gator Cases G-212A - Fred.eric's review


    Plywood box Nylon outer cover 20mm padding Two loop handles Wheels and Telescoping Handle Adapted to many combos thomann 2 x 12 " Internal dimensions: 750 x 300 x 581mm Simple and reliable. I use a Bugera 333-212 of about 30 kg E…

  • Tube Town Kit TT66

    Tube Town Kit TT66 - " Excellent"


    All tube single ended amp. A 12AX7 preamp in A KT66 power. You can put other power tube: 6L6, EL34 or 6CA7. A 5AR6 (GZ34 =) correction. EQ: bass, treble and a bright switch on the volume knob. The installation is greatly simplified by the …

  • TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) Tone Bone TB-PH/2

    TAD (Tube Amp Doctor) Tone Bone TB-PH/2 - Pascaloo!'s review


    Accessory for reducing the power of your tube amp if you find it too powerful (it happens very often!). The Tone Bones are supplied with each EL84, and settled in the place of the original power tubes of your amp. For example you have an amp wit…

  • Randall RM 4

    Randall RM 4 - Necrofagia's review


    For specifications, see the other view. I would add the connectors back: - 1 entry (handy for not to piss off the jack to plug ahead!) - 1 output "pre-loop" - An effects loop in series and a parallel - 2 outputs "post-loop" With all that…

  • VHM KT50 Kit

    VHM KT50 Kit - tomasalom1's review


    This is only a correction for Previous notice indicating that the kit changes the type of amplification to move from Class B Class A, which is false sr, the two lights continue to operate in push-pull, but the power that can provide an EL84 is 10 whi…