Roland GK-3
Roland GK-3

GK-3, Other guitar pickup from Roland in the GK series.

vincejack 09/22/2011

Roland GK-3 : vincejack's user review

«  Everything but the look! »

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Purchased a few months to complete a Roland GR55, it works very well. the look is still ugly, but hey, question response times, the GK3 is super efficient.
Installation is "relatively" simple. For my part I had cut my plate strat 2mm to win that I missed to move the sensor under the strings, keeping a low action. I used shims supplied with the sensor. It is very well equipped on that side, the kit is complete and you can adjust the height of the sensor accurately (there are also screw on the sensor to adapt it to the radius of the scratch).
to fix the microphone, you can opt for direct screw in the body or paste, no significant difference (I had heard of feedback effects ...). An important point: with the GR55, one can reverse direction of the sensor, and thus have the wire side and non-acute Mi Mi serious. It's just great for those that over-thick sensor discomfort in the game at the right hand. However, a strat if you opt for the mounting direction, it will stick the sensor, because the screw located below the start of the thread falls into the empty (trapping for electronics). Fixing the case with the decision is simple, no problem.
The quality of the tracking is excellent, the response time almost perfect, but it is also linked to many factors other than the sensor alone: ​​a well tuned guitar (action, intonation), the converter parameters (space bridges with sensor, tuning the guitar ... etc), and precision of the game (it will not play on the handle of Rhodes as a guitarist ...).
I would definitely do it again this choice, competition is not large, and much more expensive (see Graph Tech)