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  • Empress Effects Heavy

    Empress Effects Heavy - "From biting sizzle to massive tones"


    SOUND: There are some good demos of the HEAVY and playing one live does not disappoint. However, it does proves that YouTube compression does not do HEAVY justice. As the manual indicates, Channel 1 produces a heavy sound that is thick and punchy, …

  • Doc Music Station MYSTERE

    Doc Music Station MYSTERE - "Get a Marshall JCM800 in a Pedal" has images


    SOUND: The Mystere, by Doc Music Station (France) is a fully analog preamp, allowing you to achieve the tone of a Marshall JCM800 in a pedal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV65q22B8Rs&feature=youtu.be The JCM800 is one of the most popular Ma…

  • Black Arts Toneworks Skyboost

    Black Arts Toneworks Skyboost - "Increase Note Definition and Harmonics with Any Amp or Pedal" has images


    SOUND: The YouTube video below demonstrates the SKYBOOST, a boost/overdrive/fuzz combination pedal with true bypass switching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJZmX_kX7X8&feature=youtu.be Offering different capabilities with any modern genre o…

  • Carl Martin DC-Drive 2017

    Carl Martin DC-Drive 2017 - "Make Any Amp Sound Better!" has images


    SOUND: Below is a video demo that utilizes a Taurus amplifier, but also various amp simulations (via Positive Grid’s Bias 2), and later the Carvin Legacy (Vai) Drive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-S2R4l4jZMQ&feature=youtu.be After listeni…

  • Zvex Box of Metal Vexter

    Zvex Box of Metal Vexter - "Classic Metal with Box of Metal"


    SOUND: From a heavy pounding boom to a sizzle reminiscent of Dimebag, it’s possible to dial into several different tones with ZVEX’s Box of Metal. What really stands out about this pedal is how its heaviness still manages to cut through the mix inc…

  • Lovepedal Les Lius

    Lovepedal Les Lius - ""Les" Is More"


    An overdrive pedal that imitates the sounds of Fender’s 1950s tweed amps. Two knobs : the left one is a master volume control, and the other one controls the overdrive level. A three-way switch: To the left: the legendary 5E3 circuitry (Tweed Fe…

  • Bogner Ecstasy Red

    Bogner Ecstasy Red - "Good Features But Not the Best Sound"


    When I went from a multi-effects device to individual pedals I needed a good distortion pedal to anchor my sound. I wanted a distortion pedal that included a boost feature. I also wanted control of the level and the amount of distortion that the bo…

  • Carl Martin Hot Drive 'N Boost MK II

    Carl Martin Hot Drive 'N Boost MK II - "Tuby like no other"


    Pure analog. Not true bypass but in a great way. UTILIZATION Straight forward. SOUND QUALITY Use it with Vox AC15 heritage hardwired amp with blue alnico speaker. Telecaster guitar, Gibson 339 guitar. I play rock, blues, country rock, punk and ev…

  • Vox Satchurator

    Vox Satchurator - "Versatile Distortion Pedal for Modest Price"


    A signature collaboration between the legendary Joe Satriani and Vox, The Satchurator is housed in a durable, sparkly crimson metal case.Two modes labeled ON and MORE, along with Drive, Tone, and Volume controls that affect both modes. Circuit is pur…

  • Radial Engineering Bones London

    Radial Engineering Bones London - "Hot rod Plexi in a box!"


    The Bones London dual distortion is a pedal modeled after a British half stack that has plenty of options: two independent channel volumes, a drive knob, low and high eq knobs and two 3 position switches to control upper and lower mids. There are als…