TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive
TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive

NDR-1 Nova Drive, Other guitar saturation effect from TC Electronic in the Nova series.

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Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 6 reviews )
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Jean-Philippe Regnier02/14/2013

Jean-Philippe Regnier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive
All t said in other reviews, I confirmed what


Simple and effective Business detail very well


Own versatile hyper melodic and I use it with my 15 electric Guitar


was worth every penny, I use the footswitch. The only thing is the lack of m'tonne Gate in rglant "correctly" there's no need, there's just, 2-3 preset rgler spitting. If you have the money do not ask question CREATE

Jazzystème's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The best pedal I've ever seen ..."

TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive
This is the best machine I have ever seen in my life ... Double pedal, an overdrive and distortion analog, but with digital settings and therefore memorisable. Everything is said in other reviews, I emphasize a point that does everything:

It is possible to change the routing and also on overdrive, mix the adjustment knob allows you to keep a part of your clean sound, having the overdrive at the same time as parallel.
It opens huge opportunities: I use it as follows:
You can keep a mix noon on overdrive for your sound clearer, your overdrive on one effect block (block overdrive). In addition, if you route the two machines in parallel, you can still add more distortion, parallel - ie your clear sound, your sound Overd, and its parallel out distortion on your amp. Note absolutely: the fact that there is an equalization (Bass / Treble) on EVERY block effect, separately, you can have a very acute overdrive, and put in the background, a very grave distortion, which overlaps with your clear sound. Playing on the mix of overdrive and volume of each effect (volume separated for each block!), And the equalization of each block, you can mix the three layers without interference between them ... This is huge for coloring the sound underlay for background ... sounds buesy to Ray Vaughan to ... or John Scofield .... And any other sound ... and especially to discover the worlds at your fingertips with these three levels of your guitar ... superimposable to different volumes and different equalizations!!!
The routing is memorized preset by preset - it is possible to record sound with a parallel routing (ie distortion, overdrive and clear parallel with separate settings (volume and equalization ...!!) Then the other in series with a routing, overdrive and distortion, then another preset with distortion and overdrive ...

This is the analog buttons have surprising effects - you can increase the saturation by increasing the drive, increasing acute OR OR by increasing the volume of the guitar ... Everything is connected, and I've never seen a pedal as beautifully conceived!!

Last but not least, there is a buffer to the inside ... thus, when in the beginning of the chain effect of the loss of signal due to the length of cables (problems of impedance, sometimes used by jazzmen ...).


Config of the sound is easy to understand. But it's worth it to spend time with button button to understand how they interact together ... Consulting the manual, well done, however, is useful to understand some features.

Over the top of the top! The best pedal in the world ...


Extremely versatile depending on the settings: blues crunch, overdrive on the acute, everything is possible on this pedal! The sound of the guitar met, and ... everything is parameterizable as desired provided that we take the time! Only the hard thrash metal surtellurique is inaccessible. But this pedal to boost a distortion of tube amps ....

I use it with my guitars, my two Höfner, a telecaster old, my vigier surfretter ... It is really dazzling! Spend time to understand the usability of this pedal, and you will not need anything ...

Nova drive is before the nova system in my pedal board ... Between the two, I have a 7-band equalizer boss, and my dear boss chorus ensemble.

Nb: the nova drive is ULTRA quiet ... much quieter, incidentally, that the overdrive or distortion of the nova system ... that I no longer use (of the nova system) .... I've never been so happy with this config, extremely simple and very high quality ...


I use it for about eight months ... I still discovers ... the settings are really very purpose! And the possibilities almost endless!

I was enormously of distortion pedals ... it was from 3 to 4 years I thought I had found what I wanted with my mosfet fulldrive II, and / or my dual vox overdrive (which I changed lamp) ...

Nay: Fulldrive my dear .... and my vox are stored in the closet for many months: nova drive is over the top (taupe, friends?)!

Choice IMPERATIVE: nova drive is very above the rest of the best overdrives, and more it is used, the more you discovers ... I will spend a few years with the pedals ... And do not see at all by what I can replace ...
Zéro Kill06/28/2011

Zéro Kill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" TOTAL is the machine!"

TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive
This is an overdrive distortion coupled to an analog that is (and believe me you can hear it!) Controlled digitally. The best of both worlds but then there vraiment.Analogique and programmable! Three types of routing overdrive and distortion to mix with different results each time. 18 programmable presets three modes normal / toggle / bank. In brief you have a choice! In the controls was tone, treble and bass and of course volume and gain level as usual. Ah, but the overdrive side there is a knob which is never seen! The "MIX". It is a wet / dry. It mixes your amount of signal that will remain clean and the "overdrive". It's good, very good. You also have the choice between true bypass or buffer! Have you ever seen that many before you? Contruction work. Connection with standard MIDI and more.


Many possible but simple to understand. We still read the manual because there are many things you can do but everything is very user friendly and easy. There are sound quickly and then we test the different routings available and the types of control of the pedal. Basically it can act as a type double pedal stompbox or if you want a pedal with digital sound bank.


