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Vintruder 04/11/2008

VHM KT50 Kit : Vintruder's user review


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The kit consists of two EL84 and two sockets that take place in the sockets of origin of the EL34 and contain electronic ncessaire.
Mount Kit in a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 602 60W which is original and which need to be pushed to sound really bien.Mais volume in this case quickly becomes ingrable.
KT50 Kit is super easy to switch up and the amp in Class A 20W
Two consquences:
- Lgre decrease in volume that can push the master o in a "sing"
- A grain a little diffrent, prcis both more and less rough, between Marshall and Vox.
Suddenly the sound of my amp is close to my head normment Orange Tiny Terror.
Another benefit: no need to rgler the bias, it becomes automatic.
In short, a great product, a very affordable price.
In addition you can ask any information ncessaires Fred, on the site VHM.