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Other guitar pickups user reviews

  • Seymour Duncan SHPR-1N P-Rails Neck

    Seymour Duncan SHPR-1N P-Rails Neck - " No maaaaal!"


    Mounted on a imperator lâg 100 for two weeks, I had never changed mic a guitar. The P-rail with only one competitor to my knowledge (the Coax home VOX), I did not actually compare. The four positions are interesting, although I was very surprised …

  • Seymour Duncan SHPR-1B P-Rails Bridge

    Seymour Duncan SHPR-1B P-Rails Bridge - " Not disappointing!"


    I use it for 2 weeks. This is the first time I change the mic a guitar, I took Trembucker format to change the humbucker a Mexican HSS strat with a floyd rose. The original micro gave a good thick distortion, but the sound was a bit dull, and most im…

  • Seymour Duncan SM-1 Vintage Mini-Humbucker

    Seymour Duncan SM-1 Vintage Mini-Humbucker - Qill's review


    This is a replica of the mini humbucker on Gibson Firebird by Duncan, the microphone is Alnico 5, is also found on Fender Telecaster Hot Rod 52, I installed it on my Firebird replacement 495R and 495T micro in ceramics, immediately you feel the leg c…

  • Seymour Duncan SHPR-1B P-Rails Bridge

    Seymour Duncan SHPR-1B P-Rails Bridge - " Very Pleasant Surprise!"


    hello, -Mounted 15 days ago in the bridge position This is my third bridge pickups on a guitar Godin Exit22 lefty MSM amended It seems that it is my final mic! -Bought used Disadvantage-but mandatory: 3 possibilities for the use requires …

  • Lollar Regal

    Lollar Regal - " Top"


    Owner of a US Standard telecaster, I wanted to change the grain primarily from the neck pickup. After several exchanges with the French distributor of Lollar (guitar Optim), and extensive consultation forums and test microphones (thank you Youtube)…

  • Bartolini 5J

    Bartolini 5J - " Excellent"


    Excellent micro floating and relatively inexpensive compared the qualit.Je bought it on ebay and it came back us 100 euros all included with the shipping (gabeloups have not seen happen). I mounted on a Loar Lh 700. There is just the right place in t…

  • Roland GK-3

    Roland GK-3 - " Everything but the look!"


    Purchased a few months to complete a Roland GR55, it works very well. the look is still ugly, but hey, question response times, the GK3 is super efficient. Installation is "relatively" simple. For my part I had cut my plate strat 2mm to win that I …

  • Graph Tech Ghost Floyd Rose Saddles

    Graph Tech Ghost Floyd Rose Saddles - " Floyd Rose, MIDI ... elbow grease!" has images


    installed a few weeks instead of one of my bridges Original Floyd Rose.Je wanted to use the MIDI on my guitar with an OFR, it's done. Please note I am speaking only of the bridges, which must be added the hexpander MIDI and / or acoustic part as need…

  • Seymour Duncan SHPR-2B P-Rails Hot

    Seymour Duncan SHPR-2B P-Rails Hot - " Enormissime!"


    I use it for almost a year now, after having tried a small bunch still ... Special Feature: Ben is three mics in one! To report an unbeatable price (I love Seymour Duncan), I would do the selection on all my guitars. …

  • Roland GK-3

    Roland GK-3 - christofer.oldz's review


    Mounted on a gibson les paul studio, I installed it in less than thirty minutes. Just put it directly below the bridge, removing the strings and the bridge, we set the sensor is reset and the bridge over the ropes. Finally, we regulate the height o…