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Necrofagia 06/28/2008

Randall RM 4 : Necrofagia's user review


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For specifications, see the other view.
I would add the connectors back:
- 1 entry (handy for not to piss off the jack to plug ahead!)
- 1 output "pre-loop"
- An effects loop in series and a parallel
- 2 outputs "post-loop"

With all that, I am bursting to connect the stereo on my RM4 2:90 and my cabinet and it can get really nice configs!

The handling is very simple ... We put the module, screw, you put the master volume, we chose the channel, and Roll!
The setting of the modules is also very simple (perhaps even a bit too ...), and sometimes we get a very fast its extra ordinary!

I was already a fan of Randall before I crack of RM4, and it is up to my expectations ... I took a while to get used to it, but there .... This is madness!
I replace the lamp module by Recto Tung Sol a little bit more powerful and cleaner, and a j'obtient grooooooooooos's terrible!
Very typical Mesa (logique. ..), but less dirty ... And that's what I was looking for!
With the VHT in the ass that sends an incredibly powerful with surgical precision, I sound I was looking for a while ...
I play with my Schecter C7 rise in EMG 81-7/707 and RR Ran with my rise in EMG 81/85, and here comes the only criticism I can make it:
I really feel that we can not put any mic (on the Recto module mainly) in the mouth of this monster ...
Indeed, I have on my GFS Lag, and the bridge pickup to be too "powerful" and it makes me sound a little too rough, compared with EMG ...
But on the XTC module is a true massacre!

I use this rack for about ... uh ... 7 months, and I must say that it is folly!
Even if we pay the price (not excessive, but it hurts where it goes anyway ...), the quality is there!
It offers incredible versatility and flexibility! If the need arises, you can even change the module in full concert without anyone noticing ... ^ ^
It is this detail here (besides the fact that it's a Randall ... ^ ^) that attracted me to this preamp.
I had a Laney VH100R before (not at all the same style so ...) and I tried a nice little bunch of other amps before (ENGL, Marshall, Mesa, Randall, VHT ...) and VHT, it is the best amp for me ...
This is THE big sound I was looking for, and versatility perfect, clean between the Recto who buggers to death, tweed that allows me to give a bit of subtlety, and XTC for accuracy and distortion "to 'English'.
If the need arise (I know not how ... o_O), I choose the referrer!
(But maybe not right away, we will let the bank account a rest ...)