It's perfect, really! At least for me it is the foot. His task inside of my gear is in addition to the overdrive and distortion of my amp Egnater Renegade. The overdrive is divine! For rock and blues is really excellent. It has a vintage sound, warm and plustôt Rapel a TS-9 or a Fulltone Full-drive. The sound is very analog. Before trying it I was skeptical because it's digital TC normally ... The distortion is in continuity with the overdrive. With such an output level can go from overdrive to distortion smoothly and without this creates shock. The pedal has a nice range of sounds but without the low-end of heavy rock or metal. I have the distortion of my amp for that. It reacts very well with my Fender texas special and with my Godin humbucker.


For a month I put all my other distortion and overdrive for sale! I need one I have had to complete my set up! I have had at least a fortnight of overdrive and distortion for these years and I have never had such total satisfaction with the NOVA drive. All necessary quality and no inconvenience for me. A switch to the bottom or low-end could have been welcome for some. Nine's expensive! But all things must calculate what it takes to so much fun!

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" vintage, round and fat"

TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive
Purchased for its connectivity noon saw the advanced features there are ways to use it for a lot of styles.
I did that recently, I'll update in a few months.
Fully analog, digitally controlled as the triac from Tech21, great.
Supplied with PSU featherweight please.
So midi out, switch, input output. Very stable ground, and cables at the rear, perfect for not taking the tabs inside ...


Simple and most comprehensive part of the Tech21 psa1 are not!

Everything is possible, the two modules in series, in reverse, parallel, 18 memories and everything.

Simple and intuitive, ras. Useful manual to configure the south, also extremely simple. Rocktron could stay in Denmark I think ...! Section


overdrive: the more class-rich-clearly defined and more dynamic than I've heard so far (and it's been a while, even if the plan TubeScreamer is not my cup of tea), compared to my dc liquid blues is worthless and is not both tubes ICEL quii change anything in the case.

Section distortion: After the fireworks of the overdrive it's weird it anywhere. The basic sound is pretty mushy and fat per se, although effective égalo no difference to her that speaks for its quality. Led Zep Rondat ok but not so for the walls of guitar fast precise cutting is not there ...
I not too stressed I do not like junk level of its skyscraper.

Overdrive before distortion: Great for the vintage, everything is possible, always with the fat actually. Of course with practice we can do better than what I glimpsed in two or three hours of play

Overdrive after distortion: Here is the surprise, very good! By adjusting the gain overdrive low, mix thoroughly and soft volume it cleans the unwanted fat distortion. So it's worth chiader experiments, I think we can play in almost any situation with this pedal. Except numetal and other genres not queer the course.


And this without limit, thanks to the memories, much more practical than physical couple pedals.

Worth the money, quite the vintage soul, a little disappointed in it only on distortion. Combined with the overdrive is great, and the overdrive frankly worth the price alone as it is good.

So, after a few months! Rather

lagsurfer's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Blues, big sound ... it sounds!"

TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive
Effect analog overdrive + distortion with 18 presets can be stored and controlled via footswitch noon.
Super opportunity to route effects: it gives a lot of variants
- DRIVE & DISTO parallel


Operation and configuration very simple and intuitive ...


Very good, you can feel the analog and that's what I was missing me who only uses digital effects, the simulated drive and distortion are not as good one ...

A few nuances have very pronounced effects in both in the power of distos & drives, and I love to use by activating the overdrive on a distortion, it reinforces the sound beautifully!

I have not tested yet the two types of bypass, but the sound and transparent ...


I use it for one week, and I love, I finally found a good compromise between the analog and digital, and most importantly, the ability to save presets, I do not see how you could s' without it before!

I tried several pedals, often digital, distortion or software like Guitar Rig and Amplitube or whatever, and now we're good at it!

I use it with some amp simulations and AmpliTube guitar rig, and it sounds really. j'uilise also midi in controlling the drive with a NOVA Behring FCB1010 pedal, and is the best!

Purchase again without hesitation ...

chris75009's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic NDR-1 Nova Drive
What are the effects or types of effects available?
OD + Disto with routing SPECIFICATIONS

What technology is used? (Analog, numrique, lamp ...)
Programmable analog (noon)

Are ditables? Via an editor Mac / PC?
do not know

What is the connection? (Audio / MIDI)
audio + midi

Is this a rack or rack MODEL?


Configuration gnrale Is it easy?
easy ACCS

The edition of sound effects or is it easy?
very easy

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...


The effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes?
excellent qualitbr />
Which instruments do you use?
Les Paul Classic + mesa lonestar

What are those you prfrez, you dtest?
I love everything and hate nothing (programming possibilities allies to the south is pure happiness)


How long have you use it?
1 day

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
most: sound quality and programming
the least: it's heavy! 800 grams

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?

How do you report qualitprix?

Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...
without hesitation