Roland GK-3
Roland GK-3

GK-3, Other guitar pickup from Roland in the GK series.

Royalclik 02/14/2005

Roland GK-3 : Royalclik's user review


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Premire print out of the box, OR are 30% less in size (selling of Roland), me is the gk 2a I can tell you that I still wonder, no seriously it is actually smaller but a little while. Yet he could have, it sounds hollow the dedant see even a little cheap.
Finally, a cavity, back, straps and thus shorten the cable that goes to the micro (the series are GK microphones or pickup, but not MIDI sensors).
OK, the knob, and finally a real knob flexible and fast, nothing to do with GK2, assignable buttons up / down, no complaints.
In the box a variety of screws, rubber, foam, double sided, holds, the system mounting gk on the table and the system of fixing the microphone on the bridge.
That's good, it's also why he is compared to gk2a interresting, and that's why I bought it.
Ben strip of metal that is a very good ide but not great! attention once it's Mount and the strings are stretched, it's going, but the holes that keeps it on the screws of the bridge are too big, moral ds you change your strings, ca fleet, the micro moves under the bridge and it takes place each time the prcisement.
Prcisement is the word, Do not hesitate to try Redemont, installation is simple but requires a lot of detail.
for me, a dcrochage a vg 88 or latency on a synth guitar, just l. 1mm micro strings, if not ...
Another great thing about this sensor, the possibility to rgler, via a micro screw in the center of the micro, the author of the central terminals of the microphone, allowing rapporcher or moves away from the terminals D and G strings .
Why not do this for all the strings, rather than to take the lead with shims and scotches !!!!????
Finally, the price softens dies there's no mail order!
I put 8 it works wonderfully on a strat-type guitar is super simple to install and not have to make holes, and others who have small screws Diameter to support the bridge, it's going It moves but when you change your strings, too bad.
It could have been smaller ...