Future Audio Workshop Circle

Circle, Other Virtual Synth from Future Audio Workshop.

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[Musikmesse]Future Audio Workshop Circle

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Future Audio Workshop announced the launch of Circle which they describe as a fresh look at software synthesis. Circle works as standalone, Audio Unit, VST and RTAS.

Here’s what they have to say in their press release…

"Flow refers to the state of mind in which you are at your most creative and productive, a place where hours pass like minutes and musical ideas become reality. Staying in flow becomes increasingly difficult however, when dealing with the complexities of modern software synthesizers, which are more likely to confuse and frustrate rather than contribute to the creative process.
We at FAW have made the software synthesizer a creative musical instrument again. By looking at the most important things a synthesizer should do and designing simple work flows around these tasks, we feel we have created an instrument that is both powerful and complete in its features, yet simple and easy for the musician, sound designer and performer to use, play and stay in flow with".

Circle’s Key Features:

Ease of use
  • Designed to be easy to use and intuitive through simple work flows.
  • Large easy to see and tweak controls.
  • Connect up modulations via color coded circles in a simple and visual fashion. To preview modulation, simply place a circle under a knob, and hear it come alive.
  • See all your connections at a glance, without the clutter of virtual cables.

Interactive Control
  • Visually interactive midi learn. Assign your midi controllers in a simple, fast and familiar way.
  • Attach multiple Circle controls to a single knob. Speed up an LFO, while closing a filter, while increasing a delay effect time. Experiment with control!
  • Use control in a creative way as part of the sound design process.

Live Performance
  • See everything at a glance, with the single view, high contrast screen.
  • Organize and group your sounds for live performance using the sounds browser.
  • Use Apple iRemote to change sounds from afar (Mac version only).

Fresh Sounds
  • 4 oscillators per voice, each having a choice of being classic analog or contemporary wavetable.
  • Semi-modular voice structure, giving you the freedom to pick and choose from many different sound modules.
  • Unrestricted modulation - connect up modulation in an easy and free way.
  • Lots of great main effects to choose from.

Pricing and Availability:
Available soon. Pricing TBA.

More information:

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