Waves L3 Ultramaximizer
Waves L3 Ultramaximizer

L3 Ultramaximizer, Other software dynamics processor from Waves in the Ultramaximizer series.

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Earl 05/08/2006

Waves L3 Ultramaximizer : Earl's user review


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L3 is a plug-in's main objective is to maximize the level of a sound mix for its dissemination (including CD mastering). It comes in two "modules":
- Multimaximizer is complte version that allows to work on 5-band frequency drives
- Ultramiximizer which is a simplified version of the plug-in, with only two buttons.

It exists as a "native" (VST, DirectX, etc..) And TDM (ProTools).

Installation is no problem which is not the case for "permission". Indeed, even if BMD works fawn unlimited for 15 days after the license purchased, is an obstacle course to allow the plug-in!

Dj must know it is not enough to buy the license (as I have done online), it is also and necessarily a possder cl manager type iLok licenses. However, this key is not sold by Waves so you have to find it elsewhere, which adds about 50 bills dj dirty enough ($ 600 is just under 500 for the Native version) !

The installation of the cl is no problem but the approval process is complex, even by reading the documentation carefully. It must indeed CRER an online account, register his cl launch the software licensing, which will connect to the site in question, copy / paste the squence of challenge / response to the web and software. .. it's supposed to work!

In my case, I have to click somewhere wrong beginners because I never russi validate my cl APRS dozens of tests ... It is only thanks to the support that I'm out!

In short, I've never met an app too complicated to install!

Once it works, just read a page of the manual and follow its instructions to maximize a mix in 30 seconds. I did some tests (with Ultramiximizer) in Cubase SX and Adobe Audition, it works well partfaitement.

The manual is 25 pages or so, I did not read through but it looks pretty clear.


As explained above, Ultramiximizer version, there are only two buttons: Threshold and Ceiling. Just down the first (threshold) such as the fawn is not ALTR and mount the second (dynamic) up to a limit close to 0dBfs (-0.2 in the quick start) and c 'is (one must also CHARACTERISTICS Defines the output in terms of resolutions, frquence of Sampling, but there's presets)!

Your exact is immediately impressive. This can be seen first at the waveform has an amplitude much larger but also the sr cost: the sound is immediately more Submitted without clipping!

Dernire type: CD burning and costs on a hi-fi: the also, the Difference is significant compared trs my old audio models that had a low volume despite the trs diff ent treatments (compression, amplification, etc.). that I apply ...

In short, is fast and super efficient!

Note: I have yet to test version since version Multimaximizer "simplifies" suits me perfectly for my first test ...


I use it for over a month and apart from the installation problem is nickel.

The price may be a little lev but if you want to stream models that look like something, it seems essential plugin!

In short, I do not regret my purchase.